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My Ex-GF has an amazon wishlist, and I keep buying her things from it. Like I work a pretty well paid job, but I bought her 400$ worth of stuff last month, this month it's like 300$ so far, it's just so addictive and she doesn't even know it's me but she's always posting on her twitter like thanks to the randoms that buy me clothes. Thing is she's got a new boyfriend and the stuff that I'm buying her is almost for him like lingerie. Please review.

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You are a cuck. Seriously wake up.

Well obviously, I do it because it turns me on too.

Stop it dude

>My Ex-GF has an amazon wishlist, and I keep buying her things from it.

cuck detector is massively off the charts!

this is a monetary investment that you are getting nothing out of, not even credit
quit wasting your money by trying to buy her love and either move on or tell her what you want
put $400/mo into a savings account for retirement, house/car/children, vacation, or emergency fund

above all get off your ass and make something of yourself

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hello fellow cucko

Jesus man get a grip you cuck

NO. fuck the red pill. fuck this place im going back

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Can't wait for the fall of the West

oh yea well we will have a good time doing it, and youll be jealous for milleniums

You wanna switch to me for a few? I just lost my job and could use a pick me up.


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>thinks men will just betabux for a complete stranger with whom we have no emotional ties to

Dubs say that he will ayy.

naw, theres gotta be some history, some previous positive experiences that a man can draw on to get our beta bux endorphins pumping as we hit that "final order" button

>when you realize stacey's emotional manipulation is in fact deeply emotional

Depends on the guy. I've splurged on anonymous femanons' wishlists before

but I can talk to him about all of these material things I like I can ramble all day

"anonymous" kinda has an emotional connection. for example i could go "oh shes a nice fembot! ive been here for years i wanna treat her nice" or something.
you could, but his ex gf/stacey has ALREADY established emotional roots while you have none of your own.

>you could, but his ex gf/stacey has ALREADY established emotional roots while you have none of your own.

sounds like youre trying to esablish a relationship with ME user.

Why? I somewhat understand guys buying lewds and shit but spending money on a woman who doesn't even know you exist without getting anything from her? Is it a masochistic thing? Genuinely curious the male mind is fascinating.

owo. my beta bux are claimed for now. but you make it hard.

>for now
Luckily I'm very patient.

in op's example, its his ex-gf, he has previous emotional ties to her which are still dormant in his brain. seeing her type happy posts regarding her anonymous gift buyers triggers his "provider" endorphins and this feels good. its not a masochistic thing, it sucks when we know shes out with another man. we dont do it to get hurt, only to get the provider's high.

gosh, just a little bit of attention and im ready to beta bux cheat on my oneitis of 8-9 years

I understand OPs point of view somewhat, I meant more the user who bought stuff for random femanons

>8-9 years
I'll stick with you for live user. What do you enjoy? Or we can just talk about me.

there has to be -some- recognition imo. for example it could be for a name trip that i feel "close" to because i see their posts so often.

or it could be purely whimsical - i just felt like buying a random gift from a stranger's wishlist because she posted it and i wanted to brighten her day. this would result in mild provider's high.

But that wouldn't work on a male user? Brightening some boys day by buying him a steam game or something?

its okay, i appreciate your attention though. but 8-9 years her roots are extemely deep within my mind. perhaps all the way to the core. just use my posts for educational purposes, happy beta hunting.

ya it could work for a bro too. i would say that the provider's high is much more endorphin inducing for a female/your oneitis.

Yeah but those roots are poisoned, and mine are blossoming beautifully.

Okay I guess I get that. So it's not really about sex but kinda is?

I'm not sure how to explain it exactly. You do sort of get something in return. Her attention, the feeling of knowing you did something nice for a girl, that reaction of "wow, I can't believe you're actually doing this" is very exciting for me.

ill tip my fedora to that. it does hurt at times. im afraid that im a terminal case, however its been my pleasure to share a piece of my beta provider's mentality with you.

>however its been my pleasure to share a piece of my beta provider's mentality with you.
now share your world with me user :)

sex/monogamous relationship with my oneitis would be the ultimate goal, so ultimately yes. for your bro, the provider's high is from "having his back" and looking out for him. the oneitis gets the bro treatment too but the aspirations of beta provider are much loftier.

not white

Interesting, thanks for indulging me

welcome. the war of the sexes is truly rigged against men.

projecting? I am white, and not a manlet? I am 29 though lol.

im describing me, youre not me.

No problem
Maybe one day you can post your wishlist and indulge me

you can lay deep roots in a robot/incel's mind if you catch us off guard and develope a friendship.

What kind of snacks do you like? Favorite youtuber? What is your dad like?

chex mix, bacon, jalapenos. have none. my dad likes golf and soccer.

dads who love golf are something special. I'm going to guess your mexican based on your tastes and your fathers interests.

nope! asian. i get confused for philipino/latino sometimes cus i have a decently full beard. asians like soccer too

Thanks user but I don't want people I don't know buying stuff for me.

which asian. Chinese? Mongolian?? If youre confused for philipino though youre most likely japanese.

Why not? Are you worried about your online security?

That as well but mostly I just feel like it's taking advantage of strangers, even if they want it.

korean, kek. im like 1/8 or 1/16 japanese. im pretty happy with my beard. its like Steve Aoki's beard with fuller cheek coverage.

you can just buy for that other guy or stalk him instead

damn one of the majors I DIDN'T say. Pfft, what do the Koreans know about soccer anyway?

they got 2nd place yesterday in the Fifa world cup for players under 20 years old. Ukraine completely mogged them ;o;

but good on them for getting to the final match

>Genuinely curious the male mind is fascinating.
please dont lump us together

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Sorry, I didn't mean all men enjoy buying stuff for strangers/femanons. Just that this is a niche facet of the male mind that's pretty interesting in a way.

ah so you like sports too :3
user you're so easy.

my dad was watching it and i noticed the korean team. i wasnt even aware of the match until yesterday, as i caught my dad watching the game.
korea was utterly mogged. their mid field defense was non-existant, they let Chad strikers dribble the ball all the way up to the goalie as they backed up away from getting run over.

What do you find interesting about it?

i would guess the possibility of male friends treating her to nice things.

youre basically speaking korean to me right now but I dig your passion. So much so I did 9 captchas. Now tell me what she's got that I don't.

I see. For as much as robots would like you to believe otherwise, a lot of people seen to have that mindset.

I guess it's very far from my own experience so I couldn't really wrap my head around it.

>youre basically speaking korean to me right now
kek i know what you mean. im just mashing thoughts together without any connectors. well, shes an alpha chinese/japanese stacey that other women are afraid of and look up to. 8-9 years with her on my mind, how could you undo such ownage??

I'll take you out and show you how to talk to women. How to treat women. How to forget about women like her and pine after someone who will respect you.

m'lady i thank you for your kind words. i like to believe that i know these things already, what's lacking is my motivation to do so. like that one scene in the original matrix - the red pill sucks, i want the blue one.

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:) okay user. With her you know what you're getting. (nothing) with me you have no idea whats in store for you.

What do you think about it now that you know?

its not even just "mental. my slavish servitude to her is so deep, that i feel actual pain in my head when i displease her. im making it up either, thats how deeply entrenched her will is. i hope you can find your very own minion too!!

im not making it up either*. like my third eye will start to ache. i know this sounds like some /x/ tier fantasy, and thats okay. it feels good to talk about it.

I choose you. You wouldn't want to disobey me would you :( don't you wanna pay tribute and make me feel good? You don't think she'd be upset youre talking to someone else ! :o

my tribute to you are my candid posts. i appreciate your attention and in my appreciation i am forthcoming with my friend-ownership with my Stacey. she could be a little upset, but she shouldnt show it. i would not disobey a lady. i choose you too but i am claimed already,

forthcoming with details with my Stacey*. she could be a little upset but she wouldnt show it.

you turn me on when you double post due to nervous fuck ups. hehe

this is so fucking gay lol. really though fag you should buy him something for rping with you for this long jesus christ even im not this bad.

lol i should.. like runescape gold or something.

I honestly thought its a kink at first but now that it's been explained it seems kinda just like a nice thing to do for someone.

user, what you need is gentle financial domination. That's the answer to your feeling.

>gentle financial domination
That's a thing?

I do think there is an aspect of it that can be arousing too. Like a side effect.

What is arousing about it? Just knowing you'll make someone happy?

I think that if someone is lonely enough, any amount of female attention can become arousing.

I thought it'd be comforting maybe, not arousing

I think it could go both ways, depending on the mood.

My goal in life is having enough financial stability to do this regularly, even if I don't even meet the girls I would love to get them the things they want, fulfill their wishes and make their lives happier and more comfortable.

Yeah. It is. There's different types of financial slaves. Some are more the worship type who just want to lavish a pretty woman while others are pig types who want to be humiliated.

It kind of makes you feel like a chad, in a way. Like you have all that power to throw around and buy stuff for people.

I've only ever heard of the humiliation varieties. This is interesting.

user pretty pretty please buy me something

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