Moment to talk about our lord and saviour Jesus Christ?

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Yes user, tell me about more about the Christ.

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He is an ultra Chad who died for our sins and he is the only avenue through which one may reach the father in the afterlife.

Get away from my house. You're not welcome.

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Then God won't welcome you in his, nigga

Alright, just get away.

So you don't have a moment?

Well I know this, but have you realized how hard it is to live out your life the way Christ taught us?
>No lusting after women
>Can't be rich or greedy because God gave you wealth to bless others
>Forgive your enemies
>Endure persecutions
>Can't live the life of a loner

>>No lusting after women
>>Can't be rich or greedy because God gave you wealth to bless others
easy af, c'mon now
>>Forgive your enemies
depends on your personality, for me it's pretty easy
>>Endure persecutions
>>Can't live the life of a loner
wot, many saints lived alone for most of their life

>No lusting after women
Almost impossible but i think im capable
>Can't be rich or greedy because God gave you wealth to bless others
>Forgive your enemies
I can do that
>Endure persecutions
Im used to it but i really want to fight back.
>Can't live the life of a loner
I live that life already

Here's a deal of he's not a nigger: send be back exactly where he found me before I was forced onto this shit planet.

Well user you need to help me then, I don't think anything I do makes the difference in life. I know that I should wait until God does his will in my life, but the time of choosing a career in nearing fast.
>wot, many saints lived alone for most of their life
The dilemma is, how can you help people if you avoid interacting with them in the first place.

explain to me, as if i were retarded, exactly what sinning against ones self means. i cant find an explanation anywhere

We are not expected to be perfect, all men are flawed. Saint Peter the first pope disobeyed Christ and denied him three times, but he was repentant and strived to live a pious life. All that's expected of us is to make the genuine effort to live in such a way.

>Can't be rich or greedy because God have you wealth to bless others
Yes greed is a sin but wealth in itself is not, we're expected to be good to our fellow man through whatever means we have.
>Forgive your enemies
This is misunderstood, we're called to be willing to forgive and not to hold insane grudges and to be understanding.
>Endure persecutions
Jesus told his followers to sell their cloaks and buy swords, we endure persecution because we have faith but we're not supposed to be betas.
>Can't live the life of a loner
There's literally a Saint who lived on top of a pole for 40 years by himself.

What do you mean by that?


probably meant stuff like masturbation, drug use, gluttony, suicide etc.

Jesus spread a message of love, but when he rebelled against Rome that was his fatal mistake.

Such is the tragic story of all those who are good natured or young at heart.

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That's what I was thinking


Christ was aware of his fate but he put the truth above everything so it didn't matter. That's what we should aspire to be.

>You've hurt yourself so I am going to make your burn forever for it =)))))))))))))

This nigga livin on a pole

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God doesn't make anyone burn. Hell is simply a place that is absent of God and it's our own actions that take us there.

>We are not expected to be perfect, all men are flawed
Matthew 7 13-14
Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.

vros you can fight back we endure when we must in the name of the truth

Why do Catholics hold Mary high over Christ? And call Peter the "first pope".

mystery babylon

They don't hold her above Christ they simply recognize her as the blessed mother of God. As for Peter he is believed to be the leader of the apostles and the man upon which Christ built his church.

We aren't expected to be perfect, we're expected to make the gen-you-ine attempt to follow.

>>You've hurt yourself
You are not your own.

So true so true we only "own ourselves" as so far as we have more control over our own bodies than other people do. We are all God's children and living under his roof we are all bound to his commandments.

It would only make sense that the Catholic church is the woman riding the beast.

And christcuck will call others morally bankrupt, when they're a cult of deranged malignant narcissists.

jokes on you, god tells us not to judge our neighbors. splinters and logs, bro

I wonder if this is just bait or if you truly bellieve there's any essence in your post

I don't care what he thinks faggot. God is always just a self inset sleeve for profoundly evil people.

>We are imperfect
>We must submit to God
>We are the root of our own evils

I guess some niggaz just b retarded

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Define evil without God retard

maybe not, but you seem to think a lot about him. why is that?
i think hes going with the argument that its presumptuous to think a god would care about humans given the vastness of the universe

He didn't rebel against Rome and that was essentialy why the Jews had him killed.

Catholics don't put Mary above Christ.

Peter is the first pope because Jesus told Peter he would be the rock on which he builds the Church.

>sectarianism already
I hate discussing theology online. This was why puritans happened, this is why the first amendment exists. The stupid wars of religion and the hard heartedness of people who can't recognize that others are trying to be in Christ just much as they are
Mathew 24:12

What? No has even been insulting up until now, are you saying that only because some posts mentioned the Catholic Church? Jesus...

Reminder to all kristjans that Eostre was celebrated for centuries before you grafted it into easter. If the ressurection day of your "god"s son had to be stolen from another religion its obvious how large a lie your entire religion is
Kristjans stay angry.

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Peter isn't the first pope, Jesus said Petra (feminine) not Petros (masculine)

were anonymous people on the internet, there is not reason to present so many assumptions and outright lies (with regard to the 'you' section) when simple conversation is an option

Really user? The different sects are all trying to please God, only that all the sects have an autistic method.

That's where it starts, it always takes some injection of "protties really do this" "whore of babylon" "muh apostolic"
I'm just venting my frustration pre-emptively and don't care about trashing up this thread because it's Jow Forums
At least the neo-gnostics haven't shown up yet

>preemptive frustration
cant lie, thats pretty funny

>assumptions and outright lies
If you knew a single thing about the kristjanization of scandinavia, when the kristjans and their "loving god" killed none believers, you'd know all i say is true.

The book was originally written in Aramaic, then translated into Greek, then English. This link explains the complexities involved in doing such with all the differences in dialects, noun usage, feminine and masculine pronouns and such.

When you live through certain threads enough, you live the same shit over and over again

Lol the only relation is the name which means "to rise". Saying Easter is pagan because of the name is like saying anything on Thursday is pagan becausae "Thor's day".

If you expect something made by people to be perfect, you'll always be disappointed. Yes, there'll be some people saying this or that, but that doesn't take the value from discussing doctrine or anything else from that matter. Now of course I reckon this place is utterly disgusting and we're both wasting our time here, but I still believe it's better to not have that attitude elsewhere...

user could you help me get over lusting for women?

i am aware of those events, but your changing of context and using my comments to argue against contentions i never presented is further example of what i previously described. let me use your first comment as an example.
>Reminder to all kristjans that Eostre was celebrated for centuries before you grafted it into easter
to be consistent with your successive comment, 'you' is untrue as none of us were alive then. the specific collaborating chieftains and church authorities should be identified.
>If the ressurection day of your "god"s son had to be stolen from another religion its obvious how large a lie your entire religion is
given you are familiar with the history and your previous statement acknowledging two traditions being merged for ease of conversion, you know this statement is partially untrue
>Kristjans stay angry.
this doesnt seem to serve any purpose but to troll, though i could be mistaken

Honestly if it's not one thing it's another. Here you have child tier armchair historians and memers who blather about muh demiurge and muh evropa, but even in slightly better places with higher levels of discourse it's still just philosophical knife fights between the allegedly saved, people are never contrite or agreeable wherever you go, it's just trolls as far as the eye can see and that's really what frustrates me because it's either these digital charnelhouses or irl where people just go "what's a computer?"
It's so damn isolating in a world that already hates us

Probably one of the hardest sins to overcome all I can offer is some advice, nigga. Stop watching porn, stop placing the flesh on a pedastle, pray for purity, and remember to ask yourself if what Christ died for is worth what you're living for.

why and how are you lusting? be specific

The end times are near anons. With the rise of artificial intelligence and CERN, this time in history is definitely unlike any other time before. CERN is the tower of babyl all over again. It is forbidden knowledge.

AI may be the beast that The Bible warns us about in the book of Revelation. Think about it: anything that God does, satan wants to do also. God created man in his image, and satan will use AI and transhumanism to have beings made in his image as well. Satan's ultimate plan is to take God's throne, and he genuinely believes that he will be able to do it. That's where CERN and AI come in. CERN is a gateway to other dimensions, aka heaven and hell. AI will have nearly godlike powers to us humans, and it will deceive the whole world by performing many miraculous signs. The times are here anons.

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tfw addicted to masturbating but I don't want to burn in hell forever

What do children do on easter? They hunt colored eggs
What was a custom of Eostre? Hunting painted eggs. The fact that that tradition right there exists shows it is quite the same holiday, also Eostre means "east glory", as on Eostre, the spring equinoxe, the sun rises directly east.
Also no one would claim everything on Thursday is pagan, but the day's name itself most definitely is.
>collaborating cheftains and churches
Oh you're right, it was only the whole papacy sucking up to harald bluetooth and olaf tryggvason, nothing exceptional, just the papacy.
>ease of conversion
If the kristjan "god" was real there would be no need for ease of conversionz people would believe in him. But i guess ease of conversion is changing your religion and some other minor stuff like having kings kill those who wouldn't convert
>to troll
Partiall yes and no, the meaning is not "kristjans can stay angry" but "kristjans will stay angry", many people dislike it being pointed out how paganism had more influence on the modern world than they realize.

>philosophical knife fights
that's a great phrase, pretty funny too given the context

Biologists would have me believe that wanting to have sex with women, men and children is "natural" but I know this isn't the case.

How do I keep lusting thoughts away?

The traditions are separated from any deity though goofy, again the only real connection is the name.

Pray nigga and remember Christ's sacrifice

God doesn't throw you in hell, he simply leaves you to your sinful nature. Satan is the one who takes you to hell because he hates human beings, since we are made in God's very image. Sin represents a falling away from God and sin itself, no matter how minor, is actually a lot more serious than we think it is. Think of the eternities before where sin had never existed in the universe. It was only when satan had pride in his heart to be like God that sin was first created. Going to hell is simply God abandoning you, as he wants nothing whatsoever to do with sin. God is not like what we want him to be, He is just and perfect, no matter how cruel some people may think He is. God describes himself as "I AM" because that is all that needs to be said about his nature. When Moses asks God "Who should I tell them sent me?" God says "Tell them 'I AM' has sent you." Whether we like it or not, any sin at all is bad and worthy of hellfire. But that is why God sent his only begotten son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins, For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believeth in him shall not perish, but have eternal life. His gift of salvation to us is one of pure love and we don't deserve it, but that's how much God loves us.

thanks for engaging. it definitely varied as some region just had celebrations moved a few days but also drastically changed. one in particular i remember was something like a week long pork murder/cooking festival which has seemed heretical. though i like pointing to the authority figures because i dont think they much represent the average man, pagan or otherwise
>ease of conversion
on second look, that sounds like i was trying to gloss over the deaths and violence and that wasnt my intention. many religions speak of others' gods having real power and many were killed, converted, or forgotten to extinction. i dont think that means they had no power, but i dont see why continuation of a religion should be sufficient evidence for it being 'real'.
>people dislike it being pointed out how paganism had more influence on the modern world than they realize
that is strange, though i do think it is mostly in name given much of the function was lost

Don't. Embrace the gift of pleasure and through away the shackles of godliness. Those who do not reach for life's pleasures are not virtuous, they are little more than weak and desperate fools. I recommend you read some libertine literature and engage in the philosophy of the same. I'd recommend starting with the writings of John Wilmot, here's a link to one of his poems:

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>has seemed heretical
was deemed, darn autocorrect

please be more specific. like the circumstances preceeding these thoughts, your history with them, habits you've developed

Yeah, the name, and the main parts of the holiday, an egg hunt and a feast, totally coincidental.
Wanna know why the name is the same? Because kristjans grafted it onto their own religion. They took it and slapped it on their own. Its not the deity that i blame for the action, its the followers, i dont even know how im supposed to blame a nonexistant diety.
I may have been mistaken earlier, it seems you only have conversation in mind, i am deeply sorry for my past hostilities.
On the ease of conversion, i hate it most because it truly did nothing, it took nearly 200 years for kristjanity to take hold, and thats because those who spoke against it were killed. They stole a holiday of a god and nothing came of it, almost none willingly converted.
>mostly name as much of the function was lost
Well, using the most notable example, the calender days, all but saturday are named from the gods, saturday coming from the romans "saturn", in scandinavia saturday was called lordag which translates roughly to "day of/for/ washing", this is only a smaller example, many things, although functionally not the same, have pagan roots, but many do not know as abrahamic religions tend to not enjoy talking about gods other than their own

begone satan


Well I'm a ugly guy that's never been in a relationship with a woman. I tried not masturbating or watching porn for a while but this only caused me to lust after women more. After this I slowly grew attracted to "cute boys". Is this enough now?


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this is why God doesn't allow us to indulge in the depravity of sin, as it ultimately leads to more and more depraved shit

Day after day every priest stands and performs his religious duties; again and again he offers the same sacrifices, which can never take away sins.
But when this priest had offered for all time one sacrifice for sins, he sat down at the right hand of God,
and since that time he waits for his enemies to be made his footstool.
For by one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those who are being made holy.

Hebrews 10:11-4

Notice as the christian becomes fearful after hearing the truth. See how he responds with meaningless bullshit in his panic.

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The truth is that we all have access to eternal life through Christ if you choose to accept.
If not, we won't miss your ass burning in hell.

You know what priests also do? And in far greater numbers than most other sections of the population? Oh and it's tacitly supported with the help of the church? That's right, fucking kids. Almost like your sacred church is corrupt beyond belief and there is no basis to your infantile faith.

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Why haven't you paid me back you fucking Jew.

Take a look at the image you posted. Begone satan.

I recently became the head of a church. Don't worry, if anything happens, I'll sound the alarm.

If he's so benevolent and omnipotent and loves me, how come he made me a loser? How come he doesn't bless me with a gf?

If he's benevolent and omnipotent, why did he allow an angel to fall and become Satan?

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God doesn't create robots user, the relationship with God is voluntary.

I guess losers and social outcasts are literally demons in the eyes of God. We've been forgotten by him.

i cant blame you. as another user spoke of, people generally seem to be out for 'philosophical knife fights.' it is tragic, simply because the feast is most fresh in my mind i remeber occasional executions for practice simply to maintain the facade of conversion despite it still occurring in private for some time. wish there were more sources of pagan practices though. i really think there isnt enough to meaningfully engage in it for thise that wish to convert. not that im prospective, itd just be interesting and history is fascinating
>calendar days
yes, im actually trying to memorize the hebrews days simply because they are mostly numbered. but to your point, it is baffling that many are fine with the name conventions yet object to things halloween.

so your mind is mostly occupied with thoughts of "dont masterbate, dont lust, dont..."? what are your days like, how is your time spent in your actions and mind?
validity is not soundness. provide what you seem to withhold

Don't talk like that, user. Examine the parable of the king's feast where he sends out for his closest friends, who promptly ignore him, then for his periphery contacts, who promptly ignore him, and then to whoever can be found to drag them to this great feast.
You are made with purpose, and an outcast understands humanity and what he is better than any empty headed societal busybody. We all fall short of the glory of God, of our true purpose in worship of Him who created us. Those who measure virtue as they understand it are measuring inches of difference between themselves and God, meanwhile, a chasm of a thousand miles lies between them and glory. We are not these bodies which imprison us.

43 And if your hand causes you to sin, cut it off. It is better for you to enter life crippled than with two hands to go to hell, to the unquenchable fire. 45 And if your foot causes you to sin, cut it off. It is better for you to enter life lame than with two feet to be thrown into hell. 47 And if your eye causes you to sin, tear it out. It is better for you to enter the kingdom of God with one eye than with two eyes to be thrown into hell, (Mark 9:43-47, ESV)

The point is I shouldn't be an outcast and a loser. God should be helping one of his creations live a life according to his laws. Birth, baptism, good deeds in his name, obey the 10 commandments, MARRIAGE, bring new life to the world (be fruitful and multiply), teach your sons to do good in the world as well. That's how it's supposed to go but not for me? God is a fucking dick.

>That's how it's supposed to go
I think that's where you're wrong.

because there is no true love without free will, the choice to choose good or evil. You could also ask "well why does God allow Satan to exist if he's all powerful? Why didn't he destroy satan the moment he sinned?" But that's a shallow and stupid question. God is a just God, and if he destroyed satan on the spot, he could not have proved that Satan was worthy of death. But he brought sin into the world, which led to the death of God's only son, which is a worthy cause to cast Satan into hell for eternity.

Look at how based Orthodox Christianity is and understand that it is truly the way to bring men and women back together to happily raise healthy family.

Praise the Lord!
Glory to thee O Lord, glory to thee!

>A spent
I'm a student, usually play war thunder in the morning, go to driving school, study for college class, watch videos on the bible or christianity, head to class in the evening, try to focus on class instead of the girls around me. Cry when I play because I did all these activities while having lustful thoughts.

>How I spend my day
Sorry my phone keeps messing up. But are you going to offer a solution or just archive my misery?

>Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own;
you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.

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>Said 2,000 years ago that the dead bodies of God's two witnesses in the end times would be seen by everyone on earth.
>Said 2,000 years ago that no one would be able to buy or sell without a mark in their right hand or forehead, received by those eternally damned who worship the beast and his image when he uses miracles to deceive everyone except true Christians into believing that he is God.
>Foretold exactly how Cyrus would overthrow Babylon 150 years before Cyrus was born.
>Foretold Babylonian, Medo-Persian, Grecian, and Roman empires in order, a well as Antiochus Epiphanes and others before they existed.
>Described dinosaurs (Behemoth and Leviathan) in book of Job.
>Said that the earth is a circle that hangs on nothing and that in its center is hell.
>66 books written by 40 authors over 1,500 years and all foretell Jesus.
>Foretold false religions being brought by satan pretending to be an angel (Mormonism and Islam).
>Every "contradiction" claimed against it turns out to be false when researched and is usually someone's lack of reading comprehension.
>So hated by satan's globalists that they planned in the 60's and before to have the KJV altered to help bring in a one world religion, exactly as it foretold:
>Exposes the scientific fraud and basic fallacies of evolution in front of three evolutionist professors who can't refute any of it:
>Tells you that all you have to do to avoid hell, have a permanent ticket to heaven, and have Christ's righteousness imputed to you is: know you have sinned, know your works won't save you, and believe that Jesus, the son of God, died and was bodily brought back to life again three days later as payment for your sins.

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>Not believing in eternal paradise after living a life of service to Christ

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i'm nearing my fucking end
i'm probably going to put the nose down and call it a night really soon.

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>are you going to offer a solution or just archive my misery
it isnt my intention for you to feel that way. one immediate comment is focusing on 'dont' thoughts does the opposite, there is some research into the difficulty humans have with negations.
i wanted to see how you invest your time and what could be reinforcing these thoughts. two things that stand out, which admittedly may stem from time spent studying, are videos as opposed to dedicated reading of the bible and not belonging to a christian community. studying the word is how you get to know god, many more neurons are engaged in reading and interpreting than listening. oxytocin is also released from friendly touch, and if you are isolated you will seek it from less productive outlets while having few to no checks on your behavior