What is the true masterrace and why is it INTP?

What is the true masterrace and why is it INTP?

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>What is the true masterrace and why is it INTJ?

>ISTP literally ever focusing in school
>INTJ ever not trying their hardest in school

these tests always give me INTJ/P and i behaved like the top category.

lolno, maybe if the subject is interesting.

Exactly what I'm saying. I barely showed up for classes in college if attendance wasn't mandatory or graded. When I did show up I was usually in the back of the class with headphones in doing anything else on the fucking planet.

ISTP is probably shooting up the school

INFJ's are the by far the most fuckable if they're female and by far the most unfuckable if they're male

INTP (my category) are by far the coolest because we not only don't care about the subject but also don't care about having/maintaining social relationships

Literally the definition of cool kid

xxFJ's don't think. They are the definition of NPC

How is cracking jokes above "is this on the test?"

INTPs are the guy on the right

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INTPs should be euthanized for their own good. No one deserves to be condemned to a life of such suffering.
t. INTPfag

But we don't really suffer. Obviously you are doing something wrong.

INTP never gets shit done

Why do you think that this is ordered/ranked?

>Make entire society
>Run it efficiently
>Everyone else: "Fuck you, shitlord"

It's ISTP, because I am one and say so.
Chad tier

This . I Know exactly what you say I'm the living proof. Do you have any idea to break the matrix?

I'm INTP but i'm stupid so i have none of the benefits

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INTJ pays attention and does all the homework because his entire ego hinges on having straight As and would give up and drop out if he failed and had to retake a single class

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>dude, like, the sole reason I'm failing in college is because i dont care
>anyways, dude, did you ever hear about MBTI? It like tells you what kind of person you are and it's based on science, bro! I fucking love science!!
>Did you know that PUTIN is an INTJ too? I'm literally just like him,
>the fuck do you mean it sounds like I'm talking about astrology?

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I would agree but I sometimes larp as John Wick, so I am not much better.

INTJs don't need to pay attention because the subject matter is almost always something they already intuitively understand. There is very little I had ever actually learned in a classroom setting. The education system simply does not challenge anyone with an IQ above room temperature.

>included me even though i payed attention in class.

We should gather up and gas all the INFPs
Those feelers won't ever be happy anyways, doing them a favor

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Yeah, sleeping when all the jokes are right next to you. You wake up and you feel left out.

What a shallow assumption. Are you saying Ni users don't think?

go ahead, fuck this world desu

INTP is not masterrace because I am INTP and a complete fuck-up.

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INFJ-T here~! ^_^
I acted just like my type in that pic: participated in class, took notes, and did my homework! Yeah, I did my best! (^_^)/
>tfw my type is first on that list! ^o^

>What is the true masterrace and why is it INTP?
They're too smart for school~! ^w^

Why do you think female INFJs are fuckable?

INFJs are consistently the most fucked up in my experience, and that makes them hot to me

I don't think so. Maybe cheat the system to get maximum benefit with minimum effort.Those are the type of people that make some autoplaying addon for mmo just to get the maximum reward for minimum time. INTJ will find 2 INTP slaves to do anything that is too boring for him, and cheese A+ with minimum effort.

ISTP and ENFP drop out the second day.
INTJ focuses only on what needs to be focused on.
ENTP and ENTJ are the annoying students who always hog up the discussion.
ESTJ reminds the teacher of the homework right as class is dismissed.

what am i if im an absolute tryhard when it comes to studying and being the best student is my only reason left to live

>INTP that piad attention in class and did my best
>Ended up not wanting to remember High school, or school in general, and am now living as a uni student doing what I want but people hate me because I have no job
Is it common for INTPs to disregard what everyone else thinks, expects and feels for them in exchange for their dreams to be made true? I'd honestly move away from home, leave my friends and family behind and not look back if it meant getting the dream job I want.

INTP and same. Constant social ostracization and conflicts with others have conditioned me to accept that most input from family/friends really isn't meant to be in your own best interest, but rather designed to best serve their own idea of what they think you should be doing. Some friends/family might be worthwhile people on the whole, but are more often than not just dead weight and, if past experience is any indicator of future results, probably going to stop giving a shit about me at some point in the future anyway.

>ISTP not paying attention and dropping out

Stop the personal attacks please

NTP/NTJ are the only types that matter
sorry ladies!

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ENFJ is the meta retard.

INTP here. best way to get through life is by using Ne-Fe loop(extraverted intuition and extraverted feeling.) you come off as cool,playful, and charming. been doing it subconsciously for years.

So i don't belong in any of this categories? wtf bros, i thought i was a good guy INFJ

>perpetually locked inside my mind
>brain is a nitro boosted jelly machine for gathering knowledge
>have more skills than i can even remember but cycle through them after a few weeks out of boredom
>literally can do anything i want
>feel as if i've already done everything i wanted
>anything else just depends on gaining more knowledge
>can only express myself through music
>but hate people so i don't express myself to anyone
>also schizoid
INTP is a death sentence lads

>not being ENTP
ENTP are the best of both worlds, we can fill any position on any social group.

Like the group retard

No, that would be INFJ.

efficiency and minimalism is art in all forms of life, or at least thats my excuse for being lazy

being lazy is definitely an art

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I agree with you somewhat, but MBTI is based on an actual test wheras astrology just defines you based on the month you were born which is multitudes more retarded

Where is the best place to take this test guys

just read about the types and choose the one you identify the most

>yfw INTP (intelligent nerdy transsexual posters) are the only people who take these tests

just because INTPs are passive to the point of being effeminate does not mean we are all trans

intps arent usually trans, thats just mistyped infj/infps

>be 14
>find a community I find funny and relate to
>browse the website gleefully, even through the dark times
>fast forward to 2019
>MBTI becomes popular and find out even in my own community I'm despised

Not very based of you lads

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>INTP is a death sentence lads

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Wait, are social cues not supposed to be read manually?

if you just understand that it's all on bell-curve spectrums (so someone who's 51% I and 49% E is way way closer to someone who's 51% E and 49% I than someone who's 100% I and 0% E), and don't take it too literally, MBTI is great

the other thing is don't use mbti as an excuse to be a lazy piece of shit (i.e. "i'm intp, by nature i'm always in my own inner world, therefore it's a-okay that i completely stop giving any shits about the outer world or trying to actually do something with my life")

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no you're literally just supposed to respond without thinking and "go with the flow" which is impossible for INTx because they're too objective to take things at face value

this is neat, summing this all up into just 2 images

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What the fuck is the difference between an NTP and an STP?

NTP: virgin
STP: giga chad

STP are action oriented and NTP are idea oriented

That seems to be the way, but how can the difference between sensing and intuition create such a margin? Is it because sensors tend to be doers while Ns just overthink and hesitate then?

S= good social skills

>good social skills


Ah okay, answered

>be intj
>larp as entj

T = autism
F = good social skills

>tfw when you see reality exactly for it is but you're too lazy/unmotivated to actually do anything about changing/improving it

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>used to be a textbook INTP
>nihilistic, trapped in my own head, couldn't make eye contact without spilling spaghetti
>basically the image in
>over the course of late high school and college somehow become good at talking to people, seeing things through others' perspectives, managing social interactions, etc
>over time managed to develop a thicker skin and not care about people talking shit to me enough to work dealing with angry customers yelling at me
>even manage to deal with nihilism and purposelessness by coming to Jesus (actually true, as corny as it sounds)
>still can't get over feelings of rage and anger at those who wronged me
>catch myself sometimes daydreaming of violence directed at certain people including some family members of mine
>have a feeling I might do something I really regret unless I deal with this
Anyone have experience with getting over violent fantasies? I feel trapped between INTP and ENTP and the rage is one of the things I haven't been able to make progress on

>225 IQ
bit exaggerated tbqh, 180 would be fine

the iq stuff's a joke, but i think the ratios are actually accurate

see here:

Apparently INTPs are between Stoic, Theory, and Kant on this compass chart thing.

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okay, i'm too retarded and lazy to do it correctly, but at least i did something
now it makes more sense

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>estj looks like 140

>only 500
well that's the baseline iq of my brain when thinking in 3 dimensions at least, not too shabby

>tfw infp
>tfw no other infps on r9k
Tis a lonely existence.

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Yeah, but you're prime bf material.

>tfw no INFP bf

ISTJ here, did I make a mistake in life?

INTP's are always self conscious and feel like they're less than others which helps reach the tippy tippy top.

They may be slow but they always make it

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Nah I'm pretty retarded. I'd drop spaghetti constantly.

Literally best of both worlds. Rational and empathetic.


Retarded as in actually dumb, or just socially (spaghetti) retarded?

I was like that when I was younger but at one point I realized that the only thing I have control over is myself and there's no reason to feel anything towards something that you don't have control over. People have, will, and will always do whatever they want to do.

killing us wont make your peepee any bigger my man

this, but as intp I've reached peak not caring and just want to pay rent and play videod gays

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Wait did other infps not sleep in class?
that was my main character trait for awhile.
Do it, I'd fight back but in actuality i'd be grateful.

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I'm ENTJ apparently yet I do the first 2 things but dont generally give input.

Damn you're smart

this is still up?

>Was the quiet weird kid who always had headphones
>Didn't focus and only did the bare minimum
>Suddenly gain much more interest in learning through the intenwebz.

Girls want to fuck me, most of them are average though. I'm just awkward and shy so I've only been with sexually aggressive women.

AKSHUALLY Astrology goes into much greater detail than MBTI and is a big part of the occult before it got changed with the nu-age nonsense.

Astrology is at least based off something fixed and measurable, you can bitch about being a Virgo all you want but if the Sun was in that position when you are born then you are in fact a Virgo where as with MBTI it's full of MBTI.

I'm not legitimizing Astrology, its subjective symbolism but it can be eerily accurate. It's a fascinating system if you've played a lot of RPGs like me but people always shit on it because "muh science".

anybody have that mbti picture chart where INTP is Mr Bones Wild Ride?

im an INTJ through and through. I used to cheat on tests, finish 80% of projects and copy the last 20% from others 5 minutes before it was due. Whatever question I didnt prepare for with cheats, I knew from hearing the teacher mention it 1 time in the background while im simultaneously daydreaming about video games or folding a paper airplane.
School is largely a joke to INTJ's i think. whether for better or worse is up for debate.

>Whatever question I didnt prepare for with cheats, I knew from hearing the teacher mention it 1 time in the background while im simultaneously daydreaming about video games or folding a paper airplane.
lmao intp here, same story
stopped paying attention somewhere in middle school but still excelled until i stopped actually attending school and just began smoking weed all day

are you me? I have violent fantasies mostly against women because no gf though and am college drop out. Best way to get over them is just to think about something else, numb your mind.

>Astrology is at least based off something fixed and measurable, you can bitch about being a Virgo all you want but if the Sun was in that position when you are born then you are in fact a Virgo
>I'm not legitimizing Astrology, its subjective symbolism but it can be eerily accurate
Bruh...like really, bruh