Post the ideal male body

post the ideal male body

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Posting the ideal body

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what i aspire to

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pretty ideal body desu

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here it is, the ideal male bod

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For me it is pietro boselli

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Twink/Femdom ideal.

Twink/maledom is superior you faggot

hell yea
im almost there, it's a shame that twink body types aren't as sought out as the muscular types by women, though.

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someone post the picture of a felix cosplayer doing pullups pls

I have that body. I'm still a robot though. Never had sex, never had a serious relationship, never been loved or been in love. Fucking depressed and lonely, and I don't even know why I work out every day. For what?

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males should be the larger of the genders

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Kys lgbt

>very pic related

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Yourself, be narcissistic.

>post the ideal male body

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its not 3D but i think it's a good representation of what a guy should look like even though it's a girl

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How many girls percentage wise prefer skinny guys like the one in OP's pic? Because that's how I look like

We can't be children forever

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Sorry, can't post pictures of myself on this board

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this is peak performance

what do I need to do to reach this aesthetic I'm still a bit skinnyfat
just starve myself?

yeah come join us on

I'm already borderline underweight, so I'd probably do some sort of exercises to build muscle as well?
Anything decent I can do at home without the public humiliation of having other people see you struggle?

this is goal physique

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