It's a good day to be a girl. Not that I would know hahaha

It's a good day to be a girl. Not that I would know hahaha.

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It's a good day regardless if you're a man or a woman if you make it a good day, change my mind

Why wouldnt you know, you're not trans are you

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just become one then, if you already have gender dysphoria then it can only help you

You're so cute when you're wrong, anons!

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You're breddy cute too :D :D

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not as cute as your addiction to being sad :)

I'm an emotional vampire, so it comes to me naturally haha. You're not supposed to arrive at any definite conclusions about your life until at least just before your death and preferably never. That's why psychs and tranny-enablers lie to you. To make it seem like your life is far from reaching its logical conclusion. That there's still some mystery to uncover.

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You're smart i wish i was smart like you

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nigger you dumb lol.

that backwards reasoning is a biproduct of fear

Fear of what? Being masculine? Perhaps. It would be nice to delegate many of those responsibilities to someone else I could trust.

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Can you give me some attention pls :(

fear of action and people especially (which makes sense since you're a paranoid schizo but ignoring that)
if you know you're a tranny then the last thing you want to do is fight the fact, I'm not saying you should try to become a girl because for most men that is outright impossible to achieve visually unless they're genetically blessed, but you should allow yourself to be feminine, do little things that make you happy. if you think that's "tranny-enabling" then you've let the Jow Forumsposters on this board get to you way too much, if something makes you happier you should do it always

as for actual treatment? it does work statistically and if you have nothing to lose then it probably wouldn't hurt to try hrt as its something you can quit at any time without any permanent side effects, but you fear that all and any forms of "medication" is jewish poison

asides from the tranny stuff
there are no conclusions about life and who you are, if you're living you're constantly changing, and to live you have to do things, new things! it's called experience which is the only way you can truly learn about life

>not a psi vampire

have any of you been successful at repressing?
I don't wannabe a tranny
i can't see myself happy as a man either

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Give me attention and ill try to help even though im a little bit retarded

I tried repressing for the longest time but gave in at 20 since I was having mood swings and suicidal thoughts daily, I'm definitely feeling better now but I don't ever plan to transition socially or have any form of surgery. I guess it's just the act of not fighting it that helps and perhaps to some degree having estrogen in my body making my mind more stable, but I can't say for sure. Being somewhere in the middle is just fine for me.

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give you attention?
do you have a discord
perhaps we can chat a bit

Dont have discord i just want someone to reply to me i dont have much friends because i cant keep up with what people talk about and they end up making fun of me for being retarded i mean i am but it still hurts when they say that

I'd be glad to share a (you) with you. I kind of stopped replying to literally everyone in my threads because apparently that's annoying to some.
I already do embrace any "feminine" characteristics. Anyone who has them does, because they don't view them in that way. It's just a part of ho they've always been, not something they need to focus on. This doesn't make a girl though. And taking hrt won't either. It will only further highlight the fact that I'm not one. I think that having a goal to simply fool yourself and others around you with your looks is very shallow. I want to be a girl, not look like one. Having a vagina or tits is not as important, because if tomorrow I woke up as a girl, I would live life just like I do now. I would take my bike, and ride it to the sea shore. I'd sit down and just admire the view. Just like I do now. The only difference is that all my other problems would stop mattering to me. I'd be able to solve them from then on.

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i wish i did that at 20
I'm a bitter 24 yr old hon

Thank you for attention i feel lonely right now

you're completely contradicting yourself and it saddens me that you can't see that

I wish I had done it at 12, puberty fucks you royally in the ass so we're in the same boat here, user.

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Well you didn't even try to explain how.

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even if I did, can you honestly say that you would believe me or even care? you've already made up your mind on things to the point where you deny your own reality, and I'm not saying this to put you down, it's just what I take from what you say

you're probably hella better looking then i could be user

I'm a rational person. If I'm really contradicting myself like you say, I'd like to correct that.

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I have BDD so I can't tell for myself but I doubt I'm any higher than a 4/10.

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very well then, first off, most men repress feminine characteristics because of society's image of what a man is supposed to be, act, and look like
and trannies that repress are even more aware of this fact due to being extremely self-conscious about it, this is what they call "repressing" which statistically worsens things for people with gender dysphoria as it's not treating or dealing with the problem but an attempt to fight it
and like you said, one's born gender does not define who you are as a person, it's merely coincidence based on the flip of a coin
that's why taking hrt or is not about fooling other's or turning into a girl because that's not important in the first place because it's about you, not others, and that's where you're contradicting yourself
if being born a girl and having a vagina or tits isn't important then why would having that suddenly fix all your other problems? I have GD myself and while magically waking up as a girl would certainly fix that problem it wouldn't affect anything else in my life (like you also said), that'd merely be wishful thinking and a pipe dream at best
point is, taking actions to become who you wanna be is a good way to make things better, it's not highlighting the opposite because as much is already obvious from the start

I wish I would know.
>tfw an old miserable guy

I don't believe hrt, srs or anything like that does anything to help you. Suddenly waking up as a girl one day would fix everything not because I'd look like a girl, but because I'd be one. That's where various "treatments" completely miss the point. They only there to impress virtue signaling redditors with looks. Why do so many people even take "transgender" as their identity? My point is that there's no action to be taken. There's no right solution being offered here. Only a massive circlejerk that exploits mentally fragile people to control them and sell more pills. I think it's very disingenuous of them to give us false hope like that. They're disgusting people who only see this as an issue of sex. *hurr durr muh tits and vagina fukcy fuck*
You can see on this site how trannies are seen as nothing but exotic sex objects. People are incapable or understanding that there's more to being a girl than pink dresses and round corners. If I took hrt and was happy because of it, I'd only seem like a shallow sex-obsessed hypocrite to myself.

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>I don't believe hrt, srs or anything like that does anything to help you
statistically hrt does, srs not so much
and what does "being" a girl mean to you?
>Why do so many people even take "transgender" as their identity?
same reason why a lot of americans take being american as their identity, or why robots take being a robot as their identity, it's not exclusive to transgenders

..and then you go on to rant about a bunch of irrelevant shit that I mentioned the complete opposite about, oh well, I tried

What exactly does it help them to achieve? Becoming some sort of half-gendered person? It's all like putting some tape over your car when it's the engine that's broken. You haven't fixed anything, only made it obvious that something is indeed broken.
To me, being a girl would mean some sort of peace and comfort. It's hard to explain. I believe I'd have some sort of purity then. Like a rock lifted off my heart, I'd make all the other problems in my life worth fixing. I'd make effort matter. I'd also like to bond with my mom, even though I can hardly stand her now.
>same reason why a lot of americans take being american as their identity, or why robots take being a robot as their identity, it's not exclusive to transgenders
If they truly believe they're female, why bother with a separate identity then? Why self-segregate yourself like this? They know they won't ever measure up to real girls, so they create a separate group with lower standards, but still expect to be treated the same.

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