How can i stretch my asshole?

how can i stretch my asshole?
i bought a bad dragon dildo but the knot is too big and i want it inside. i dont play with my butt often, maybe once or twice a month.

it was the small bruiser

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with a butt plug, obviousry desu

you fucking weakling

i purchased a small trainer set, but i mainly cant find the want for anal except when im insanely horny and want my ass full

i cant take very much so the small for me is very big

Are you cute? Live in the Eastern US? Maybe I could help you with that. Post Discord

>asking how to stretch butthole
>the current state of r9k

im not very cute but i do live in the midwest ohio

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Do you have a bf? Organuch

I really don't understand these threads, you can Google that mate, it's not that hard. here's my tips: buy a butt plug, practice, have patience. make better threads and maybe the gods will stretch it for you

i happen to be very single

i use this website the most and theres lots of cuties here that play with their butts

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Ok I'd need to fly for that but it's not impossible.

If you have one can you post your Discord?

I can only hope you're no where nearing, just the thought of being in the same state as you sickens me.

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sorry i was born this way... im in cincinnati
it doesnt help that ohio is a bottom slut state.

i dont use discord much but add this account

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You forgot to actually post your Discord. You need punishment for that.

Jesus christ, next you're going to tell me you live on the same street as me.

>how can i stretch my asshole?

t. "how do I rekt my body? I want to get ill ASAP.
I also want to be one of those people costantly needing a diaper before hitting 50"

aaa im sorry i thought i pasted it abby#4573 and no, im not trans. i just think its a cute name

hmm well im only 20 minutes from krohn conservatory if that puts it into perspective. im a good person to hang out with maybe we can be friends

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he's the massive faggot two doors away.
he's a psycho stalker as well.
you're doomed.

>tfw middletownfag

There's not even any cute gay guys out here.

ohio user, im 2 hours away in indiana. heres my pitch, hang out with me and be my ohio/indiana friends. not into gay shit or trannies bu i cant find anyone in indiana to hang out with, and the kentucky lads are all too far away.

Stop existing so close to me.

Fuck you user, that isn't funny.

>im in cincinnati
do you like adrien broner ?
i'll be your friend if u like AB

The thing about a lot of bad dragon dildos is that they're relatively narrow at the tip, so it's not hard to get them in if you stretch with your fingers first. After that you just need to take it slow and work your way down. Knots are very thick and that's intentional. It's supposed to stretch your hole and fill you up. If you feel like you can't take it just use the rest and try again next week. After a little practice you should be able to take that knot like a good bitch. Remember it's not supposed to be easy, that's the whole point.

im sorry user i dont mean to scare you. if you like the conservatory too we can go there sometime maybe, its very pretty inside.

[spoiler}do you like fireside pizza? its near my house and i go there often, we can have lunch if you want[/spoiler]

im sorry i dont like boxing that much.

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be a satanist draw an evil circle and get fuk by a real dragon

Don't tempt me, I still think you're degenerate. It doesn't matter anyways, since I'm moving to Canton at the end of the month.

whoa canton? i applied to university of Pittsburgh and maybe ill get in! canton is very close to Pennsylvania

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I guess a two hour drive is decently close.

I remember when these faggot threads used to die in the first three posts.

Good lord we live in the same city

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You're telling me, I live within a minimum of forty minutes of them.

The logical answer is we all meet up and hang out

I'm in a bad enough place mentally right now that I'm ready to do that

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While I would love to be in the company of a two strangers, one of whom enjoys dildos in his anal cavity, I'll have to decline.

More for me then

Wyd little boy

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Get off this board you disgutsing degenerate.