The more I workout the less I find athletic women attractive

Its an inverse relationship. I've started working out more and more and seeing some progress. But heres the kicker anons...I used to find athletic girls attractive, but now I prefer curvy, thick women instead.

Its just...they are too mannish. I want to be with a soft woman that can really appreciate a man that works out and has something she doesnt have.

These super fit women might aesthetically be nice looking, but they are too mannish. Thats really the bottom line. I want to be the one with muscles. Like its great that they are super fit, but its weird man. Like its weird...just give me a soft, woman with a big fat booty.

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Good, more fit girls for us soft boys.

sounds like you're just low test desu wag1

Yea I kinda agree. What these girls don't know is that by vigorously working out they are also raising their test levels. What's also interesting is that test levels are pretty low in men already.

So you have some couples that just look odd with mannish looking women with lifters jaw. Even if they are with another crossfit fanatic... It just looks off

No, I am high test. My libido is better than ever. I want a soft woman that I can rail and can appreciate my strength. Not some wannabe man.

It sounds to me like you've just gained some testosterone. It's natural for men to prefer women with a little bit of fat on them since their children are going to be healthier, of course obesity is a fucking disease and should be punished with a death sentence.

This might be some weird insecurities.



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"this" is not a real woman

you're a fucking faggot then, i love me some curves

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Implants are not "curves" you low testosterone beta male

I lift daily. I've been maintaining 125-130lbs for a couple months now. Barely any of the guys at the gym go after me. When I first got there they were all over me. I wasn't fat, I was actually lighter, but I had a natural form.

Obviously the regulars aren't going to continue to make moves on me but new members and guests don't even look at me much anymore.

Good thing I like girls.

>thinks they are implants
High T men prefer curvy women. Real men with real T. Alphas. Because we dont need to project what we dont have onto wannabe men.

Who the fuck finds this attractive? Might as well find a man and open up your asshole. Lmao. These women are fucking dumb. Its goes way beyond lifters jaw. The transgender agenda is alive and well.

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You sound super insecure lmao

It sounds like you're projecting your insecurity onto OP

It sounds like you are OP trying to deflect.

it isnt, but people like stefania ferario maintain an ideal balance

People tend to be attracted to things parallel to them, it seems. Looking for the yin to their yang, etc.

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'Bout as feminine (nonsensical, dangerously armature, social pressure based) fitness as you can get. But anyways, as long as there's no upper body bulking, core is a focus, and they get a nice juicy lower body, no complaints here.

>he's going Jow Forumsgay

Well that's not true at all, because most people are attracted to people they're similar to

new men are afraid of you because you are fit, which is a desirable quality in women, pushing you towards the "10-10 don't get hit on" effect. Established gym guys leave you alone because you are obviously there to work out, not thott, and it's respect.

You are very attractive. Don't worry about it.

Yeah that's why he said parallel, it means the same.

1. It doesn't
2. He then mentions yin and yang which are explicit opposites

Yeah, more complimentary pairings. Small soft girl to go with the big hard boy. Cold insensitive incels wanting warm loving mommies. Shit like that.

Yin and yang are opposites, but still make up one collective whole.

Sounds like you're just insecure and you like to project it on others

Some men find athletic women attractive. There are a wide range of body types men find attractive, while its the inverse for women. But still, I think the hourglass figure is ideal and that figure cant be achieved by working out like a man, which crossfit women do.

CrossFit should never be compared to any sort of real workout. But if you're saying this and are the woman I replied too, I'm betting you have an amazing ass, because that's the correct mentality. Too bad, too.

Also, as with most things on Jow Forums, I don't care much what others find attractive and I've found it usually just leads to bickering about irrelevant things like this entire thread. Entertaining, but irrelevant personally.

Don't worry that wasn't me. I only practice traditional weightlifting and body building techniques. I want my back to exist when I'm 40.

No, I'm the curvy girl fan, not OP. But I've been to crossfit gyms. Crossfit is as real as you make it, and I've met some pretty hardcore women there. But I could never find them all that attractive. They are nice to look at, but their T levels are too fucking high and they all act like men.

Alot of them are in relationships with the guys there. The whole Crossfit culture is kinda weird and cultish. Not my cup of tea. I wouldnt want to base my relationship around fitness. Fitness is a foundation of my life, but people can get injured, hurt, etc, and then what happens when they lose some muscle? Plus I dont want to be competing with a woman anyway. Men should be fit and strong. Women should not.

Just my thoughts.

Well no, I take that back, women should be fit and strong but not on the levels like the picture posted before with women with abs. Its just a turn off and kinda strange.

Same, but because I'm lazy. I'll bench press all day but I'll be fucked if I'm going to do some weird ass isolating spasm shit that compromises other things. GL fellow gymbro, I'm off to my cardio day.

CrossFit is a glorified workout class with dangerous methods. It attracts the more intense extrovertive styles, that appeal to one another.

athletic girls are repulsive. girls do not look good with tight bodies with muscles. this is pretty much my limit where i find muscles attractive on girls, anything more than this is vomit

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I completely agree with you 100%

I don't know about you guys, but I for one want to tonguefuck the chiseled abdomen of a fit girl.

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I think it has something to do with contrast.
We want someone really soft and plump to contrast our strong and hard bodies,maybe that's how men always chose women back in the day, maybe this feel is only unlocked when a man works physically hard, while those who don't do any physical work usually prefer what the media tells them.

yea...the media is the cause of your fat fetish

impressive digits, but i've liked chubby chicks ever since 2009, which was when i started to hit puberty and did sport.
Most people like what the magazines tell them.

Yeah this is what Im talking about. Anything more than that and its just too much

men dont read magazines