Stand up to bully chad

>Stand up to bully chad
>Bully chad and his 10 bros beat the shit out of you and the teachers pretend not to see anything
>Girls are laughing in the background

"Just stand up for yourself bro"

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you could always arm yourself you know

I dont see a chad anywhere in that picture.

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desu in those situation its not about winning, its about standing up for yourself, chad doesnt bully if no one sees him or no one is around. If there are people around he will try to bully people and if it would be me, i would just charge at him, or do a fucking drop kick

i have never been bullied, i was the weird kid. a chad once tried to bully me, i sperged out completly and told him to shut the fuck up before i beat him up, he would have won easily, but he didnt wanted to be sued so we just threw empty threats and insults at each other, he mostly leaft me alone for the rest of school sometimes we talked to each other tho, just casually.

i hope this helps you user, if you should be in the situation, remember you already lost because chad initiated it, but you can show that you are a man who will fight for his pride

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Cruel world populated by cruel people, OP. I've been kind of a bully myself, and even I can say that if I ever was bullied, I would seriously consider murder.

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You did it wrong user. Let me help you.
1. Get a friend to follow you from a large distance
2. Stand up for yourself if Chad challenges you again
2a. Do not provoke him yourself
2b. Do not touch him first
2c. Do not do anything that people would feel it normal Chad would start a fight
3. Wait until Chad starts pushing you, tried to get him to punch you
4. At this point your friend starts filming with his phone
5. Wait until it's over, make sure you never retaliate
6. Get Chad his full name
7. Get a lawyer a Sue Chad for assault, if any teachers are around when the incident happened but did nothing Sue them for negligence
8. When in court show the video. The more videos you have the better actually.
9. Ask for damages if you have multiple videos for "lasting psychological trauma". Pretend to be sad and shit
10. Watch how Chad (and any negligent teachers) get obliterated by the court
11. Have the last laugh.
12. Nobody will want to touch you anymore

You're welcome

Just get beaten untill you have enough proofs to cage them
Chads pants get a little wet when the police gets involved

This. Take a gun and

Or he could kill them AND the police too.

do it op, post results


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A judge would laugh this case out of court. Even the courts are on Chad's side.

I can see your glow from here Mr. FBI.

no, still counts as assault

>Tfw you shoot up the bullies and people calles you a coward.
>they tell me im a horrible person and deserves to burn in hell
We sure live in clown world

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you could just bully chad online until he kills himself for attention. dumbass

because that's the easy way out, its just harmless fun for Chad, he doesn't deserve to die for calling you a few names or beating you up once or twice.

You should stop being a weirdo; if you were normal you wouldn't be bullied in the first place.

I know you're baiting but this is how normalfags genuinely feel about bullying. I have no sympathy for them

No this world has just gone shit.
In the good old days you just stabbed someone with your sword if they did something you didn't like

the olden days still had law and order, you couldn't just up and murder someone you didn't like. (although it was easier to get away with the crime, basically as long as you weren't seen doing it you were scot free)

And if they did think you killed someone you'd be at the gallows in a few days, no appeal bullshit that drags on for years.

>He doesnt deserve to die for calling you a few names
If you willingly do neagtive things you should be prepared to face everything between heaven and earth. Its not that complex to behave. If you cant even do that simple task then you were never meant for this world anyway. Purifying our degenerate society one shooting at a time isnt "taking the easy way out"


get real retard, no one should have the right to take another's life for a slightly negative action toward another person.

Accidentally cut someone off in traffic? He gets to kill you by that metric.

So you decided to completely ignore the Part where i said WILLINGLY

>purifying our degenerate society one shooting at a time

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This, i would 1 punch them all to dreamworld, including the nigger.
And if you're weak just go for the vitals(eye's, neek, balls, etc.)

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>Tfw got bullied most days in first school and middle school
>Learned how to fight really well because of it, 5/6 kids attacking me at the same time
>Had no problem with people when I moved high school, as they were from a rich area so they were wimps
>Still only moved me from that loser to that Scary freak who apparently was a sick and unjustified when retaliating against poor little Chad :(

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Catch the bully alone and pull a fast one on him without saying a word.

This is exactly how the world should be. You destroy what you hate, normalfags will never understand this and they will be the first to die because of that.

and normalfags hate you for being an edgy little autistic fuck. Does that give them the right to kill you as well?

>Does that give them the right to kill you as well?
If normalfags had the opportunity they would without a second thought

and you're disgusting me

There would be no progress if we lived as such user, your brutish worldview is outdated and would only lead to stagnation.

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Yes I'm sure they would but they care about their features and are not going to waste their life killing some little spergy edgelord.

in ten years they won't even remember you, but you will always remember them. Chad wins in the end no matter what you do. Even if you kill them, they will be remembered as heroes and innocent victims and you as an insane reject who was unable to take a little bulling that millions of other had lived through and endured.

Think more and you will understand that the world worked like this until recent times, which are leading to the end of this generation.
Progress is a meme also, everything since the Lumieres is a mistake anyway.

If that's truly the case as described by the OP, then fair play...

do you seriously believe old times were a free for all, kill anyone you please if they pissed you off era?

We would not be a society, we would still be hunter-gatherers using stone tools and living in mud huts.

Yeah thats happened to me.

The only thing they did was piss me off. The more it happened, the more hostile and fearless I became. It eventually ended with me suckerpunching chad one random day

Probably couldnt get away with that shit nowadays, but I'd still do it

this is why I hate the stupidity of the normies, it's not an honest stupidity, like those of the autist (who are better than them in any way possible).
No, it's an arrogant one. They are stupid enough to think that the world will remember them. Nobody care about your generic life, nobody will ever think of you as a victim even if I kill you with my bare hands and tell I'm a fucking terrorrist. You will disappear like you never existed, because it's true, you never existed. That is what normies can't comprehend fundamentally, and why they are the reject of the Universe, while I'm just a reject of this time.
I don't know if I should pity your poor mind or ignore the struggle of a insect, but in any case, you disgust me.

You have no concept of history, except what we teach you in middle school.
Morality has changed, intellectual progress disappeared in the 18 century, and we are now telling the victim to shut the fuck up and that if he want to avenge he will have to end his life in jail. This is not a society, it's a dumb attempt at order and egality, which is non-existent.
You are all trying to fight what is in reality the building core of this whole Universe, which is fucking stupid.

Well, logically speaking, he *does* get to end his life. It just means he faces consequences for his actions, obviously prison time. Same way Chad does for bullying. In this instance, he pays with his life.

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Victims throughout history have been told to shut up and deal with it. If a medieval noble abused his peasants, do you think they could kill him legally? Even of they did they'd be tortured before hanging like a dog.

you are worst than them fucking incel.
day of the rope wont spare your degenerated ass.

That's when you bring a coin sap and strike Chad in the back of the head while he's talking with Stacy and Becky.

As I said, you have no knowledge of history except for what you were told at 12.

how would they deal with it then? If supposedly you have knowledge that goes against everything ever written down.

Winners write history, everyone know that. Reading what the loser told is way more important since it's more accurate. Feudal system lost, and now we portray it like the worst political system ever, when it's not.
I will tell you what a peasant would do. First, he won't be abused without a legitimate reason, peasants are his subject and his wealth. Second, if the lord is a retard who abuse his subjects for fun, he would be beaten up in less than a month by them, with the help of the army of the noble next door who took the opportunity to expand his territory.
And if ever a peasant was abused by his lord without reason, and nobody did a thing about it, he could always just leave and seek asylum 20km away in the next fief, or ask the Church to help, or just stop being a serf, and then end your "legally".
Killing a noble is fucking easy, and it was done all the time. Lords who lived were considered good rulers, and so medieval times have prospered for a thousand years, while democracy always end by destructing itself in less than a century.

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nobles in the same kingdom couldn't just take each other's land for no legitimate reason. The higher ranking nobles would intervene to protect the peace.

In early medieval ages they could, but yes. Even though finding a legitimate reason to attack his opponents was pretty easy.

Fighting back does work if you can manage to bloody them a little bit, even if you lose. I got picked on a lot when I was younger, so I started fighting back. Lord knows I didn't win the first few fights, but I did manage to lad some solid hits.
The thing is, people look for easy marks, someone who fights back, and fights back well, isn't an easy mark. Most people, if they think they can get hurt, will not interact with you, let alone start fights with you.

There's a difference between 'victims' and 'losers'. Losers are the ones that fought back but succumb to a greater power, victims are people who lacked the strength, wit, or courage to fight in the first place.

>Other guy bullies me at school
>One day just get tired of it, sperg out and punch him in the face a few times
>He's too surprised to fight back and goes down
>Never tries to bully me again

Sometimes it actually works