Why do you hate trannies?

Why do you hate trannies?
Too insecure to admit you wanna smash?

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is that a tranny ass?

To my knowledge yeah

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i want a tranny gf. they seem to like the stuff that i like, arent bitchy and mean like girls, are more down to earth and better personalities. plus they are cute and have delectable bodies.

but tranny gfs dont want me.

I'd fuck a hot tranny's bussy.

most justn think you're chasers if you're not chad
i just want someone to be nice to but all women do is just humiliate me

>but tranny gfs dont want me.

I do wanna smash trannies :)

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and? every guy going after a cis girl is a chaser. so what, i want to love them. theyre cute and most seem to have things im interested in in common

Did "she" die? Originally

I dont i talk to one and she was nice id be friends with her

no its a term they use for people who want futa

I hope she ok i don't like seeing people get hurt

Gotta look in the right places, and try actually talking to them instead of chasing that bussy

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Based trannysmasher

>violence against marginalized groups is hot

Can someone get this guy to be the janitor of this board so that we don't get thread like this?

why go for a tranny when I can go for a roastie?

tfw there are only a few trannies in Poland and 99% of them are gross

Talking to them doesn't really do anything desu
You'd go for both without knowing

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Because they look disgusting and it's painfully obvious that they are just guys wearing makeup and stuffing chemicals into their bodies.

Ask them if she wants to be your girlfriend just tell the truth if you dont tell the truth then she wont know what you want

>You'd go for both without knowing
there's a reason OP posted a butt pic and not a face pic of that person
try again

I have a face pic of that person want it lmao

Post it then delete it

ye, post it and prove me right

She look cute id be friends with her

lmao I've seen that one posted before, absolute manhead

nah, he killed his/her/zerself

I hate them because they are slowly turning me into a fag

And I hope it keeps being that way

where the fuck do you find cute tranny gfs if you dont live in usa or russia (there seem to be alot of them there too)?

He has a manly and big forehead, very characteristics from the gender he really is.

As I said here , check his forehead and eyebrows. Looks like a weak Ukranian or some sort of slav

Jesus christ that actually looks disgusting how could anyone be attracted to that

I don't hate trannies.
I do wanna smash their soft butts though.
>tfw no trans gf to fuck the boy out of

god damn it i want to fuck that butt

Make sure to always do you deed and fuck the boy out of all cute tranners

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I don't really know much about trans girls but I can tell you that I'd love a boyfriend. I just understand other men so much better and the potential for comfyness is great. Plus, gay guys have lots more sex.

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I'd fuck that boi hard. very hard.

She's a total qt. Would never want to let her out of my bed.

im sorry user i like very feminine things, and im not (gay) although if youre a cute boy how can i refuse?

They hate me, its mutual

>arent bitchy and mean like girls, are more down to earth and better personalities.
user, I....

>Why do you hate trannies?

because no matter what they try, they're dudes.
you can't change your chromosomes.
if you were born XY, you can't magically become XX.

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So chromosomes determine your gender now?
Musta missed that paper.
Oh wait they dont

you have to be honestly 100% gay for men to find that attractive.

>Too insecure to admit you wanna smash?
Smash what? Shit from their dirty asses? Fuck off you mentally ill faggot.

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Yes and it set a good example.

>Why do you hate trannies?
I don't, I hate bad ones and no effort ones.
>Too insecure to admit you wanna smash?
Not at all, eventual thailand holiday will be smash central

Because every tranny is mentally ill and whores about because every tranny lacks a moral compass and acts as if he is a teenage girl that fucks around.

jfc is everyone on this board a faggot

Even trannies don't wanna be around me so why would i care about them. Get of my board you Stacy mimicks!

i don't hate them, but i don't like that they treat their mental illness like it's a significant part of them, and i don't like that they are creating a culture that encourages identifying with a mental illness when it inevitably leads to problems down the road, it's just bad business no matter how you look at it

Because traps are gay and you are gay for liking traps. All landwhales and trannies should be gassed desu

imagine being this retarded asdasdfg

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>i don't like seeing people get hurt
I can't believe it's summer already.

So retarded all the smart people agree with me ;-;

holy fuck dude, been looking for a better quality since forever. thanks based tranny

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who? i need origonoli

feminne boys > trans"girl" abominations

i dont hate them
i would totally smash, date and marry a qt trap boy as long as he keeps the penis

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I would not marry. Just fuck buddies. Friends with benefits.

Same, I like qt guys that are just effeminate and look cute in panties but every remotely fem guy I know wants to cut their dick off.
tfw no trad bf to live innawoods with

Coz they gey & degenerate diseased messes. It's like the Chinese bootleg model of a qt gf.

now go dilate once you snap out of it, fucking retarded faggot

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DK vs sheik

Send ur discord

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any qt bois need a qt bf?

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Based, trannies are degenerate ans should be purged.

>Send ur discord

>Arachnophobic? that must mean you wanna fuck spiders

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yeah, me, originally of course

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cute kitty, user
what kinda boys u into?

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based melee poster

am i transphobic if im gay but think traps are gross af?

>tfw no extremely degenerated tranny gf to share your fetishes

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>I hope she ok i don't like seeing people get hurt

You can relax. No females were hurt in that webm.

Honestly care more about the personality/spirit than looks. The only requirement I have is just to not be African.

no prob user, just one question tho
do you have discord?

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I have no ill will towards trannies and I think it's sad that so many people here say they should kill themselves
I'd never want to date/fuck/have anything to do with one beause they're all inherently shitty, narcisstic people. It's so easy to tell when someone has no experience with trannies outside of porn and believe shit like "they have much better personalities than cis women" or "a tranny gf will be much easier to get"

yes. email your username to [email protected] and I'll add you.

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why do you hate snakes and have a fear of them? do you secretly wanna have something you don't like as a pet?

fuck off, you stupid cock-chopper. "buh-buh u don't liek something so dat meenz u actually like it!!" i hate trannies because they make horrible threads like this one.

Trannies only deserve rights as long as my cock is in their ass. Other than that, they are literal subhuman worthless trash. Name one (1) contribution trannies have done to the world.

Can you imagine if they tried this argument in any other form?
>don't like black people?
>you must be black
pretty stupid desu

yep. fucking hate trannies and almost everything they represent and embody

Who is this? But like originally.

Cool bro, nobody gives a damn. You're gonna spend your life wasting time hating people and die a sad husk of a man. Enjoy.

Because youre degenerate faggots who have your own board. And because no one is buying your kike pysop. We dont want to cut our dicks off, we are going to keep existing, theres going to be school shootings, more of us are going to become extremists, more of us are going to scare and upset women but overall you cant stop us dropping out of the game.

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All the transwomen on grindr in my area are ugly as fuck.

Other than that I have no idea where you'd meet one if you were looking for one. I guess maybe gay bars but I dont want to go by myself

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My dude only low level "traps" and crossdressers are on Grindr. You need to make a Tinder and set it up like normal (only display women) and you will see a ton of hot passing/mostly passing traps. Trust me on this been there done that.

Kill all fucking trannies

mentally ill degenerate faggots

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I've even admitted to my girlfriend that I would bang a mentally ill man pretending to be a woman if I wasn't with her. I don't hate them I just don't like how their issues are shoved down everyone's throat

We don't want our issues shoved down anyone's throats it's just a small crazy minority trying to make it everyone's problem. We like cis people and we wanna be like you. Please don't bully.

Because if we dont shove our issues of being literally murdered in the streets down some throats then we're gonna keep getting murdered in the fucking streets maybe
Me post ur discord :3

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Stop it you're part of the problem. Just shut up and act normal and maybe if you're lucky cis people will treat you with respect and dignity. We're not being massacred in the streets like you say unless you live in like Africa or something.

I dont hate trannies but even if they pass, from the moment I know I'll only see the masculine traits. I dont like boys, they're icky, girls are pretty and they smell nice. Plus the bit between their legs looks pretty, like a flower

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The one day I come back to this fucking board after 2 years and you faggots haven't changed. NO I will not fuck you and it's not because I'm "insecure" or "secretly a fag" it's because I am not attracted to men whether they say they're a man or not. Why do you "people" have to come here and shit up the board? You have use that.

Fuck off retard, if you pass no one will treat you differently, because no one will know you're a tranny (source:I'm a passing tranny)
And if you don't pass you shouldn't be treated like a girl anyway