Tfw no cute boy to trick and dox

>tfw no cute boy to trick and dox

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im cute and ill send u nudes luc#6052

>tfw op is probably female

every fucking time. this is why i don't bother with those posts anymore, you think that you're gonna send a pic of your soft body and 7.2x5.5 inch pp to a cute boyo and it turns out to be some asian bitch

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Are you sure? I'm a dangerous predator and I fucking hate Discordfags.
Well, you got me. I'm Laura btw, but most people call me Aiste ( like ice tea haha).

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Fuck off you degenerate anime loving tranny

Fucking kill yourself you mentally ill tranny scum

add me now, i need to be catfished right now, no time to waste

go on, i'll send you my address + bank details on top of these dick pics

#2024 lmao
you're bluffing

what is wrong with you people


you haven't added me yet lmao
curious if you're bluffing or not

sent it


a common problem, girls larping as dom males so they get that femboy bopucci. oof

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hope you're a girl

I'm just a tranny user. I'm not actually going to waste any more time with discordfags. This is a mere shitpost.

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i want a tranny add me now luc#6052 i beg

but are you a dangerous social predator though?
that sounds pretty interesting
maybe i could learn how to do things
for research purposes ofc

>am I a dangerous social predator?

no ofc not im just a robot add me up to see my dick

>but are you a dangerous social predator though?
No, I don't think so. I tend to get obsessed with people I see as threatening.

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ok who are you? I add you!

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im just some guy looking to get baited by some trannys, im begging, im desperate

are you luc#6052 ?

Weren't you range banned a long time ago?

yes please add me i need someone to talk to, someone to care for, someone to send my dick to

Yeah. I must have like 2000 bans at this point. Maybe more.

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How do you even bypass all these bans? It's insane and I admire it though I doubt it's all too difficult.

You're right. It's not difficult. You just have to really really wish to be a girl.

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Damn that's quite pathetic

It is. But imagine having severe mental issues. That'd be so much worse haha.

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is aiste actually a girl the whole time? that doesnt matter. im in love with aiste.

No I'm not. Don't come crying to me later about how disgusting I am and how I "tricked" you. Or worse, with actual unironic Discord requests in hopes of getting some pussy.

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The name' Julian Staner and I live at Church Street 126, Ridgeville, South Carolina

You know what they say, once a tranny always a tranny.