I am having another breakdown, i cant do it anymore, im so lonely, i have never asked for this...

i am having another breakdown, i cant do it anymore, im so lonely, i have never asked for this. why does no one care about me, im so selfish for thinking others dont feel bad, no one ever messages me, no one ever asks me how i feel. i just want to rest, no one cares about me only because im a man " grow up, learn to deal with it" "stop being such a kid loser", i just want to spend time with someone, ask them what they are doing, talk and laugh about the future even if there is nothing to laugh about, i sometimes cry myself to sleep, wake up put on my facade and pretend im a happy person, i dont want to anymore, i would rather be a female, atleast does my personallity fit then, im too caring and kind hearted. people used me before, i forgive them in a blink of the eye and they shit on me
all over again for no reason,i dont deserve this cruelness. females and males think im weak but i just want someone to love

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Not your blog faggot kys

Kys autist. OP can use this shithole for that if he wants

Immediately go on Grindr and make friends or get TOPPED it's easy and you wont be lonely

I feel you OP

You have to be strong user. Day by day. The self improvement pill is the only way out of the depression pit.

You're 16 and just got rejected by a girl.
Grow up kid.

this is what i mean, if i would say im a female people would tell me everything will be alright and spam their discords, instead, people tell me to kill my self

I barely talked to any female before and all of them seemed so full of themselfs and unfeminine that i stopped talking to them

i have endured so much shit, i can understand that people dont see it and i dont want to be pitied for what happened to me but i just want to feel some love and affection finally

How do you know if OP is 16 you sperg

You're not entitled to love and affection. Whether or not your family situation is fucked is irrelevant. If you prove yourself useful enough a woman will love you I promise

Don't worry about it, and don't listen to the normies, they never suffered. I know what you had to go through. You have all my compassion, I'm sorry that I can't help you or anyone here, but our times are cruel ones, and I wait for the day where it all ends, since it will come.
I hope you will one day find someone to love and be loved user, but I can't help you for that in any way, my life is a long serie of failures wich taught me nothing but hatred.

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You think you have but stop being a sissy and man the fuck up

have kids emcel

i know that i am not entitled to anything, i have learned it since i was 7
i have suffered heavy psychology abuse from my parents, never had any friends, never celebrated birthdays, no one asked me how i felt genuinely but i feel everyone should have the opportunity to feel loved, i know that i shouldnt be such a wimp when i talk to women, but i dont use my abuse as an excuse or a reason why people should like me, i avoid talking about it, dont mention my depression and try to smile a lot, when the rare occurrence happens that someone talks to me
i want to believe in a brither future, even tho i know how my future will look like

try sports, or a school club that'd be interesting to you. they're not going to guarantee friendships, but it's a way to start.

"people used me before, i forgive them in a blink of the eye and they shit on me"

excessive kindness does make a lot of people look down on you (i have a similar mentality, and have been slowly realizing that a lot of people think less of me for being a "doormat.") there's nothing wrong with being nice, but you should put being kind to yourself first.

I am not in school anymore and i have lost a lot of my motiviation, im fairly fit but i dont feel like doing sports anymore

Post your steam id I'll be your original friend

well, you could do like i do and get day-drunk on the reg

or, you know, find a real hobby that lets you engage with people in the outside world. things aren't going to be easy, you're going to continue to get your feelings hurt; s'up to you to grow from these experiences.

or again, just get wasted all the time. s'a real hoot, lemme tell ya

no, most online friendships are hollow and not really worth it, i would do it if i had made different experiences but in the end things will just go quiet and i will delete you after some weeks.
i did a lot of sports and other hobbies but nothing brought me joy, i enjoy wasting time with a significant other e.g. watching movies, series going on walks etc. someone liked to do that with me but he grew cold and distant. i tried to learn from those experiences, but i end up trusting people way too fast at the end and i get used just as before

that's the way relationships are. it really fucking sucks, but if you don't want to be lonely you have to keep rolling those dice.

a good thing to keep in mind is the majority of people are not going to get attached as quickly as you are. try and be conscience of your own mental patterns: whenever you recognize yourself getting too invested, make a conscious effort to dial it back.

I'd actually argue who could be the first to delete just judging from my experience, there are people exist who are just like you and they could had it much worse

yes i know that there are people who had it even worse than me, i dont see suffering as a race, so i dont have the need to step it up even further

I hope you're able to find a wholesome friend, op. Don't listen to everyone being mean to you. I understand your situation. I don't know if it'll get any better, but I really hope that it does

Don't let yourself be exploited via the concept of 'love', its chasing a fantasy 'less you've been exposed to it at an early age. Recommend reading some Syed and Peterson's '12 Rules For Life', even if the latter is a meme and they're largely relegated to pop-science they've a knack for putting into words what you feel but can't quite say. If that doesn't help then surely this cute anime girl pretending that she doesn't want a snuggle will help you~

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