He doesn't lift

>he doesn't lift
Well, what's your excuse?
Don't you want to better yourself, instead of wasting away?

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Lifting doesn't matter if you're ugly.

>My face when I have more in common with chad than I do the incel.

I've come a long long way. If you only knew.

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I'm sat in my computer chair for basically ten years straight. Even talking up stairs makes me winded now and I get randomly lightheaded while doing anything even remotely physical. Its too late for me.

Gonna start this week,cause im starting to get fat. I have nice genes though, 6,1ft and 260 lbs

>cause im starting to get fat
your diet is responsible, exercise will have minimal impact

>work hard just so you can be friends with gym-maxxed chad
this is exactly how you dissuade someone from lifting

I just started this week. I'm pretty young but I've been in full skelly mode my whole life. I felt really insecure doing exercises by these ripped gym guys but they all seemed nice enough. I'll be going back next week for sure, wish me luck bros.

thats just a side benefit user, the main ones outweigh those

>tfw lifiting is easy
>go to the gym 4 days a week
>gain 11 lbs
>tfw been plateaud for at least a month because Im, tired of FUCKING EATING ALL DAY
Yeah fuck that shit, weight just comes off my body too easily. Ill stay a skelly
Nothing worse than waking up everyday, having to shovel down 6 eggs and 2 cups of oatmeal, while stuffing my face with food every few hours for gains.
I could still lift, but if I fuck up on the diet, the weight just comes off. Too much maintenance

post lifts dyel so i can laugh

Would you rather be ugly and have a shitty body or be ugly and have a good body?

quit looking for an excuse to make yourself even more miserable, user, literally anyone who's out of shape gets lightheaded at random and shit, or gets tired walking upstairs. do you want that to continue and get worse or not?

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Its definitely tough to make sure you eat enough if you've been skelly your whole life. I have noticed that I get hungrier more often now that I started lifting.

I keep it simple and make chicken fried rice pretty much every day. Decently clean and fills me up good, and its tasty.

Why does it make me sad that someone actually took the time out of their life to draw these pictures

>Would you rather be ugly or ugly.
Something user, only difference would be gay guys would complement me. I don't know if muscles would help me since I already know how to fight.

>size 30 waist and size 40-42 chest
>look like a somewhat toned skeleton

>I keep it simple and make chicken fried rice pretty much every day
Thats what I was doing.
>6 eggs + 2 cups oatmeal
>2 meals of 223 g chicken, half a bag of peas, and half cup of white rice
>ziploc bag of unsalted 60ish g peanuts and 50 g protein shake
Typed out it doesnt sound like much, but its a fucking lot when you have that shit in front of you..especially the breakfast that was the worst part of the day.

Went from 144 to 155 lbs, but I think Im back at around 150 now. Its just disheartening going to the gym doing all that work, then feeling like youre losing progress or wasting time just because you missed eating enough.

>what's your excuse
I play sports instead

I really really dislike sports and gym. I never developed a proper interest.

Also, every time I tried, I got sick

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Lifting doesn't make your personality better.

neither does finding stupid excuses not to improve yourself, but here you are.

>every time I tried, I got sick
That will pass
Your body and nervous system needs time to adjust to the extra stimuli

Ive gotta kick this whole alcoholism thing first

So you agree. You have no point, then.

You say this, but you'll be a frail dickhead if you're correct, and this other user will be a swole dickhead. It's good enough for me.

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>>Don't you want to better yourself, instead of wasting away?
no, not really. I have no desire to improve just for the sake of improving, there's no intrinsic satisfaction in it.

That's... kind of the whole point. It's the knowledge that you took that step and bettered yourself.

>pascal's wager for getting swole
Didn't see that one coming

because I don't think picking something up and putting it back down again is a valuable use of my time. I also can't bother to eat absurd amounts of food every day to make "gains". The aesthetic also doesn't appeal to me at all.

I run for an hour every other day, that's enough time wasted on this shit.

A few years ago I started running regularly, and after a few months, I decided to start lifting too, and would alternate running and lifting days. But I had trouble keeping up both, I kept taking off running days because I was tired, and eventually I took off a lifting day and I'm still on that day off.

Last year I almost got back into running, for about three weeks, but I stopped. I also started lifting again for like... two weeks. I just keep quitting. I keep giving up on a healthy diet as well and go back to cereal and junk. I guess the fact I abuse OTC medicine isn't helping things.

Sometimes I think about where I'd be if I just hadn't stopped. After years of regular exercise and good diet, I'd feel and look so much better. You'd think that maybe this realization would motivate me to start again. Pretty much every week I think, "on my next day off, I'm starting over". I don't know why I don't do it, why I can't seem to force myself. It feels like I'm not in control of what I do. I'm looking through the eyes of this body, thinking "I sure wish this person would do something better", but ultimately, I'm just an observer. I need help.

just quit with your bitter blackpilled excuses for not doing shit. everyday you have a new opportunity to improve yourself, and instead you're justifying to an internet stranger why you shouldn't or why it's useless or whatever. stop doing that.

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I like to think it's a valid point, I've used it to start getting myself Jow Forums.

And then I think "Why did I bother doing that? What did it get me?" If the answer is just "the knowledge that you did it", then that's not worth going out of my way for.

The knowledge is satisfying, and that's not even taking into account the health benefits we're talking here.

>no, not really. I have no desire to improve just for the sake of improving, there's no intrinsic satisfaction in it.
There is, you've just never tasted it, and now you're trying to make excuses as to why you shouldn't even try.

if you could keep it up for months once you can do it again user.
maybe try doing running and exercising together at once, i've been doing that, and it's been working out okay.
just try again.

>And then I think "Why did I bother doing that? What did it get me?"
Is that how you think about everything?
Why did I eat that delicious steak or cake? I couldve just had this canned tuna, and jam sandwich instead...
Most people strive for the better things in life, and why not strive to have a better body. Its the only thing you have control over, and no one can keep it functioning optimally but you.

>OP trying to get manlets to lift

Which one do you think girls would go for?

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Lifting isn't interesting to me.

heroin chic aesthetic is originally the best

one on the right just needs to shave their head and grow a beard to be in bara school principal territory

>lifting for girls
Don't you want to be the best version of yourself?

>260 lbs
>starting to get fat

Let me guess, American? You are obese.

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Say what you want that dude on the right is definitely gonna have some fucking options

i'm ugly dude. lifting won't any attractive nor it will get me a gf.

Not him. I'm all about min/max and efficiency. I don't do any physical activities because you can't drop them when you get bored and pick back up where you left off. I call things like these an upkeep hobby.

Sounds like excuses to me, have fun being gross forever though

Idk man, I lot a whole lot more weight a whole lot easier through lifting. Dieting always kept me at a standstill / extremely slow results

making tremendous gains in life recently lads, quit drinking and smoking and decided to replace the habit with working out. I literally just finished putting together my bench press I got for my birthday. I have a squat rack to put together now so I'm taking a break.

I've really hit rock bottom in the last couple years. Was diagnosed with schizophrenia, was in and out of hospitals, lost years of my life to madness. It's not fair but I'm behind most people my age developmentally by a few years. By all measures, I'm below average. My father isn't there as a role model, but somehow I'm looking up due to true bros like zyzz and other role-models/motivational speakers online. I hope going forward I can be a role model myself.

Plan on heading to the gym for an hour, after a doctor's appointment I have in a bit. Gotta get HUGE.

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But people treat you better in general if you are Jow Forums. Litteraly everyone is nicer to you. It doesn't matter how your face looks at that point

Why does that matter? Being healthier is a good enough benefit

I'd rather be a shitty person on the inside, than a shitty person on the inside and out

Surely you can concede that, at some point, fundamentally changing your way of life by making goals, planning a path to them, executing the plan, and adapting to problems will cause you to behave differently than when you started. It might cause you to appreciate the effort that other people put into their work or a taste of success might make you a more motivated person. Maybe you let yourself get really fat and losing weight has made you more humble and thankful. Maybe it makes you take up rock climbing so you become a person who's always looking for an excuse to stay outdoors. Maybe you lift for aesthetics, get the girl, realize she's a whore and have a public freak out inside of a McDonalds. Then, when you're finally released from the mental hospital, you vow revenge against society and dress up as a clown who hates minorities, women, and Israel. Going from doing nothing to doing something can totally change your personality.

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Is there a sort of middle man between Chad and the virgin? Like he has qualities of both?

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you can't fight if you don't have muscles, user.
if you're not fit, you are gonna get fucked up in a proper fight. what kinda experience have you got fighting?

Doomguy and Kazuma Kiryu

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Are you a virgin?

I'm asking in an original manner, of course

Lol obviously the one on the left. Do you people not understand women at all?

you're not eating enough, skelly. just eat more fatty stuff or do GOMAD

Olive oil shots

it's not enough, user. just eat less satiating stuff, eat fucking ice cream and fast food. any calories are good for you at your skelly stature

I feel weak.
Whenever I feel any ounce of struggle to lift something relatively light, I'm instantly discouraged.
I'm such a mess.

I am not. But he doesn't have to be. It could be he has had sex one or two times somehow.

And where does that get you?

You just lack motivation.

Ik it sounds lame, but the only reason I had the motivation to get Jow Forums was because I had a crush on my lifting buddy and the only time we got to hang out was at the gym

The dude on the right never had the option to be the dude on the left, and is in a far better postion now than if he was a greasy lanklet on Jow Forums. You're only competing against your alternative self

I enjoy min/maxing.

>trying to prove looks don't matter
>paints incel as an ugly manlet abomination
wtf are people even trying to prove at this point?

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I fell for the Jow Forums meme years ago and I can tell you it leads to nowhere. You'll be the exact same person with the exact same life except occasionally middle-aged homosexual men will ogle at you (and annoyingly even flirt with you). I cannot stress how meaningless of an activity it is.

Did you try to improve your personality, or did you just thing "Well, golly gee, I'm already a great person, if I just lift I'll be right there"

No. You didn't. You were still the same bitter asshole coming out as you were going in.

It's about accepting it and not letting it get you down.

This is absolutely true.

Going from obese to fit in three years definitely changed my personality. I couldn't have joined the military if I hadn't, for one. Virtually every friend that I currently have wouldn't even close to be in the picture if I hadn't joined the military. I wouldn't have figured out how to get past my anxiety about stupid shit. And so on.

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I do bodyweight mostly and keep a light, ottermode body. Initially with the intent of joining the army, but being light feels good. I can move my body around, climb shit, lift it effortlessly.
Doesnt do shit for women tho. It does get you the respect of other males if that counts for something, but I'm still an incel with a six pack under his shirt.

Haha, calm down sport. My personality is just fine, thank you. I'm just telling people that their fetishization of fitness is completely misguided. You know what lifting will do for you? It'll make your muscles bigger, that's it. Any other change is going to be completely negligible if at all existent. Lift if you want to get fit or if you enjoy it, but other than that it's a waste of time.

well no, it shows that behind it all, he's a spineless cuck that will listen to whatever internet memes tell him to do (under the guise of doing it for yourself bro)

Both but most would pic left. Also there will be a difference in the quality of girls that the two guys will get. Left will attract much hotter and possibly younger girls.