A femanon will never use your face as her chair

>a femanon will never use your face as her chair
It sucks bros

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Fuck that, i'd rather play DMC5.

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I wish I was her computer seat while she browsed Jow Forums

I really love that image. I really wish I was him.

Do you think a fembot would do this for her bf if he asked?

Why is life so unfair. I just want a smol gf with a nice butt to use me as an object.

Life sucks. At least just enjoy small things, user.

Working on the issue at hand. She said maybe.

I wish there were small things that I could enjoy

You have internet, home, something to eat/drink and time for the Jow Forums. Our life isn't that bad tho.

A girl might do it once or twice, but the very second you suggest it, she will lose all respect she had for you, and will instantly begin thinking about which of your friends to hook up with.

Once or twice? Eh, could be worth.

as long as you actually pleasured her and worked hard, yes

>pleasured her and worked hard
As a chair? How would that work?

you lick her pussy and asshole obviously

That's pretty much just oral sex though? Kind of different from being used as a piece of furniture. Not that I would mind either way.

It definately sucks. I would love a girl to use my face as her seat whilst she lazily browses YouTube. I'd love to be under her butt, enjoying the warmth (and smell) of being under her soft cheeks, while a wood bulges in my pants.

To me the best part would be the pressure, especially if she shifts around or lifts herself up to readjust before sitting back down. And the sweat.

just stick your tongue deep into her ass and stop asking questions

Things could always be worse, but the absence of horrible things doesn't make it good or fulfilling.

Is it awful that I would like her to let out a little gas now and then?

I think it would be more awful if you expected her to hold it in. You want her to be comfortable, right? It's natural that a seat should experience some gas.

Aye aye, sir. A chair shouldn't speak, just obey.

I'd also like being someone's footrest. Just get on all fours while they prop their feet up on me. Won't move or make a sound for hours if needed. Even if she leaves the room for a little while to use the bathroom, and she won't see me or know, I'll stay in position, because that's what a good boy does.

Being a footrest is fun. I'd rather lie down under her desk and let her rest her feet on my face. Maybe she could massage her feet by rubbing them against my nose, or absent-mindedly stomp or kick me as she was busy using her computer.

As long as that seat doesn't start to gag.

Of course. You wouldn't want to upset her.

theres a quadroon girl with a fatass that doms her bf on pornhub like this

Using my bf as a chair or footstool is a big fetish of mine oof

You mean PlayObey?

How does this even smell like? I always wanted to try this with a boyfriend but I'm way too insecure about the smell to do it.

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What do you like about it? Please tell us the details.

It will smell like you. Entirely depends on how you are

I like being gently dominant and also really like being eaten out + i have a fetish for putting my feet on a guy's face. I'd do that while browsing r9k or messaging my friend

I'm so jealous of your bf. You appeal perfectly to all my fetishes.

I really want to be this guy.

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What is she doing? Riding a scooter?

I don't have a bf it's just my fetish

I think you'll find one pretty easily if you are willing to do all that.

Why is facesitting such a common fetish for guys?

It's really not, it's hard as fuck to find good wholesome facesitting stuff that's not just garbage to appeal to scat

Lmao my gf does this whenever I ask her, but in the context of sex tho, not when she's doing something normal like using the computer or playing vidya gaems

The face is where your eyes, nose, and tongue are so it feels good to have parts of the female body smashed against it.

best nut of my life (so far) was just like op pic only I was jerking off while eating delicious asshole

I'm assuming here it's because most guys are beta onions faggots who like being submissive.
For myself and others, it's one of the best things to satisfy ass fetish. It almost feels like returning to the womb.

Because they enjoy the smell of a woman's arse?

This but with a guy

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>This but with a guy

I wanna eat man ass or sit on a guy's face myself

The insecurity is strong with this one...

What are you? A regular gay guy?
Seems odd that you would want both

>tfw gf casually joked about this today
>tfw i could actually have this if i liked it
life is good my niggas, life is good

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Yeah. I'm a switch