ITT: we post our favourite anime

ITT: we post our favourite anime

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Hajime no Ippo
FMA is a pretty good one too, I am rewatching it currently.

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Yo where can I watch original series Ippo? I fee like it'd motivate me to do boxing more.

Also gotta go with a classic

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Whats the ETA for robot waifus Elon?

Its on pretty much every anime streaming site, isnt it?

forever will be

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There is no comfier anime than Mushishi. Prove me wrong. Protip: You can't.

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Favorite film would have to be Sword of the Stranger but series I'm basically tied for the original Dragonball or YuYu Hakusho (Sucker for classics)

Haruhi all the way

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Mine is FLCL (original run)

I'm part way through it right now, does it build up to any endgame?

Meguca Magical

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No, but you learn a little bit more about Ginko and Mushi in general.

I'd be lying if I said anything other than Steins;Gate

Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin
The bromance is real

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Hasnt aged well.

pretty much stopped, the last i remember enjoying are dlhsb, s1 of gunslinger girl and mobpsycho

I love Monogatari in general. Any of the shows could be considered my favorite anime

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Those are my top tier.
Favorite is Hellsing tho. At first I liked it just because it's edgy. Rewatched it as an adult and there is far more to Hellsing than mindless gore.

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Re zero, by far.

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Code Geass for sure

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This show is just maximum comf
Tbf I haven't seen Mushishi yet, still buried somewhere deep in my watchlist

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i really liked this show, made me wanna do some outdoorsy stuff. had a nice vibe

Eureka Seven by Studio Bones.

Originally fucking original.

it was good but something went awry half way through