Imagine waking up in the morning and seeing this

imagine waking up in the morning and seeing this

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I would cum in my pants every morning which would get annoying

TFW My life has less romantic attention as the front facing camera on a smart phone

You're right op thanks I'm volcel now

Looks like my ex from 10 years ago

>the fact that this exists
Is there anything more sad

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I would immediately go down on her and eat her pussy and assholes for hours until she explodes in orgasm

Asian women pretending to be cute because they think they are like this is the most disgusting shit ever.

I thought I'm the only one seeing her for the vile beast she is.

Most of the time they are ugly, stupid, can't talk properly, act all cutsie and shit, nothing of value. Mostly whiny people I'm assuming. And then there's so many people in love with idols and others like this. Which is fine to love something you really adore, but come on, I feel so disgusted.

>We just washed the sheets yesterday you stupid bitch! Why did you get makeup all over them?! Do you think laundry detergent comes from the ground? My boss already takes 80% of my surplus labor value and contributes nothing to society, do you think I can just afford to clean the sheets everyday? Holy shit! I'm not a corporate CEO, so my pay hasn't gone up 100x in the past 50 years, it's completely stagnated instead. Couple this with the rise in the cost of living caused by market deregulation and we're actually fairly financially strained. I sought after an education to prevent this from happening, but to no avail, you know this! I fucking hate you for causing this mess!

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I have that but white and small tits

This only triggers my mysogeny pls her face is way more punchable than you might think

Dilate more, white tranny

i thought her thumb was a weird looking penis

True suffering knowing it's out of my grasp.

ewww gross

whites only, thanks

gay as fuck, I thought it was a giant nipple

immediate ejection

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Ooh, wagies against the machine. I like it.

Wake up every morning with a fake smile.
Nah man i prefere a real loving wife

I'd spray some raid on that insect. When that doesn't work, I shoot her right between her bug eyes with my .45

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this. it's infantile and disguting

It would freak me out because she isn't the white, blonde qt that I've been married to for four years.

Am I the only one who thinks this?

Are you this guy as well ?

yeah, that's why I ask again, is there nobody who agrees with me?

Why are you here norman? What do you gain?