Why don't girls like me why doesn't anyone like me its not my fault im a little slow

Why don't girls like me why doesn't anyone like me its not my fault im a little slow

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>nobody likes you
Who else's fault could it be?

People dont like me cause im slow they don't know that's its not my fault i didnt choose to retarded

You might be a homosexual and need to come out of the closet, try experimenting on Grindr you can TOP or get TOPPED

You would make a great bottom OP

Im not gay i dont even know if i like girls i dont like guys either i just want a friend that won't end up leaving me

feel you buddy

Just date retarded girls user they wont know youre stupid lol

Not him but you sound gay to be honest but there is nothing wrong with that, if you are straight you 100% know you like girls there is no question about that

I know its because im slow they get tired of me not being able to talk with them about smart things

I havent met any i mostly stay home and when i do go out i dont talk to people

Trust me you are bisexual and most likely gay there is no way you don't know if you like girls if you are a straight man

He is gay so he will have to get TOPPED by other guys

There was this girl i liked she was nice but she ignored me for the most part

What do you exactly mean by slow and are you a homosexual?

I like guys but not like i want to kiss them i just want a friend

i have some friends and its funny to talk about smart things cause I often make mistakes and need some time to notice them but i am reallly happy they accept that

Most girls can tell if a guy is gay or not

Im mentally retarded ive always had trouble with stuff even basic stuff

I'm glad youre happy and have fun i wish i could have friends that wouldn't be nice then leave me

Im not gay

Man that just comes off as gay

Its because you dont have anything to offer them. if your slow you need something to balance it out, become strong or perhaps follow a hobby, its okay if your slow and you dont get something the first time, just gather the determination to push through and understand everything you need and want to, nothing is wrong with taking an extra minute to understand

because you're an animeposter looking for sympathy on Jow Forums

Not those anons you replied to but I even think you are bisexual mostly gay though not trying to be mean or anything just from what I gathered in the thread

He is going to have to offer his boicunt up for pounding at this rate


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My gaydar is pinging there is literally no way you are straight, anyways just go on a r9k discord and make friends tons of autistic people on discord

Im sorry i dont mean to sound gay im just speaking how i feel

I don't have a hobby

Im not i dont feel like anything i just want a friend that i can talk to and be happy with i never had that

"Speaking how I feel" that's another comment a sensitive Male (homosexual) would make I think you need to do some long thinking about this

You're the same faggot LARPing as several different anons because r9k does not have IDs.
Your degenerate fetish is not normal and is a derivative of your narcissistic personality disorder.

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My mom told me to always speak what i feel she told me to always be honest its not gay to speak with feelings

Stop trying to convince him he's gay

Then get a hobby, faggot.
It sucks, but if you have a learning disability then you need to work harder to make it less apparent.
Take this little saying to heart:
You dont have a learning disability if you already know everything

Actually that was my first post so fuck off

What is a good hobby besides anime

Dude your gay lmao

He will figure it out someday

I dont wanna date guys im not gay

Guessing she was a single parent and raised you like a daughter that's the problem

playing league of legends or other competetive games

What? I didn't get that over the noise made by all those fucking cocks in your mouth.

Literally anything that isnt foreign or would be some characters weird obsessive hobby in a show from the 80s

She wasnt single my dad worked alot and came home late they barely spent time with me even now they dont wanna spend time with me

I mostly play stuff like jojos eyes of heaven

Where'd my friends go

OP don't let these depraved and hollow people in the thread convince you that you're gay please

I won't i know im not gay i dont know why they want me to be do they want me to be there boyfriend?

Do you think they want me to be their boyfriend is that why they want me to be gay

Everyone knows you are gay and they want you to come out of the closet so you can be happy

I am happy im not gay but i am happy im not happy about being lonely but im happy in otherways

take your pills, itll help user
talk to your psychiatrist itll help user
selfreflect and think what you can do better next time itll help user
t. guy who ruined his relationships with friends and rebuild them

I dont take pills i dont think i do anything to make my friends mad but i guess i do

you should talk to a psychiatrist user, you dont sound dumb maybe im wrong though
godspeed friend

You come off as a femboy OP but good news lots of people want to fuck a fem

I am a little slow but i don't let it bother me i try to be happy with who i am

I dont think im feminine i think im just regular me

thats good, but it sounds like you have problem talking with people outside of your comfort zone
talking with a psychiatrist doesent erase you, but instead helps you having a regular conversation
it calms the autism and lets you focus on the converation
trust me i was a turbosperg/fedoralord i mean i still am autistic but atleast i can be autistic with friends and act normal outside of my comfort zone

I dont think im autistic i just have low IQ im legally retarded

why are you scared of trying?
if it works it works if it doesent atleast you tried something
its better than asking random guys from the internet for help imo

I didnt say i dont want to i just said i dont think im autistic i will try a therapist

>tfw no retarded gay bottomboi to pound and fuck

You are actually legally retarded?

If you are legally retarded maybe you actually don't realize that you are gay

good, thanks user
it helped me maybe it helps you
ill stop responding good night

So what weird shit do you do seeing how you are a potato

It's a little gay OP maybe you don't know you are acting gay but you are

Yes i am

Im not gay

Im not gay

Thank you friend ill take your advice

Im sorry what do you mean

Do you have down syndrome do you look weird, what retarded shit do you do like weird stuff so you can't hold a job? Were you born a potato?

I don't know OP you said some pretty feminine things in this thread and some other stuff that is highly suspicious, maybe talk to a therapist so they can help you come out as gay

I dont think i look weird i tried getting a job but they didnt call back i dont think i can get a job i have to have my mom help me with my chores for the first few weeks so i could learn to do it right

I dont think i said anything feminine or gay i am sure i am not gay

Why does everyone want me to be gay