They just made a video about 1 guy rating 10 women based on their looks and personality. Typical basedboy shit but pretty funny. White guy rating like 2 women of every race.

>Asians all rate the highest, 8-9
>2 white girls are 5's
>2 black girls are 4's, said they weren't his type LMAO
>fucking cringe personality ratings
>basedcuck says he felt misogynistic for rating the women despite women having ZERO problems rating men negatively

What have we learned?

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>What have we learned?
3D is PD

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If you have kid with an asian girl he will be beta or she will despise you the girl on the far right is the most based fuck everyone else.

Literally none of those girls are dateable. Wtf

also we learned that most men are superficial and beta so more short haired skinny white girls for me lol

>browse comments for some roasties gettin toasty
>literally none

OP you're both a nigger and a kike

Dude is a brainlet, Second to right Latina(?) is the cutest...and I dont think any of those ratings are egregiously incorrect there are infinitely cuter black girls out there

>asian points get extra points just for being asian
>one of them was really ugly but got a 7.5
Holy shit I understand yellow fever now

Most white guys irl can't gauge whether another race is ugly so they think most of them are hot

>Oops gave the black girl a 9
>Nvm about personality. I value looks more

This guy

Those ratings are generous as hell.

In his defense, they picked some ugly niggers to show him

i think this older vid is even funnier

noodle inflating her self worth to insane levels

>considers the adorable short hair qt almost as ugly as the niggers

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I didn't even notice she's also the only one with cute pale skin. Even the other "white" women are a little dark.

Althought this was a genuine convo. Fuck girl drop that phone. Nowadays they can't just talk to you without having that square shit in there hand.

It's so annoying since it's shows a lack on interest onto theconversation.

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>7 over 6,5 and 5
Admittedly unfair

The left black girl is probably correct but the right one definitely looks better. There's no way you should rate them the same.

That was objectifying, my bad.

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>when was the last relationship you were in?
>i've never really been in one
Womanlets, when will they learn?

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He handed her his phone, she was probably putting her phone number in it. Or adding her snapchat or whatever zoomers do.

Femcel alert.
>describing the color green to blind people is important

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She even has a British accent and likes to travel alone. Literally everything about her is aDORAble. He even gave her the highest rated personality. What a cuck going for the mutt. Couldn't even tell if she was Asian, latina, or a mix of something.

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I'm in love with the short haired one, she clearly is the most beautiful as well as the most interesting

actually though. like the 7.5 one looks like a straight up trap

She is a pure 100% le 56% face

How? What makes you say that?

give me that pasty short-haired girl any day

The Subreme Gentilemen

the constant PC lip-service and virtue signalling of the white chap was too cringy for me to finish the vid

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Why is she so perfect?

This the kind of woman I needed in ly life but didn't know I needed because we never see them because vapid whores draw all the attention

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She's a vapid whore, you just don't know her well enough to realize it, so you're judging by her looks.

She is so fucking ugly. She literally looks like a 10 year old white boy with tits. You are fucking gay bro.

She looks like a tranny manchild, you are retarded. Or maybe you like trannies?

bruh you delusional and possibly gay

>Hot women are hot and ugly are ugly

No fucking shit captain obvious

There is clearly something different with her, something is shining through her, she has nothing in common with the other thots.
But you are too idiot to realize it and will fall again and again for dumb heartless thots.
This woman seems very sweet and genuine, she has something special

I agree she's cute as hell, but she's just some thot on youtube video. She even said she shave her head recently and made it seem like she doesn't even normally look the way she does.

Let me project my fantasies on this girl, let me fool myself and believe some women are different for once !!! (I know she is more likely to be another thot) but I'm tired of hating, I want to dream sometimes even if it's false. FUCK ! Fuck this gay Earth !

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>asian girl eye fucking the white boi

kek memes are true

No. Accept reality, no more fantasies.

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>choosed that stupid mutt bitch instead of the cute britain
wow truly a brainlet

You obviously were never loved by a real woman, otherwise you would know that this is a million times more satisfying than escaping oneself in a fantasy world while masturbating alone in your mother's basement. Have sex, unironically

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Why are none of the women white? Is this how Americans look now?

>5"6 chink mutt looking
>wants someone at least 5"10

What the fuck?

You're a fucking faggot. That chick looks like a boy. Fag.

That white women in big cities dress like dykes.

That's because the Asian girls are the best looking girls in that group. All the others range from overweight to obese. The Asian girls are also the best dressed in that group. The 6 is well dressed, but she's overweight. Had she been skinnier, she would've likely fell in the 7-8 range. People are just angry that at the end of the day, a dick can't deny it likes women of a healthy weight outside fetishes. Every single ethnicity in that group outside the Asians are overweight, dress like slobs, or both.

>everyone leaves

the asian one looks like a trannie alien

The short hair qt isn't overweight. She's not even American.

She's overweight dude. I didn't say she's the obese one, but that short haired cutie is overweight.

Weird facial structure aside... She's still put more effort into her appearance then the others, and she's not overweight.

>decent looking guy
>acts like a total vagina

What's sad is many people are so use to seeing people who are truly fat that, like you, the short haired cutie is seen as not being overweight. No, that's overweight. She's not fat, but she's got some chub.

I bet you fags $100 her BMI isn't above 25. Literally in the normal weight zone. I agree people have gotten ridiculously fat and our perceptions have changed, but they're right that women were expected to be underweight before this shit started.

They could at least try bringing in better looking black girls.

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>he still uses BMI
She's fat. Get over it, retard.

He also clearly doesn't like niggers but refuses to say it aloud. Even Chads have had their balls snipped by the liberals.

Could they not have chosen more attractive black women for the sake of diversity? Why would you chose anything short of 7/10 black chicks in 2019?

That's not chub, it's normal bodyfat. For context, the tall Asian girl is skinny, not "normal".

They knew this would happen and wanted to add some fuel to the race war.

Even if it's 25, that's overweight you know. Overweight starts at 25 with BMI so anything close to 25 is approaching overweight. If your 24, that means you're getting chubby. Agreed though that BMI doesn't mean much, especially when talking about women, it was designed for men.

She is indeed a chubster.

The tall Asian girl isn't skinny. She's normal. There's not a single girl in the group that's skinny. Besides, skinny isn't usually a preference for most men. Skinny is thin. None of those girls are thin. If you think she's skinny, your perspective is highly skewed.

>For context, the tall Asian girl is skinny, not "normal".

The tall Asian girl would have been nearly spot on the average weight for a girl of her height in 1964.

SHE is the normal and appropriate body height for a girl her age. You're just used to the new normal of all girls, even elementary school students, being fucking fat. As a result you look at girls who would have unambiguously been labeled "fat" in the 1960's and think they have "normal body fat".

You niggers is stupid. "Skinny" doesn't automatically mean anorexic. Having any amount of bodyfat at all doesn't mean automatically chubby.

Just calling a whale a whale. She's fat for her height.

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>all these fat fucks trying to say the fat girls aren't fat

only 8.5, 5.5 man jaw, and the asians weren't fat

holy shit those pitty 5-6 ratings for women who clearly are below average

this is why you cannot do these experiements face to face, the guy doesnt want to come by as a shallow douchebag

>is personality or looks more important
cannot be answered because its a package deal
no 10/10 personality can save a 1/10 looks or vice versa

I never said skinny meant anorexic. It's because of your skewed perception that you think what's actually skinny has to be anorexic. There's a lot of thin girls assumed to be anorexic when they're not because people have grown to believe someone can't naturally be 'that thin'.

>he gives all asian girls 7 minimum
>none of them are attractive, they'd actually be considered ugly by asian standards

holy shit the state of yellow fever in the west. one girl was a 2/10 in asia.

This man gets it. Thank you, good sir.

hello chang, still seething I see?

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imagine wasting your genetics on a low test race

the fact that he says its 65% about personality but then at the end decides to meet with the cute petite girl because she seemed to have a "good energy" is all you have to know about men

Fuck these sluts, the average woman rates 75-85% of men BELOW average. AKA 75-85% of men are less than 5. Fuck these stupid bitches

imagine wasting your genetics on some white roastie.

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Because he doesn't want to fuck some crazy dyke. Asian girls always win.

but he didnt know it was the short-haired girl he rated the highest on personality

>2nd girl : 8.5 + 8 = 16.5
(8.5*35%=) 2.975 + (8*65%=) 5.2 = 8.175

>10th girl : 5 + 9 = 14
(5*35%=) 1.75 + (9*65%=) 5.85 = 7.6

Yes, most men choose base on overall score for the best results. It's why you're a single mother with nigglets.

>you shouldn't have to compromise your values
>excludes people who like feet, aren't tall and won't choke her

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im a man you fucking retard
also do you mean to say he has an psychic ability to sense who he rated by looks coresponded to the ones he rated by personality?

>>none of them are attractive
Unironically a seething white roastie, pic related is beautiful, elongated skull, tan tone, slightly inward hunter eyes, tapered jaw, normal eyebrows, great teeth, and powerful cheeks, if her nose was smaller she'd be 8-9.
those other asians were bleh to average yes, but this white guy is a chad, he can fuck any woman he wants, so he never really thinks about looksmatching or objective female beauty, but he does have generalized yellow fever. But to call all of them ugly, lmao you're autistic

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>excludes people who like feet
Thats a based qualification, you footfags will get the rope one day
>arent tall
shes the one woman in 1000 of today's freely hypergamous modern women that will openly announce her preference, dont hate her because she's honest. or do, its your preference to hate thots, good for you
>wont choke her
A woman who knows her kinks, its cringe to announce it on a public video seen by millions but hey, see above, she's honest, doesnt want a bitch boy who will go "are you ok? am I hurting you?" during sex

>soft ginger boi
he was far from a chad. he is a brad at most.

height is a dealbreaker for literally every woman
if you are a manlet your only hope is to get filthy rich and find a woman who wont necessarily love you, but atleast fuck you
or you can settle for a obese one

>normal eyebrows
Those things are by far the most offputting thing about her face and are in no way normal.

Facially and body wise, very chad; excellent jaw, elongated skull, thin/medium nose, body is tall and lean-muscular. Personality is normie tier, which is mostly irrelevant if he's not a soi beta.
keep coping

you can tell he has confidence issues. probably a Jow Forums victim.

then don't talk like a little bitch

to having sex or being "loved" you should be attractive. Stop bullshitting here

Her Asians features are too strong. She's probably Korean. She looks a bit like that guy from Mortal Combat, Prince Goro.

They were all eye fucking him

lol at fucking roasties. They really lack any awareness. Men who say this same shit are laughed at, and for good reason.

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>I would not want to to be with somebody who wants kids within 7 years
What the fuck? How old was this bitch in this video?

Agreed, second last girl was cutest, weirdly long arms tho.

Oh, I just got to that part. She's 26. Stupid bitch.

I'm a straight girl, and if this girl shaved her hair I'd be attracted to her. She has a masculine face especially for an Asian, and all the features you described apply to Asian men. Yellow fever fags are just that: fags.

We've learned that Nick Normie simply has yellow fever

They make the guys put headphones in but not the girls lmao

I rate her 5.5