Why can't guys like nice girls? why do you all want mean stacy who won't look at you twice?

why can't guys like nice girls? why do you all want mean stacy who won't look at you twice?
honest question

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They do. End of story.

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but they don't. they may pity fuck them but they don't like them.

You don't actually look anything like Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite, that's why
Don't LARP, it'll ruin your life

is this that bitch that shot up youtube? lmao !

Most people here aren't even in a position for a pity fuck. You're in the wrong place, woman.

Well.. you've shitty circle of guys around you, what can I say. If people around you are like that it doesn't mean you've to generalize this to everyone, be smart.

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What a stupid made up problem, sounds like a roastie trying to relate to the problem that men have. Unlike women, men actually PREFER the nice/quiet type for a partner

nice girls dont exist larper

>Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite

>he doesn't know about the one cool woman to have ever existed

proving my point

if you only knew

I'm genuinely sorry you've had experiences that made you feel that way.
How old are you?

you think you do but you don't. in fact, those girls are completely invisible to you, that's why you don't ever need to reject them.

>proving my point
Not really, there are plenty of stacies that are nice/ kind.

Couldn't agree more, though let's not add to that "men" bunch of chads that wants their dick to get wet or guys who look on girls only as sex toy.

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i want a nice stacy
ive met a few but i am too pussy to make a move

you think you like those too, but you don't. spend enough time to find out that they are really nice and not just pretending to be, you'd drop them for an ugly girl putting on a bitch act real quick

19 and enough to see how it all goes

absurd statement, think about what you just wrote and then feel bad

When the bait reveals itself.

i find it absurd too but it's not my fault your brain works like that



Unfortunately you're at that stage of life where most people value "fun" (hyper-extroverted normie shit and social drama) in relationships more than they value having a real dedicated partner.
It's a combination of cultural influences and not knowing any better.
I know how it feels, but it does change as you get older, though some people never seem to get over it.
Please just don't give up, I've seen a lot of nice girls become cynical and jaded because of this kind of thing.
I promise it'll get better.

that made me feel better, i hope you are right user

>why can't guys like nice girls?
I'm a broken being not capable to feel much emotions, never fell in love once.
>why do you all want mean stacy who won't look at you twice?
No way, my pride will never allow me to be in such an asymmetric relationship.
Except if by stacies you mean regular women (and you're a tranny freak).

I'm 26 and it hasn't changed.

No girls look at me twice

he said some people never change, i'll choose to believe you're one of the defective ones

because you can't tell if a girl is nice or not just by looking at her.

the only quality you can know for sure immediately is a girl's looks therefore it's logical to go for girls with good looks.

I would prefer an ugly girl who's nice over a pretty girl who's mean but more often than not I get ugly AND mean.

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Nah at 25 it will definitely not get better. Men of all ages are the same. They just want a hot chick to fuck. FACTS.
Get the fuck off this board. They are all toxic as fuck. I regret coming here.

>be girl
>Late teen / early tween aka prime girl time
>Work out legit twice a week 30 mins minimum
>Have some semblance of health
>Cook for your boyfriend at least 5 times a day, one meal minimum
>Give him spontaneous physical contact
>Don't be an unpredictable mess
>Do this every time without giving sex until you find a guy worth sticking around for
>He falls in love hopelessly

Imagine having a hard time doing this.

>why can't guys like nice girls?
>why do you all want mean stacy
I want a nice,kind stacy like brooke,femanon.Are you one?

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She isn't nice and kind, she's an histrionic attention whore.
What country are you in, op?
If you're in mine, I'll drop contact and promise to meet you at least once and tell you if you're as nice as you think you are.

It makes me sad to hear this.
This world is so cruel to kind people.
I know my words aren't worth much, both because of who I am and where we are, but I've always wanted a nice girl to share a life together with.
I'm sure there are other men out there who want the same.

I didn't mean myself, but people around my age.

those are all lies. guys don't like girls who do nice things for them. they stick around for convenience but they dream of the bitches.

The type of guy you are looking for is rare, so you may have to actually exert a bit of effort to find them.

>t.bought a flower for a cheerleader stacy in highschool,and got rejected because he was a 300 lbs nerd
Hot=/=evil.Get this in your thick skulls and life will be a hell lotta easier.

Yeah I forgot to add you actually need to be more sexual than a starfish, god forbid.
A girl could literally drop contact here, get 1k people respond, go through the entire year testing each and subsequently orbit another 50%.
Men are the loyal romantics, not women. The responses and the "woe is me" whinging is enough proof.

>men are loyal
i snorted

>they stick around for convenience but they dream of the bitches
I wanna cuddle,date and co couple-y stuff with cute girls,but I can't really picture them in sexual ways,and I wanna fuck bimbo-looking sluts but never go with them in public, because I don't see them as more than walking sextoys.
I got a whore-madonna complex though,i don't know how common that is in guys.

she's right, but you guys have to consider that to women:
>men = Chads

>at mother house
>other visitors
>step sister brings a friend
>she ignores me at first
>at the table she constantly giggles
God I wish I wasn't a social retard
She wasn't a looker but she seemed so wholesome

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>Both are social beings
>Social beings get more brazen in a favorable context
>Today's context favors women considerably more than men
>E.g. orbiters, number of potential suitors, rate at which women match up with much higher quality men but not vice versa
>Therefore women are brazen
>Therefore less loyal
It's all so easy bros.

>why do you all want mean stacy
Because she's hot. Duh.

Rejecting someone you do not find attractive isn't evil. It's common sense.
It's what men do to fat landwhales every day unless they're desperate.

You either replied the wrong post or you're just plainly retarded.
Seeing that stupid ad hominem, could be even both.

Never cheated on anyone.
Thing is, in our current society, most people (male and female alike) are decadent fornicators pursuing a discipline-free hedonist and mindless lifestyle.
Going in a "me against them" mindset is pretty dumb both from you and that lad.
Non-promiscuous people don't cheat, that's all.

And OP still didn't post her location, just a classic case of someone complaining without ever wanting to change her situation.

The trick is that you need to be both nice AND attractive.

Being 'nice' is free, and therefore worthless.
t. nice guy

>You either replied the wrong post
I didn't.You just saw a pic of her,your brain decided that she is attractive and instantly categorized her as an evil attentionwhore without knowing shit about her.

Either bait or whinging yeah.

No, I've remembered a thread a few months ago who said she was an asshole and that's why I claimed that.
Besides, doesn't change the fact that you're retarded, even more if you white Knight some girl on a random thread.
Get a grip lad.

If you're too ugly your personality won't suffice to keep me or any other male interested. This is a fundamental thing you need to realize. Sorry

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Sadly in modern times being a good looking woman grants you a enormous amount of dopamine from being validated, pandered to, lusted over that you have no need to behave nicely. This also means that less good looking women try to achieve the same amount of validation, attention etc by compensating their bad looks with a too good to be true personality and thus only comes of as desperate as men who have learned that desirable women are to behave bitchy.

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This thread made me so sad I cried.

I love nice girls but im a shy boy so i will never ask out a girl and i hate conflicts which you will have with stacey i saw enough of staceys

good thread OP. a "nice guy"-thread hidden in plain sight.
all you guys have to do is swap genders.
good job on showing them their mirror image.

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Why do men think blue hair, a Zelda tattoo, some body mods, etc means that a girl is quirky and individualistic? Why do they think paying money for her to twiddle her thumbs in front of a screen is a good thing to do?

Where do you live?
Maybe I can change it, if we're after the same thing.

"Nice girls" = uggo girls. The same applies to guys

For the same reason you do not like ugly loser incels you stupid retard. Actually there are more guys who like ugly "nice" girls than girls who like ugly "nice" guys

There are no nice girls

I'm not a girl, sorry friend.

Literally everyone in here wants to creampie your pussy. Okay now shut the fuck up, dumb bitch.

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I'm unlovable, so if any woman no matter her personality or what she looked like, I would accept companionship. I have no standards, I just want human affection. But why would any woman want to love a genetic mistake with a perma virgin mindset and zero confidence

My type is guys that look like Max G, personality optional
Everyone one of these fat ginger fucks thinks they're too good for me
I usually get the old, "You're cool and all but I just can't see a relationship with you"
I hate it

I'm not nice though lmao

You women can't be trust. Not even the "nice girls". Women are only after superficial and materialism and higher social status. No matter how much a guy is good to you, treats you well and do his best for you , you'll always leave him and make reasons and excuses once you find someone that will benefit you better. BTFO if it wasn't gay I'd be dating other bros because they're bros and fucking know how to be loyal. Oh and they're actually intellectual unlike the lower scum that you are. /thread

There are no nice girls. There are only Stacies

Where do you go publicly during free time? & do you expect nice guys there?

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A good chunk of them do though.
Although there isn't a big overlap of Chads in that chunk. The guys with really high social status don't want to settle down, they want to cycle out and with commitment.
There are people who aren't chad but are extremely bitter for not being so and will lust for nothing but stacy but those guys aren't very common.

Kek i used to think this was a forced meme until my cyborg(and fairly ugly lanklet) friend who studies politics rejected the girl who had a crush on him for the stacy with the daddy issues girl that didnt even gave him some.
Hell that fembot wasnt even ugly, just had the same autistic interest as him, incredibly niche and dumb

i like abusive girls, nice girls are boring

You are an awful person with no redeeming qualities. You aren't even nice or anything. You belong here.

i feel very personally wounded by this anonymous poster who doesn't even know me

>they may pity fuck them
So the girls aren't really that nice, are they?
They are dumb cunts desperate for any good looking man who comes across them.
A nice girl would think very seriously about having sex outside of a serious relationship and wouldn't succumb to her 'gina tingles.

You mean Chad

you want to talk to me about redeeming qualities? you, out of all people?

t. 200+ lb fat girl with the personality of a rock who can't get a boyfriend and blames all men for it.

i wish i had a 200lb fat girl to love and take care of

Why are you willing to be my qt gf Or is this just a bait thread?

Notice I said with the personality of a rock.

i wish i had someone to be nice to, as long as they were nice to me back

Eh, I do believe that is fair enough.

the same can be applied to women. Women wants only attractive guys. We are dimmed to be virgins/betas

99% of geeky guys just want an exciting bpd goth gf. Women aren't any better though.

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bruh, nice girls don't want nice guys

This kind of guy is why nice girls don't exist. There are many people like him here as well, so if OP really wanted to all she'd have to do is ask here or keep looking for such people irl. Although they will rarely be chads. Meaning that OP has already proven "she" is either a larp or delusional and lusting after chad

Whoa now, little missy. Y'all best put that gun down b'fore somebody gets hurt, ya hear?

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You're not "nice", you're ugly.

This thread is a false premise because guys do like nice girls but nice girls have high standards, but could you imagine if guys treated nice girls the same way women treat nice guys?

"Omg, just because you're nice it doesn't mean we owe you niceness in return. Stop being so entitled"

Alright, a/s/l/other info, thanks.

The only nice girls here are fucking meth addicts who keep falling for assholes who beat the shit out of them on the regular. I'd prefer a dorky fembot.

wouldn't a dorky femnon also consider herself a nice girl though?

Depends if she's a goddamn drug addict or not. Pot's one thing but doing meth or heroin every ten minutes is another.

All girls are nice girls, they are just so awesome

Attractive girls are automatically stacies.
Nice girls are automatically fat and ugly.
This is the painful reality.


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Disgusting thirsty beta male

Most guys here have extremely high standards

Nothing beta about acknowledging girls are awesome, they are.

>Most guys here have extremely high standards
I realize what this thread is.
I would have believed this thread to be low quality shitposting, if this was but a few years ago. Nowadays, however, with the normalization of this board, it being summer, and the fact that women can't meme, I'm all the wiser.

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