Born Ugly

>Born Ugly
Well there goes all the chances of me ever getting with someone.

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How ugly are you? I'm almost certain you're just average looking.

>born ginger
we're in the same boat user and it will never get better

No friend all the girls I've ever asked out said the same that I wasn't their "type" aka I'm ugly. I think it has to do with the fact I have a round face, and large lips.

It's all in your head user, you must need to leave this place.

>I got rejected by 5 girls that means I'm ugly!
I go to clubs a lot. I'm rejected by 5 or 6 girls in a night before I find one that likes me. You're probably just average.

wow that guy is FUCKING UGLY

but he could improve
-chin implant
-nose job
-new haircut
-teeth fix/braces
-lose stomach fat
-gain muscle
-fix tanlines

You sound like a teenager op

Women don't care about looks over the age of 16, just what you can provide them

Yes they're shallow cunts, but not in the way you think

Idiot child

Women make more money than men so being a provider will no longer cut it user.

>be me
>be born
>ugly as fuck
>deformed weird head
>jew nose
>pajeet body/skin
>fucked up teeth
>small penis
>autistic (retarded)
It's over for me
>women don't care about looks
Fucking kek

>tfw my chin a bit better but still subhuman tier like OP's pic

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What brainwashing have you been subject to, child?

>misfit models
So is this the joker to sleek'n'tears' batman?

>Women don't care about looks
Shut up, roastie.

Are you a pedo or something?

Women literally don't need money from ugly men anymore. They only want good looking, big dick chads.

Underage retard

What are you trying to prove user?

>born mexican
Guess I'll never have any robot friends

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You can still go on Grindr and get TOPPED you don't need a good looking face to take cock

i wonder what he looked like while young. bet he wasnt too bad with all his teeth and less saggy skin.

>meanwhile the vast majority of people on the planet earth are ugly and breed just fine

definitely not like this guy 2/10 ugly

>definitely not like this guy 2/10 ugly

Oh my sheltered son, the guy in the OP is a male model compared to the majority of earth's population.

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atleast post ugly white people, not chinks

Women rate care about looks much more than personality u bluepilled cuck