Ugly guys with attractive women

In my family, we have this yearly tradition, we call it the "grandchildren's birthday". Our grandmother would have one single birthday party for all of her grandchildren since there are so many of us.

She died last winter, so all of my cousins decided we'd just all go to the club this year. I've never been. I'm a robot so I'm obviously not a club guy, but one of my cousins convinced me to go. And going there really fucked in my worldview.

The amount of girls that were grinding on ugly guys and short Chads threw me off. Most of the night I just sat around, people watching and drinking. The club is full of ugly fucking guys and they're all being aggressive with these girls, grabbing them and dry humping them on the dance floor. Afterwards, I saw these girls getting into Ubers with these ugly fucking dudes. These short hairy Mexicans, these ugly niggers.

What the fuck happened robots? I've been mulling over this since last night and whenever I think about it, my stomach gets in knots because I start wondering if this whole thing is just a meme. Have I just been wasting time?

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oh, yeah, it is a meme, sorry
the people whining are expecting women to flock to them without putting any effort in
I'm sure there's some substance about women caring more about looks than men, however they don't necessarily put it into practice

install tinder and literally b urself, you will get matches with normal average girls... it's not that hard

What does "fucking up you walls" mean? I don't speak nigger.

Look man, there are not enough chads, or extremely attractive men to go around. He drive for companionship, sex, or whatever, is strong enough in many women that they will take what they can get. It is all a meme, born of our own self-loathing.

Means big dick stretching pussy walls. Pressing the vaginal wall against the colon, etc etc. Hitting above and below the cervix with dick. Hitting the roof and g spot frontal wall towards the belly/bladder.

Have sex.

>Humaynes are going in reverse. Short fat ugly manlets will be the "futrue".
This truly is hell.

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No it doesnt retard it mean sugar walls aka vagina. Im sure most ugly manlets have small dicks as well.

Dude that's what I said. Hitting pussy walls with dick. Sticking dick in the vagina and filling it up so you hit the walls of the vagina and Max it out.

Then I told him to have sex. If he'd done that he would know.

In ops image it says walls his dick is too small, so it just rubs the walls.
>No im too good for sex and reproduction

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We are not in hell yet, but we will be.

Dude what? Are you a virgin? Fuckin up walls is a good thing. The joke about the image with bubbles is that she's letting an ugly monster on her because the dick is good and makes her whimper in ecstasy.

You very obviously have not had sex lol.

If a girl says you fuck up her walls that's good. That means you slam that vagina full of fat dick and hit the right spots on the walls.

>FUCKING UP you walls
Not just touching the walls, fucking them up. Have you ever done sex?

You must have clicked on the wrong post.

Also I'm white and married to a white woman. Just not retarded and can understand context of words and people facial physical emotions and implied feelings through words because I don't have autism. Black girls are very open sexually often about their desires.

I love how this kid details the position of the g-spot like that. Probably just read it on google the other day.

It goes both ways to be honest, men and women in general tend to be a lot more loose at the clubs (bars don't hold a candle) and with it being that way understandably through the influence of drugs and alcohol standards drop. No one really cares if you're considerably fat or a 4/10 as long as you're not breaking the boundaries of being overweight or completely ugly all that matters in the end is hooking up/sex. I myself don't understand why you need to be social to the point of being off your head dancing to music and trying to fornicate with anyone deemed fit just like the hundred of others in there, but whatever, that's just my 2 cents on the matter

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Sorry OP, I'm a robot too but there are also bad men who are white, no need to bring racism into this.

You are a fucking retard
The sole reason like you retards is good enough to never have sex.

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But watching these guys made me realize that I have literally no idea what to do with women. They way they were being was complete opposite of who I am. The shit they were doing is the shit same shit that women complain about. It was like an upside down world, the sexual dynamics were completely antithetical to what I've been told. I was always told that walking up behind girls at the club was creepy shit but guys were doing it all fucking night. Some girl was bent over twerking and this cholo pushed me into her, next thing I knew she was twerking on me. No "consent" involved.

I wouldn't even know where to begin with women.

Like I said, I'm a white married man trying to explain to these virgins what stretching pussy walls is lol.

I'm 27 this year. My wife is five foot two and I stretch her walls on the reg my fellow melanin enhanced brothwr.

I doubt any of us stretch anything. Most penises simply are not that big.

>Spics are animals prove me wrong.

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>Afterwards, I saw these girls getting into Ubers with these ugly fucking dudes.
Yeah that is pretty stra-
>These short hairy Mexicans,
>these ugly niggers.
Oh nevermind, you're just projecting your own racism and tastes.
Let me guess, niggers can't be attractive unless they have "white" features, huh?

The guys probably weren't as unattractive as you are perceiving, your perception is just clouded by your racism and heterosexuality.

I'm 6 foot three and have been with my wife since we were 17. I can't fit my dick into the center cardboard paper towel tube. I can fit the head in and then it stops and it's almost eight inches but usually hangs at 7.5 if it's not super hard. Pretty sure I'm stretching some pussy a bit

I can squeez my cock in a tp role.

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Maybe try getting really inebriated like they do? Your confidence will go up and all you have to do is mimic them. After 1-4 attempts and hopefully still in control of at least a few senses you'll be golden, have a go

No op is saying short hairy mexicans are ugly niggers.

I got yah beat buddy but if it's in there snug yeah you hitting some walls and my nibbas say

women are easy as fuck thots. Do what you want user.

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Fuggin dab on dem thotianas

Well, you are bigger than me in every dimension. Best of luck

And we have no evidence other than what's coming from the obviously biased and racist OP
What's more likely: OP is racist
Females, contrary to their nature, are beginning to have casual sex with ugly men en masse for the first time in the modern era?

Usually if i leave it there for too long it death grips my cock making my tip extra swole but alls good lol.

>your perception is just clouded by your racism and heterosexuality.
So what? be trans and love mass immigration? Fuck off shill, I haven't been here in awhile so if this is seriously what fags post on this site then this place is too far gone

>Oh nevermind, you're just projecting your own racism and tastes
No there were tall, handsome Mexicans and blacks there too. But even the ugly, short, fat ones were getting with women. This one tiny Mexican couldn't have been taller than fucking 5'7 but he had some whore sitting in his lap. Everyone tells me that women hate black men but even the ugly niggers there were with girls.

Maybe they are "ugly" to your standards but true UGLY people will be undesirable for life
T. Ugly piece of shit

Every promiscuous guy I've known and I'm talking about dudes who live that manwhore life like it's their God gifted destiny, were nowhere near close to Chad, save for one dude who was an absolute Gym addict with a killer body. The rest all ranged to ugly to perfectly ordinary.

I know this kind of speech is lost to most of you niggas, but your redpill is a complete meme and, yes, you DO spend waaaaay too much time on the internet. Wake the fuck up.
I may not be good with women, but aside from that I've always had a party life and the vast majority of guys I've seen hooking up with girls in all ranges of attractiveness were all average to ugly at best. From my 17 years old to, now, in my thirties. Attitude is the number one attraction factor. Physical attractiveness is relative since women don't have one body type/face type preference. Physical beauty is just a bonus at this point because beauty+autism nets you the same results as ugly+autism. Women may come to you, but as soon as you drop spaggets, they're gone.

So keep obsessing over your meme statistics all you want, the redpill is, at best, a half truth. Go out IRL and you'll observe more accurate results.

Maybe because theres 7.5 billion people on the planet doubt they would all be chads and models.

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I agree but a lot of people here are so fat they literally have their penis sucked inside of them and rub the hole like a clit.

Google penis reveal surgery in obese men. Prepare to laugh.

Ah the user who claims he's under the attractive scale but still fucked dozen of women and reached his thirties satisfied for having had relationships, and will impart his wisdom on the youth.

Yeah I had that dream once too and I woke up too soon :/

Op I'm an average looking skinny fat black guy. Yes the "women only care about looks" thing is a meme. Robots like to pretend you're just bullshitting when you say women care more about personality but they honestly do. It doesn't necessarily mean that they care if you're a really nice guy or anything. They don't give a fuck if you're some enlightened guru who is always a big ball of positive energy. When we say "personality", we mean masculinity. Women like masculine behavior, whether it comes from an ugly fucking guy or not.

Sorry to get all evo-psych pseudoscience on you, but think about our ancestors. Way, way back, in the early days of humanity, back in Africa, where at any moment, a literal giant monster could jump from out of the bushes and eat your whole village or the village on the other side of the river could come and invade yours, imagine what a woman's preference was. She was weaker than men and if she ever ended up pregnant, she's completely defenseless. In that kind of environment, what kind of guy is she looking for? A cute twinkish pretty boy, or a guy who can fuck shit up? We're not that far removed from those ancient people. We still have those same brains.

Women respond really well to aggression, entitlement, assertiveness, intelligence, confidence and other masculine traits. Sure a pretty face helps. Sometimes some guys just look so good that women will ignore the fact that he's a huge faggot and fuck him anyway, but that doesn't mean that you can't fuck these hoes. Basically, act the way Chad or Tyrone would. That mindset has been working for me since 2016. Dress nicer, be more assertive with women, speak louder.

I never had sex with a woman.
I never said I had sex with a woman.
I just party a lot and see a shitload of people hooking up.
Now you can take your projections and shove them up your stupid ass.

>ugly guys
aka "providers"

aka "Alfa fux, Beta bux"

I'm not refuting what you've said but we're talking about clubs here... How the fuck in just under an hour could you possibly show a woman your masculine personality with all the traits she'll yearn for?

Oh right, the virgin outed himself. It's ok bruv most of us here are, just refrain from acting like a knowledgeable big boy and you wouldn't have to be questioned. Mmkay desu :)

You're not showing your soul and total person. Just talk the girl up a bit. Says she's looking good tonight and looks like she knows how to have a good time. Ask her if she wants to buy you a drink as a joke to break the ice more. Bullshit about stuff you like. Don't hit on literal ten out of town women. Pick a normal looking fun human being and don't talk about your dick or her tita and ass. Don't mention feet. Etc etc

Watch RSD, dont treat it like a religion, watch their new shit, and watch alex and todd as well. Once you come to understand it, you will never be confused again.

The larp in this man's post is going off the charts.

I literally am not. I go on r9k for laughs and shit like this. It's my favorite board and love the frog posting and doomer posting. Clown world stuff is good too.

>under an hour
Clubs are open for longer than an hour. But you can still show her these traits in under an hour.
>show a woman your masculine personality with all the traits she'll yearn for?
You don't need to have all the traits she yearns for, just the traits that show that you're masculine. This includes relaxed and confident body language, a loud and clear voice so that she doesn't have to lean in and say "huh?", saying what you like without fear of her response, touching her without hesitation, flirting, being sexually open, talking about sexual topics without seeming nervous about it, leading her, feeling entitled to women, being funny, masculine energy, possibly dancing etc. You can do all of these things within an hour or two. It's hard for me to do these things when I'm sober. I can do them but it's easier when I've been drinking.

A big thing for me is entitlement. When I say entitlement, I don't mean that you should feel like women owe you sex or attention, I'm saying that you deserve sex and attention because you're you. A few months ago, at this Latino/hip hop club I was at, I wandered into the slow dancing room where they played R&B. One of the songs that came on was "Pony" by Ginuwine. I love that song. If I was a girl, I'd masturbate to it. I walked around the room and saw some girl dancing to it on her own. She had the nerve to dance to MY song without ME. I walked up to her, grabbed her by the hand and pulled her into me so she could dance to Ginuwine the right way: with me. She wrapped her arm around my neck and grinded her pussy up against my leg in front of her friends for that whole song.

That example might seem socially retarded but it's the opposite. She didn't do that because I'm cute. She did that because I felt entitled to her, I was confident enough to walk up to her, I didn't intrude on her party and bring the energy down, rather I brought MY party to her, I grabbed her, I wasn't afraid to make it sexual, etc

Op said that girls were sitting in ugly short guys laps, going home with them, dancing on them. Women don't do that kind of thing with guys they see as providers. They're painfully unsexual with those guys.

>watch their new shit
I don't think RSDs new stuff is as good as their older videos. Their older videos used to actually be about women, these days they just ramble on stage and talk about Eckhart Tolle shit. Unfortunately they've been deleting older videos because it doesn't fit into their new image of being self help gurus.

What happened is that white women have been programmed to want non-white men.

Sounds like rape to me
I could never do that

It sounds that easy but it's really not, I wish it was true for every average joe but it isn't. My mate tried what you did at a party and she nearly charged him with sexual assault, (not saying every woman would do this) I've seen far too many people on the spectrum go through this rejection. Even when they act identical to whom you talk about they still get turned down, without spilling spaghetti. Confidence could only go so far but for some reason a girl would always have their instinct and could tell when it's a facade, not even bee yourself would hold different results

Most women have a rape fantasy. I'm not telling you to go out and rape women but they like aggression. They don't like to be asked for consent every 5 minutes. They like men to take charge.

>Even when they act identical to whom you talk about they still get turned down
Me too. Rejection is normal. If I go out, I get rejected 5 or 6 times before actually finding a girl who's into me. That's just how it goes.

arent humans animals?

I wont go to parties and live a degenerate lifestyle you kike
stop pushing this "ugly guys get hot girls" bullshit

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>tfw ugly and big dick but too much anxiety and no friends to go clubbing with and fuck up qt club girls walls

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you are full of shit faggot OP. everyone dates their own rating. some are the exception to the rule but its rare.

That is what the club is for, getting wasted and being a degenerate with whoever you can find.
Just realize that environment is not where you want to find people to date but to smash and not even learn their name. Also dont try any of the shit you saw in the club on any girl you want to approach for the first time, THATS creepy.

You could also refrain from running your mouth bitch troll.

You a gay nigga

THIS is normal behavior in clubs, it's just like hookups and shit. Try it next time if your so much better than the retards there

It says "BUT". Clearly it's not saying he's ugly but bad at sex, that makes no sense since there's no assumption ugly people are generally better lays. "but he fuckin up your walls" implies that's a good thing.

they were compensating their uglyness (low masculinity) by being low-inhib (a tract signalling masculinity)

that's the only thing that can save an ugly fucker

also selection bias. you where watching ugly fuckers having game in a club because all the other ugly fuckers do know very well they do not have any game therefore choose to stay in their room avoiding any club in the first place

>install tinder and literally b urself, you will get matches with normal average girls... it's not that hard
i used tinder for almost 2 months and didn't get any matches except bots or just super obese girls that i wouldn't even be able to get it up for

tinder is bad advice. i actually attracted a few qt's before. one was at my old job. others were neighbors

i can actually seem to attract 6/10s in person, but i haven't interacted with a girl IRL in over a year

tinder is totally fucked honestly

>go to Jow Forums
>get offended by the word nigger and think its always being used in a hateful manner


>Niggers are people too
Ok faggot

Tales from the basement

It's not bad if you're ugly as long as you have a masculine face.
>T. Ugly piece of shit
I know that feel too well.
I have absolute no chin. Nothing.
If I could fix that I'd be good but no.

> I start wondering if this whole thing is just a meme
Of course it is, and a shite one
Join us in the effort to at least improve this place abandoning those pathetic fictions

Vaginal walls you autistic virgin