I just want to love a woman and be loved by her, have intimacy and sex without the fear of being betrayed

I just want to love a woman and be loved by her, have intimacy and sex without the fear of being betrayed.
Is this really too much to ask?

I'll turn 22 this year, still a kisless virgin.
I have a lot of ideas on how to improve my life.
I work on my online business to make more money.
However, I struggle to find motivation for it all because loneliness is all I ever knew.

With my improved self and a thick wallet, I will still be alone.
What is the point of having anything if there is no one to share it with?
What is the point of being productive and capable if no one cares?

I don't even look bad.
I just hate the normalfag circle jerk hierarchies and bullshit, so I tend to isolate myself a lot.

Is there a way for me to find love?
Should I maybe try some detailed and specific dating sites?
I'd prefer a lonely girl who understands my pain and doesn't like engaging in normalfag matters, someone who just wants to find a loving partner to eventually have a family with.

What do you guys think?
I'm getting tired of all of the bullshit.

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Just find a discord e-thot and fly her out to see you with that cash of yours. They're all so fucked up and in need of constant attention you'll never be lonely.

If you are white, Take a trip to Europe preferably eastern areas, find a cutie, bring her back to the states. Works for jews and sleaze bags.

Maybe I didn't phrase it well.

I'm not exactly rich right now.
However, things are going well and I might be soon.
I said that I struggle to motivate myself to do all this shit, since I'm so alone.

I mean, it's not like I need a lot of money to jerk off in my room and play video games or whatever.

I actually live in Europe.

>I just want to love a woman and be loved by her, have intimacy and sex without the fear of being betrayed.
Is this really too much to ask?

Yes, it is. No risk no reward motherfucker. Be a man, man up , and deal with rejection. The good and the bad. Now stop being a little bitch and get some pussy.

>a vomit of buzzwords
Nice dude.

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Never going to happen, stick with bettering yourself and your career. Secondly, start using hookers as they're easier and cheaper in the long run. Women are incapable of love, they can only mimic it.

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>the worst type of attitude possible
Never gonna make if you go on like that.

Why do these images progressively get more violent? It looks like he's about to rip her head in half like a fucking mortal kombat character.

Nah, it's easier to just stick with hookers. I've been doing it for over a decade now and I've never been happier.

women never evolved agape love so women don't love you. also women are program to monkey branch to better men so they can drive human evolution. Humans when from being sea creatures to intelligent walking life forms because women picked the winners.

>and I've never been happier
Maybe that's true, but I doubt that you're actually happy.
You're just happier than before.

It's better than nothing, but I want someone to love me and desire me.

I find it funny when people try to tell me that I'm not actually happy. Like somehow you know me, get out of here with your shallow bullshit Western concepts of love. I'm going to do what makes me happy, if you can't deal with it then so be it. I don't need to prove my happiness to you, you're unhappy with your life because you put sex on a pedestal and think that sex is owed to you. Please get over yourself.

I turn 32, in a month and it didnt get better for me.
I dont want kids,
Dont let yourself, get used by ungrateful women.
And remember if the truth is a cruel mistress then a lie must be a nice girl

This is why you must learn to hate the nice girl.

I don't know dude, that was pretty defensive.
Was it really called for?

Nice gaslighting you did there. I see you can't defend your own logic so you change goalposts.

>it is really too much to ask?
In this day and age it fucking is unironically

>if you're not an oversensitive bitch like me and/or you don't write what i want to read, you're a npc
you're the npc user
>inb4 no u

>defend your own logic

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You've proved my point, you're just a sad dude that can't accept that women don't like you. I'm sure if you defend m'lady's honor enough she'll reward you with sex.

I'm guessing that pic is you? I'm not really surprised.

At this point no and you know your only option is Grindr you try to TOP a sissyboi or most likely get TOPPED but you wont beonely anymore

Just go with prostitutes and escorts. Everyone likes to bash them but they're the most trustworthy since they're upfront with what you're getting. All women want is money and social status, this is undeniable.

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>with modern women
>Is this really too much to ask?
Yes, yes it is.
That was a dumb question OP.

>Take a trip to Europe preferably eastern areas, find a cutie, bring her back to the states

It's always amusing to read this, being an European. (albeit not from Eastern Europe, but I've interacted with enough of them)

They' are all the same shit, some just know how to put up a show.

You're getting really excited over this man.
Are you ok?

Does this actually work?
What about china, do they still have household caps? Surely there are women for the taking. Does anyone know about this?

>i think you will tire of her after a couple of years. you will be more upset with her for sucking up all your free time and attention and money. You'll never be alone, but that means you'll never have privacy again either. You would only end up hating and regretting being in a relationship.

Isn't all of that complicating it too much?
Wouldn't it be easier to find a girl in our own countries?

I mean, most of them are shit, but so are most men.
Surely some of them are fine.

You're projecting and gaslighting.

I don't want privacy in that sense.
I want someone who loves me to know me on a deep level.

My whole life so far has been nothing but privacy, and it sucked.
Well technically, there's no privacy on the internet and all that stuff, but you know what I mean.

>being this upset about it

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I honestly feel like it would be easier to purchase a girl from China than to meet one at home. Online dating is so skewed its a crazy gamble with horrid odds.

start off buying and taking care of a pet. either a fish or hamster. see how long you last taking care of it until you kill it.

Maybe you could go to some bumfuck village in your country.

Find some girl who had been forced by her parents to work on the farm.
She barely had any friends growing up, no dating and is insecure due to all of the shaming her parents put on her.

This type of girl is probably desperate for both love and sex, and also getting the fuck away from there probably.

Well, this is an extreme case example, but I have known some similar irl.

Some girls have been isolated from the social media constant beta worshipping.
They even feel too insecure to start posting at that point.

Wouldn't that type of female likely still be on the farm? How would you meet them? Rural places seem to go for marriage very early too.
But I suppose there would be no language barrier like there would be with importing a girl. But I figure I could use the internet for importing

>"You mad bro, hurr dur"

We get it, you're a sad loser who can't get laid. Don't me upset, just be better in the future. It's not that hard.

I don't know, seems even more sad to make this thread.

You came here mainly to insult me?
Yet you claim to be happy and stuff.
Yeah, I don't know man.

There is a "lite version" of the girl I described.

I've met a couple of them.
They don't really work on a farm, but instead work in some grocery store and don't go to college.
They look lost.

There was this one girl I met in such a way a couple of times.
We even had good chemistry.
She looked me in a way like she understood what I want and she wants me too.

Sadly, I was too pussified to ask her out because people I know worked there too.
A couple of weeks later she was transferred to work somewhere else.

From the optimistic side, I probably wasn't ready for a relationship back then.

Either way, all kinds of women exist out there.
While it is true that men are more likely to be extremely different from the average, don't believe the incel lie that all women are the same.

You came here to cry about how no one is happy unless you say they're happy. You're literally obsessed, get laid dude.

You sound like a pathetic incel. You're not owed sex, get over it already.

Actively search for meetups and stuff like that for your interests. Don't pretend your interests are so niche that none of those are around for you

Your problem is isolation and you're aware of how it's harming you, so chin up and work towards fixing it

You'll succeed!

You're never gonna get a gf if you don't try

>Is this really too much to ask?
it is, if being a chad doesnt come naturally to you, you have to put in the effort, work on yourself, become more interesting, expose yourself, maybe then a girl will like you, otherwise, wait your whole life to get potentially get lucky one day and die sad and alone.
And unless you want to marry an actual whore, having money is a bonus not a necessity.

You came here and said:
>women are not capable of love
>just get a hooker dude
And now you're even getting angry.

>calling me sad
Well yes, I'm pretty sad, isn't that obvious?

What do you want from me man?
I just disagree with what you said.

>And now you're even getting angry.

I'm completely calm, maybe you shouldn't be projecting so much. You stated that I'm not really happy and I said that you're wrong. You seem to be the one that's upset.

>Well yes, I'm pretty sad, isn't that obvious?
Yeah, that's why I said it.

>I just disagree with what you said.
I disagree with what you said, it reeks of your narrow and subjective view point on a topic that isn't about you.

Incels always say the exact same thing. You're destined to be unhappy because you're an incel.

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Thanks man, I appreciate it.
This is probably the only nice reply I got, not even kidding.

Yeah, my isolation is in a great part willing.
I overthink things and I'm really put off by how normalfag social hieracrhies and stuff work.

A part of me rejects all of this because I was betrayed by it, I was that kid who got nothing, one of the abandoned...

I am pulled towards the idea of this all being unfair, that's why I don't want to join it.
It's a grudge to the normalfags, but also a solidarity towards the others who are and will be unfortunate enough to go through the same.

This is my inner emotional experience of it, I'm not claiming all of this is logical.

However, I do not want to join the modern dating world.
I do not want to play their games.
I am tired of keeping an image for the world, of all of the fakeness and bullshit.

I'm going on a bit if a rant here.
This all might sound stupid to some, but it is my reality.

Ok, then tell me your core points and beliefs regarding this topic, so that I can say what I disagree with and why.

Maybe there was a misunderstanding, maybe I won't even disagree.
Let's see.

Mate, it's plan as day. You plainly stated that I wasn't actually happy. You're wrong because it's subjective to the individual not to everyone else. Your belief is centered on classic Western views of relationships. Stepping away from Western ideology you don't need a female to be happy. That's why I say you're wrong. You can't know what's going on in someone's head and whether or not they're happy. Because it's subjective. Acting like a dick will piss people off so I guess you could be right in that regard the idea that you need a female to be happy is laughable. If you keep sticking with the "you mad bro" argument you've been using then you're showing how poor your rhetoric is.

I don't have a rhetoric.
Honestly, those "you mad bro" replies I used just to bump the thread.

In regards to your happiness, I was just questioning if you maybe convinced yourself you are happier than you really are, but whatever, who cares.

I certinly don't adhere to the western ideologies.
As I said in a previous post, I am in many ways opposed to the modern society, even to it's idealisms to an extent.

Here's why I said I desire a woman, it's because that's what I've been thinking about every single day since I was 7-8 years old.

I've always fantasized about having someone in that way.
When I hit puberty, sexual desires became a part of it too.

Every single night when I go to bed, I fantasize about having a loving gf/wife to kiss and cuddle with.
Even during the day I do it often.
I've done so for the last 12-13 years, if not more.

Maybe I should work to find the source of my needyness, or something... maybe
However, my desires are as true as they can get, it is certainly not about any societal idealisms or goals.

I hope you can understand me better now.

Don't mean dating, just go and force yourself to interact with people regularly.

I used to do that for a while multiple times, however, I always quit at some point.

That's obvious, but I'm not sure which ways would be the best for me.

If you were me it'd be like you time traveled 2 years and are still a kissless virgin. At least you've got 2 years extra than my MC role.

It's good you have a business to work on. Keep negative thoughts away as much as possible & go for money, honestly. Men age better with wealth as their metric for success. Don't get TOO caught in finding love @22. You're a grinding machine built to stack cash all through your twenties & women are like a second job, had a really rough relation which wasted two years of my life & set back my career substantially.

Discord girls are fine to fly to when you're wealthy, or just any you met online. App dating is rough as fuck but if you feel like it as a bonus go for it. Social events can be a good way to meet people too. My brother is a NEET who got into dance/music clubs & got a couple of girls surprisingly, if you're above average (wealth included) & have an excuse to talk you're in a good spot to secure a date.

Thanks for the reply man.

That sounds good, but not really what I'm hoping for.
Well, if nothing else works, I'll have to embrace the conventional ways of meeting women.


I'm obviously not adept at finding women it's just what I will do once I am comfortable wealthy in my financial journey, currently grinding & seeing good rewards for effort put in. I hope you have some luck but besides this I don't know where else I would look, cold approaches can work if you're good looking (If short heel implants are seriously OP, gay to not heightmax.) The real whitepill is it's a process & to not want to skip to the end instantly, you'll get there but you'll develop character along the way also which is what will really keep a woman around, someone she depends on. Godspeed.