Be me

>be me
>22 yrs old
>never had sex
>never had a gf
>never kissed a girl
>never held hands with a girl
>never hugged a girl
>never flirted with a girl
>never had a girl's phone number
>never had a true best friend
>never hang out with friends
Give me at least one reason to continue my existence.

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Just try, dumbass. I literally get women by doing nothing.

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mom and dad would be sad

The dullest post in the history of Jow Forums posts

must be a unique environment, tell us more

>just try
>I literally get women by doing nothing
normalfag advice in a nutshell

Might aswell put some effort into bettering yourself if you feel like you're at rock bottom. Embrace what you can't change and work on what you can.

So there's this girl at school 8/10 qt 3.14 and I noticed her on the last day of school. I've never talked with her or anything and I want to text her,what should i say?

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What about Grindr? You could go on there and let other robots pound your boicunt so they can lose their virginity, or you can possibly TOP?

to achieve your dream of course

You should fuck off lmao underage faggot txt her what ever you want she knows you are a loser :)

My dream is to become a girl in a way

You could transition and be a girl, you could make someone really happy as a boiwife

I know this is a troll post but you might be gay if you are not able to get a gf you can always try Grindr and experience boilove

You should suck some dick lmao

You'll get to see the western world collapse.

There is also a slight chance that you'll get to experience the Waifu Age at it's best. This is not a guarantee.

You can still start transitioning. If you can't get a gf, why not become the gf instead?

If you decide to kys yourself, do it with style. Look and see upon the writings and tribute videos about our patron saint, Sky King.

You can also watch men become sissies and exploit their boiholes

meet eikichi onizuka hes a 22 year old virgin like yourself and still tries his best every day

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I'm the same but 29

I just don't care anymore

That was me till i was 32, faggot. then i started to get my fucking life in order. I fucked 6 women in the last 6 months through tinder. hit the gym, get a job, and learn from mistakes

You have alot of time to plan the collapse of civilisation. I predict that in 20 years, at max, we will have a civil war, with 3 sides: Muslims, faggots, and nationalists. The economy will go down and money will just be worthless paper. If you store alot of canned food, cigarettes, etc. + tools for survival (waterfilters etc.) then you will be rich in the new world. Also pick your side to supply and fight for:

>Mullahs if you want the law based on a violent pedo that lived 1400+ years ago.

>Faggots if you want an AnCom world where religion, rightwing opinions etc. Will get you killed by violent thugs.

>Nationalists if you want to defend your country, culture and go back to a 50's nuclear family.

Don't waste time with depression or roasties, plan the future.

>be me, 18
>no friends, femcel loser
>the same week at my hs graduation I find my brother lying dead in his room
>shocked, confused, crying and never expected this
>had to set up a funeral for him
>grieving process hit my parents the hardest
>walked and got my diploma the week after
>sad about my brothers death
>sad that I have no future and no friends
>I dont know what to do at this point

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>be me
>23 yrs old
>never had sex
>never had a gf
>never kissed a girl
>never held hands with a girl
>never hugged a girl
>never flirted with a girl
>never had a girl's phone number
>enjoying life
Step up your priorities op

You're under 25, you still have a decent chance of getting someone.

>commits an hero the day before a girl confesses to him

popcorn here is ready

No you don't lmao you all are losers

>then you will be superdead

Girls with no friends do not exist

lmao get fucked stacy *dabs*

tell me how, mister

Nationalist fraction sounds good. But I'm more into minarchism (minimal state) than nationalism.


follow your brother's lead

Join the nationalists. As long as you're against Islam and farleft degeneracy, then you're welcome.