Tranny extermination edition, we're back and stronger than ever

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nisi lerdi

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ako nemas radilicu

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nisi lerdi ako nemas gicu

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serbian zoomer reported fuckiing faggot go back to instagram

More like nisi LARDi! Ayy, gotem.

Imas kaj za rijesit

>6 replies
>4 posters
>2 of them are saging
go home user that's enough for today

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As long as you're talking about women, do as you like.

we must make it to 5

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Bump, not letting this die

>tfw part 3 did not survive

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nope, I'm gonna pollute the netscape from all fronts simultaneously

I love these threads, they give me hope

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I want to fill my collection

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consider filling it with full size images you fucking moron

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Why do you think im asking for some help to fill it up?

This girl is 100 percent my type. Absolute kino taste dude.

I love bbws

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God she looks so fucking hot. Great pic. Especially good when the face is beautiful. Could you imagine fattening her up until she can't reach her belt to unbuckle at a buffet while her chair is right about to crack?

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Hope for what? Unless you're a Chad you're not getting someone like this.

hope that I'll find a local robot to hold me

Are you a fat femanon?

Are there any femanons over say...400 pounds reading this thread? 90% of the time fat girls post in here they claim to just be chubby or sorta portly.

give us a region chunkster, I'm in Louisiana

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Alright, I'll bite, where's local.

Still waiting for the response, why the delay?

Any bbw femanons in ON? Don't wanna fug, just cuddle. I'm so alone.

originalulion post

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Nice thread fellas

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damn she's got a nice grabbable belly-o

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diana sirokai has the best body on this fucking planet goddamn. love seeing her pop up in these threads, gonna unload some of the stuff i have of her

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not content

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i think she sucks in a little honestly but still, fucking hot as shit

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dunno what else to put on these because we can't just post images, so here's more i guess

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are you fatposters ever into big women without being into feederism?

I am. Because knowing I'm responsible for someone's health declining is creep as fuck. Though I can appreciate a good gain.

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yeah, me. she doesn't necessarily have to be constantly getting bigger, and if she gets too big it would probably be an issue. this diana chick is like the ideal size, probably wouldn't go too much bigger than her.

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idk desu, define feederism. Like, I don't want to be forcing her to gain against her will, but I do love the idea of a girl giving into gluttony and hedonism and gaining tons of weight because she just can't control herself.

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yeah, basically this, but again i think there comes a point where a certain size becomes, well, bad. this would be the absolute biggest i'd go, but i think even then it might cause issues, may be too big

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I ask because i'm a fatty chan with a chronic illness. it's not caused by being fat, but losing weight would probably ease the symptoms somewhat. I have this hypothetical situation in my head where i start dating a chubby chaser as i am now (5'1/154cm and 250 lbs/113kg) and him not being attracted to me if i loose 50-80 pounds in the future. Like, I'd still be very overweight if i lost 80 pounds but I'd look pretty different.
Sorry for feelsposting in a fetish thread, here's my girl crush pudgysuccubus as contribution. moar: imgur.com/a/wzQgi

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I find feederism kind of repulsive and fucked up personally but I love bigger girls.

i think there comes a point where you probably wouldn't want to be with them anyway if that was the case. i was with a bigger girl for a while and i wouldn't have cared if she tried to lose weight

I wouldn't stress about it too much. I'm a feeder but I'd totally understand. Think about it like a guy who's into huge tits, but his girlfriend needs liposuction. Sure he might be a little bummed, but if he actually cared for her he'd be all for it. What's the deal with you having all these pictures of fat chicks, anyway? Are YOU into fat or something?

this guy gets it. i like em big but i also care about them genuinely. if my girlfriend is thick as hell but it's getting to a point where she's going to have serious issues than i'll be perfectly fine with her losing the weight, hell, if she wanted to lose the weight i'd be bummed out but i'd still be fine with it.

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This girl looks like a fucking goddess. I think you guys got it right.

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>What's the deal with you having all these pictures of fat chicks, anyway? Are YOU into fat or something?
I was looking for that specific pic of her and found the imgur album on reddit. I like looking at pretty fat girls, it makes me feel better about myself.

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That's nice. If you're really 5'1 and 250, you would probably be dream girl material for most of the fellas in this here thread. Good luck losing weight, until then just keep in mind that in the opinion of this thread you're a total babe.

yeah, not sure if we're really the people to ask because we're biased

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Look, you better post your belly while you have it. It'll be gone someday anyway, it has to be preserved for future generations in it's full glory.

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bump for big bellies (5)

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I was at work and NO IM NOT A FEMALE

I'm a fat male but if someone can love landwhales then maybe one day someone will want me.

My fellow fatbro, the women who actively love fat men are very rare indeed, but the ones who tolerate it are more common than you think. If you were gay you'd have zero problems tho, there's a huge market for fat gay men.

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that's gonna be a large F from me

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Im curious why you guys like fat chicks, I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but I'm just confused why you people are into them so much.

It's not something I can really explain. It's like being into tanned girls, or girls with big tits, or blondes. It's a preference that you just have. I love fat women, plain and simple. Thin women seem bland and generic to me.

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Because it looks fun to cuddle with. The soft jiggly appearance make my penis hard and fills me with the urge to touch it and suck on it.

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So big boobs, thick thighs, and fat asses are nice, right
fat girls have those things but even bigger
and a belly's just another jiggly thing to squeeze and play with

There's other things that I personally appreciate but it's not easy to explain like that part.

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these guys got it right. they're softer and more cuddly. also carrying around all that weight makes them stronger too which is hot.

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Also you should post more than one grill

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man u know what u right thats my bad
also goddamn shes pretty hot besides the face

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now i'm self conscious about the chicks i post lmao

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take a gander of this lard ass, guise

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There's no shame in having favorites, my man. But people will notice if you post the same pics over and over lol

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i've got 1 pic of this chick, she seriously is grande, goddamn

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She's on feabie. I just screen shot her pics

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goddamn, can you post more of her?

tell me how much you love luscious fat, user

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prometheus did not only gift us fire, user.
fat is soft, squishy, and warm. it's aesthetically pleasing like 80% of the time and it makes girls just look better. it's good, fat is good

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I want a belly gf so bad :(

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who is that? content

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where are you from, user? are fatties so scarce there?

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One quick fatty before bed

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>are you fatposters ever into big women without being into feederism?
Yes, I don't care about any fetish shit at all, I just like fat chicks.
Don't date a creepy fetishist then? It's pretty easy to tell the difference.

Hahahahaha yeah good fucking luck with that hahahahhaha.

Doubt you're still around but I'm from Illinois and sadly yes :/

consider this map the breeding grounds for fat women.
probably have to move to over to a state colored in purple to have the highest chance of finding one. 7-day vacation in any of those purple states to find her perhaps?

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Here is some OC bbw ass

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That's fucking disgusting. Post something better.

well, some might consider this even more disgusting...

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Look being fun is fat but it looks like shit and sucks. Either whore yourself out completely or be fat and shut the fuck up. There is no "Make Fat Great Again" the world is fucking overpopulated.

I said "post something better". Seems you're not capable of that.

Post some really hairy fat chicks please. And not just hairy pussy or pits. Forearms, legs, belly, nipples, facial hair, the hairier the better.

that's not what this is
CHRIST that's awful

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Not the most flattering angle, but I appreciate OC

>but it looks like shit
That is pure opinion

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>tfw no thicc latina milf goddess gf

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that is fucking disgusting, sorry.

I don't think this is your thread then

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Ugggh there's no more weight gain threads on /d/. Those autistic fags lumped it all into one fat thread.

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Fuck this fetish dude no fit woman will ever want to be a feede

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Just tell them they should try bulking, and then never tell them when they should start cutting

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I will never tire of fatposting

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weight gain is one of those fetishes that's really hot on paper but I would have a lot of guilt over irl

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I am. I mean I still find weight gain hot as fuck, but the whole funneling to immobility business is fucking weird, and gross and ruins the idea.

It is pretty unfortunate, like having a smoking fetish

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ahhhhh christ it's a weight on my conscience but I really want a girl to get fat for me

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A lot of normie girls just get fat by themselves if they're in a comfortable enough relationship. It's just if you push them to get fat it starts getting weird.

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I think we ought to post some 2d to balance out this 3d

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>Got a gf that was already fat so I wouldn't have to fatten her up
>I made her fatter anyway

i couldn't help myself brehs this bitch is 4'11" and like 240lbs

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