How did life punish you user? I'll start

how did life punish you user? I'll start

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That's nothing.
>Undiagnosed aspergers and improperly medicated for almost twenty years.
>Beaten routinely by spics in some grades for taking German instead of Spanish because I can barely order from the Taco Bell menu

>german class
sehr basiert

>weird inward facing ribcage
>brown eyes
>no defined jaw
>massively recessed chin
>massive overbite due to above

>race mixed
>lower caste
>parents didn't do a good job raising me
>other kids thought i was weird and outcasted
>depression and avoidant personality
>never party or have friends or gf
>now I am 23 at male wall and my body and legs are sore and I never lived up to my full potential or even fuck a girl or party before my libido slow down and muscles and bones ache

my adopted parents are part of a cult and ruined my life as part of that cult's beliefs

>born Brazilian
>born as a poor Brazilian

I actually flunked out because the teacher never really showed up but I know how to order a single beer. Ein bier!

you should not be sore at 23.. thats like a mid 30's thing. There is no such thing as a wall.

-----> fucking bitches is a state of mind

God gibbed me smol benis

>parents are dead
>extended family is cruel to me for no reason
>diagnosed with illness that could eventually kill me at any moment

>born into ultra-conservative household that didn't even do fun hick stuff like hunting
>never allowed to go out or do parties
>only friends I was allowed to make were geek types obsessed with vidya
>parents never gave me social advice so I was an outcast always
>gigantic nose
>short height of only 5'10
>horrible skin complexion
>shitty cracking voice

>type 1 diabetic
you fat fucks with type two can suck my insulin soaked cock

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Forgot to mention my favorite one
>Epileptic attacks at any moment and the one medication that works can kill me if I miss a dose so try to play it safe and keep a spare on my but doesn't help when paranoid about pickpockets.

Brown eyes are the comfiest

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>mother doesn't love me
That's probably the only serious problem I have - otherwise, I am luckier than 95% of you


>big nose
>big ears

>worst of all never had a gf, but my nose and ears arent to blame

>Not white
>Sucks at guitar
>Crush doesn't likes me
>everytime i see a random cute girl i pop a boner
>paranoid all the time
>no metalhead fren

Also i forgot to add
>losing hair at 12(but after 9 months they grew back)
>Still no metalhead fren

To sum it up in short, inferior genes.

>ugly (small head, weak brows, weak jaw and so on)
>bad cognitive capabilities all around
>skin problems

And the list goes on.
I pity all the fools that try hard when it was obvious that they don't have the potential to make it.

Well here we go again
>be born in third world shithole
>pajeet body and skin
>ugly deformed weird head
>jew nose
>fucked up teeth
>autistic (retarded)
>weak chin
>parents were always fighting when i was a kid
And i fucking love this part of the joke

> black
> broke
> ugly
> 3rd world country , economy is shit + full corruption + racism
> neet
> possessed by djins (archons) trolling me 24/24

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> trapland
> become a trap
> make it rain

>son of important people
>at risk of being kidnapped or killed any second
>will never be able to experience /out/ like all normal people
FUCK NEING RICH IN SPIC COUNTRIES, it's a death sentence

Well here's mine:

>born into an emotionally detached family
>very emotional and sensitive person
>always get yelled at, criticized, emotionally scarred, parents always fighting since I was a baby
>hereditary/developed bipolar disorder
>high risk for suicide
>extremely introverted, disadvantaged in many ways because of it
>never could keep friends, emotional problems, forget about a gf
>kinda ugly but I guess looks aren't the worst, just wish I didn't obsess about it so much
>off to college soon, dreading it nonstop because of all of the above

I'm 5'5 and 28

Things are difficult in the love department bros..

>intensely lazy
>not that smart because of it

I'm a Christian in my heart, believe me. But the last thing I'm gonna do on a Sunday morning is go sit in the front row at mass with those hypocrites.

ugly but have many friends and opportunities, good family, everything that i needed to be a better person but im just a slag

Genuinely ugly, and 5 ft 3 in height

Big, puffy nipples. Won't dare ever take my shirt off in public.

Coma, paralyzed arm for a year, permanent ligament/joint damage.

>very abusive parents
>2 traumatic brain injuries in early childhood (my memory is almlst nonexistant and I have 0 sense of location)
>dissociative identity disorder (but I suppose its more of a blessing than a curse, good coping mechanism)
>0 social skills due to not leaving my house

haha pepperoni nipples

You have been muted for 4 seconds, because your comment was not original.

>Born in Spain (no jobs)
>Ugly face and teeth
>Avoidant personality disorder
>No friends/gf ever
>Finally get a date, dick didn't get hard

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>Puerto Rican
>speech impediment
>dumb mother
>divorced parents
>depression since 15

>chubby as a child
>jew afro and not even jewish
>bitch tits as i got older
>regurgitated all the popular garbage like "women are just as strong as men" and "i don't see people's skin color"
>called myself a male feminist
>voted democrat because teachers always told us "you only vote republican if you're a rich old white male"
>mocked bush because that's what celebrities and the media in general did
>attended a pride march with coworkers when i was in retail
>hated on christians because it was popular
>pretended to be excited about every generic comic book movie garbage
>groveled at the feet of women to prove i wasn't a threat or a toxic male
>supported garbage that destroys society like gay marriage, abortion, leftist led censorship, and gun control

I can go on, but I was an absolute s o i b o i douche, even going so far as to drink that crap to impress some bipolar 3/10 slut I worked with because I was so desperate to get laid back then. None of it worked and I only found myself getting more and more depressed and alienated. I gave all that leftist shit up and my life improved practically overnight. I only wish I could spread the word to more beta orbiters to abandon that shit before it's too late and they turn into the incel trash they claim everyone else is. Exercise and toss progressive ideology in the garbage where it belongs, start living a healthy and happy life.

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i feel you i got big fat puffy nipples too its ruined my life :( :( :( im trying to save money to afford the surgery but wageslaving is hell.

That's not true, everybody is different, I rode my bike a lot and over exerted myself since I am a carless neet without a learner's permit so of course my legs are sore, my back is sore from bad posture from being a lanklet. I am very sore and I am 23 and never got a chance to fuck a girl to my full capability once in my worthless life. It's not just a state of mind you need social connections and to not be a worthless neet for girls to care about you. Also I can't party and fuck girls that way because too old and no friends. Basically my life is a kek. I was born a rural retard and I will die one.

>white in a nonwhite country(america)
>240lbs of strongfat but because i dont have seeable abs it doesnt matter
>too kind for how short i am,everyone sees it as a weakness to exploit than something to appreciate

>4 inch penis
>recessed chin
>shit jawline
>social anxiety
>no friends

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>Mother died when I was 6
>Father became an alcoholic and died when I was 13
>Lived with my uncle who was cold as ice until I was an adult
I never even had a fucking chance.

During birth doctor was careful enough with forceps and he slightly crushed my head. My head regain normal shape quite quickly but it did fuck me up.

hello fellow 5'6 anons

i know a ginger guy from ireland, he's a complete genetic fuck up. UGLY AS FUCK. his name is fucking DALE and he still got laid multiple times before the end of highschool
he looked fucking terrible too unironically i thought he'd be a virgin untill he dies but for some reason he got a gf. NO EXCUSES, YOUR JUST A LAZY NIGGER OP

besides having 70 IQ parents and their mutt genes? the fact that im not good at anything. cant play an intrument. cant apply maths. cant draw or sing. i cant even work hard. i mean ive worked hard before but after seeing that sad check i lost all motivation. im also ugly but ive gotten used to that long ago

>premature ejaculator

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you ever take a look at your parents and family and realize "damn i was screwed from the start"? i love them but i never had a chance, will never stop trying though simply out of boredom and ive been improving myself significantly in recent months

>weird awkwardly shaped caveman upper face
>caveman eyebrows
>ugly mutt
>greasy oily skin
>socially inept disconnected sociopath incapable of forming any meaningful friendship or relationship
>used to have gender dysphoria
>failed at life as both genders
>had my life ruined early because my dipshit parents wanted to live in le quiet peaceful country side

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Started balding at 23...

A complete inability to make friends on my own.

Being bald is actually very Chad.
>Dont have to bath head.
>no worrying about hair
>look cool
>don't have to spend money
>no annoying hair

>social retard

Willy wally yehaw

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I agree with your green text, the only shitty part is having to shave my head every day/other day

>Manlet- 5'7 on a good day
>Live in a tallfag country
>Frame of a 16 year old boy
>Be Italian- too ethnic looking for asians girls, too normie looking for latina girls, too dark for white girls
>Have a poor family
>Parents focused on raising my more successful and better looking half-brother
>Biological dad absent for most of my life
>Chubby as a child
>Lost weight but there is still loose skin
>Very plain face. Think discount adam scott

>Average at best height
>Dark brown eyes
>Decent features buried under acne and acne scars
>Mixed race
>Weak voice, frequently told to speak up
>Never had any real friends, "mature" all during childhood
>No social skills, melt at the thought of starting a conversation
>Hardly any hobbies, talents, anything
>Lose all confidence and determination at the slightest fuck up

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forgot to mention my god awful voice and stuttering

>pectus excavatum
>fast metabolism made me a skeleton and stop growing sooner (5'7)
>parents divorced when I was a child

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Lower caste Jew

>5 10+3/4ths
>parents never stopped me from mouth breathing and I feel like my nose was always stuffed up but to autistic and lazy to blow it so face is uglier
>bad at social interaction so no friends
>smol dick

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>Living in Colombia
>Almost everyone is a lame normie, I've been here 11 years and still haven't adapted.
>Social skills are minimum.
>No confidence.

>Mixed race(dont fit in with any group)
>brown eyes
>terrible eyesight(need glasses)
>poor family

>professionally diagnosed autism
>diddled by a family friend as a kid which made me regress emotionally and mentally even more than I would've with my 'tism
>people my age or even a few years younger feel like wise geniuses to me

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LOL all you faggot babies blaming your parents for why YOU'RE such a pathetic sack of used fuck. How about man the fuck up and YOU better YOURSELF? Nobody in the entire world cares about what your background is/was, the question is are you valuable/productive NOW. People who've had it much worse than every single one of you managed to live fufilling lives while you sit here jacking off with cheeto dust and crying. Man up and either kill yourselves already or do something with yourselves losers.

>projecting this hard on a chinese Tupperware theorycrafting forum

>ugly as fuck
>socially awkward and unlikable
>dream crushing injury
>drug addicted, physically and mentally abusive parents
>poverty ridden home, no food or even hot water/electricity at times
>no friends or even parents to bond with and trust growing up
Everyday is just me prolonging my suicide

>O-oh shit he nailed me to the wall, better say he's talking about himself hahA xD rekt!!1!

Literally all you said was buzzwords you bitch.

Seething nihilist masked behind positive tilting realism

>light autism, not enough to really matter, but enough to make social situations stressful

Oh god the irony. Come back when you're 18 faggot

I am 18 years old and this is my hairline

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all you said was
try harder pls.

I didn't mean to hot ya this hard lad.
>m-my parents ruined my life!@Q#@!# Anybody who says any different is projefcting@!#$

>joint/cartilage decay all over, will need back discs sooner than later
>high iq
>ADHD and depression
>unemployed for over a year with a BS in Engineering despite experience
I have absolutely no reason to be alive and I wish someone would help me die

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Not him but they're not wrong, especially if they've had a fucked CHILDHOOD like holy fuck. People talk like that shit doesn't matter.

>If I don't like what people say to me I'll just deflect in anyway that fits my current narrative
Kill yourself

>hard at hearing
>unmotivated to turn my life around
>wanted to kill myself when high school was over, but I can't bring myself to do it

>Ree he said stop making excuses and better yourself, he must be projecting because that's impossible reeeeee
N-no you.

>jew nose
>5'11.9" (on dates i say 5'12" as a joke, usually gets a genuine laugh--put 6' on ID and online dating profiles)
>patchy facial hair, can't grow hair on philtrum (hazel eyes and wavy head hair make up for it and I go clean shaven anyway)

>reee never ever look at your circumstance

I know its hard but i am giving you permission to call me an incel and to trll me go have sex. Dont forget your smug animu grill,fag.
Make me
Argue right or not at all.

>live in very rual place
>bad teeth
>feel no need to be around people or have any relationships at all
>spend all day playing games(for the last 5 years)
>love cute things
Thats about it a very weird mix I know but that is me.

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my seizures, i almost died from driving home. my friend's mom bitched about me.

i wish i was smarter, i was in special ed all of my life was kind of slow.

>Aware of my situation
>Don't do drugs or drink so I can't suppress my pain as easily
>Was bullied for having glasses and my voice later in high school
>No friends because I had to move, senior year was fucking lonely
>Atheist, so the majority of black women are already incompatible with me
>Can't and don't want to fall back on any other race of women because they don't get my situation and never will
>No friends means no connections and no opportunities (I got my current job because I knew a guy who knew a guy)
>Distant and cynical as a result of all of the above

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>So mixed-raced that my race doesn't even exist
>Autistic, IQ is only 132, but my forehead is so low that I can't drive a vehicle
>Terribly lazy due to aforementioned autism
>Going to die early because I'm going to run out of money, best chance at continued existence is walking to gas station for work
>Parents "care" about me in the same way they care about a Subaru, but there's genuine love there as well
>Intend to die kissless virgin because I hate that all life on earth is built by murder

I have a couple of good friends that are White/Hispanic, but we don't meet-up much or communicate frequently. I wish I could have been with my own race.

I would be so much more to so many more people right now, but instead I am doomed to irrelevancy in the back of someone's brain.

I'm smart enough to get a girlfriend despite my mixed-raced body, but I don't believe it's the right thing to do. Race-mixing is evil.

All I have right now is investing in stocks, but it's enough for the rest of my life.

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>be me
>be working class Brit

Hey spic, your ancestors got raped too eh. I haventhe same ratio of European, but very little African. I'm assuming you don't look white though. Get fucked you ethnic looking bastard.

I look like an Arab.
I am very much fucked though, unlike an Arab.

I think it's at least fair that my dad is a very strong person, as all race-mixers are, so I have about 3 more decades before my life turns into a barrel bomb.

>how did life punish you user?

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>Council estate feels
It's alright user. We'll make it one day.

At least you are pure white.
You can take that white card and get a white girlfriend and live an alright life.

Holy shit, I just checked my profile and I'm even less white (63%) but exclusively Native at 32%. I guess Native features have a tendency to get drowned out. Sad for you, try not to get profiled.

It's weird but white women are nice to me. They wouldn't mate with me, but they treat me like a human being, and that's enough for me.

I think we are the same thing to white people genetically. You are .45 FST, and I am .42 FST Here, take a look at this photo

Does this look sort of like you?

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Oh fuck Poncho, if that's you, you look pretty good. Kinda vaguely, but I'm lighter skinned. Same bushy eyebrows and jawline though.

You're 'white' until the shit hits the fan. Remember that.

>mouth breathing gave me weak chin
>shit childhood
>made fun of as a kid because of ugliness
ff to present
>improve looks, actually have decent jawline now
>women regularly flirt with me
>shit personality and odd mannerisms from shit childhood cock block me
i just witness myself fuck up every chance i have with women from stupidity and impulsivity. i know for a fact if i had any sort of charisma i could actually be happy in this world. but i missed out on forming those social skills in my childhood. i was raised in a household where what my mother said went, and she never allowed me to try to do things on my own, she was very over-protective. i have very poor motor skills because of her doing that and not allowing my dad to raise me properly. if i wasn't such a mentally deranged retard because of all of this, i know i could make it. i just wish there was some easy way to move past it.