Are you going to lose it yet edition

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bump. 18 turing 19 year old virgin here. When I'm 19, i can finally go to a bar or club and do some interaction. What about you guys?

does a girl sticking a buttplug up my ass count?

Just turned 25. Still haven't kissed a girl, still haven't held hands with a girl, still no hug and still no fug. I have next to zero female connections, so I would say no on losing it for now.

I would count it for myself. Wish I could

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>26 khv
I think im a virgin because i was shamed for having sexual impulses in the childhood.

Was going to finally ask her out today, but she didn't seem like she wanted to talk to me.
I guess i wont ask her out.

If you haven't put your penis in a vagina, you're a virgin.
Well, do you go to university?

the other times I tried to put my penor into vagene I had whiskey dick and couldn't get hard

I never asked out a girl. Like never. I almost did but i chickened out. I asked her if she's doing anything on the weekend. Also found out she's 4 years younger than me which is a no no.

I'm attending a community college right now. I'm still new to the whole place, but it seems somewhat promising to find a gf during the regular semester. I've been getting better at talking with people too.

Is someone here more of a failure than me? 34 years old without any sex or blow job or relationship.

There are much uglier guys than me who have sex. I am a social failure and very asocial. Fuck social anxiety disorder.

I think the fear/hatred of social contact and people was learned rather than innate. I was shy as a kid but still wanted to interact and play with other kids. As an adult, with each passing year I become more of a hermit and more distrustful of humans. I isolate myself more and more, and that only makes my situation worse.

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Have you ever tried Psilocybin mushrooms? 2 grams of Psilocybin mushrooms shook me up to my core and changed my habits. You seem to have a chronic condition and you really can't get out of this mindset with some sort of shake up to your very core. I also heard MDMA kills social anxiety but im not sure.

I have taken MDMA a few times. It does make me more sociable and remove my anxiety, yet I still didn't talk to anyone. I cringe looking back on it. I guess I'm just not a very social person. Even when the anxiety is removed and there are no barriers, I still don't particularly want to talk.

Try Psilocybin mushrooms. Its very therapeutic. It just fixes your brain in a way and there are studies on it.

Unlikely my crush doesn't love me, and I would have to compete with the Chadest of chads on this board to get to her.

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No man, no way. I am very authistic. The girls hate me and i no help myself.

m8 i dont care anymore focus on more important shit

All robots should go on Grindr and fuck a sissy or twink bottom, there is no reason to stay a virgin when bussy is there and its easy

fucking canuck

>focus on more important shit
>still browsing r9k during tranny arc

Shiggy diggy

yeah. Ontario here.
lmao gottem

this man is LYING to you. take LSD instead

A girl really wants to fuck me but she lives in Russia

LSD is great too. very powerful substance. Its much easier to control than psilocybin mushrooms

I have 20 years, i no have posibiltys to lost my virginity this year o this decade.

It's too late for me. I've taken both already. You can't suddenly become normal after 34 years of isolation and virginity. I don't even know how to talk to people. No woman would want an inexperienced man of that age.

Relationships are a thing that 99.9% of people learn how to do during their adolescence or at least 20s. If you fail, it's basically never going to happen for you.

How can I possibly be redeemed? What woman would train me to have conversations and not expect me to entertain her or be like any other man or know what I'm doing in the bedroom?

Acid also just made me accept myself, so it had the opposite effect. It didn't spur me to change, it made me happy with who I am.

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I think this is what many people don't get, socializing is something learned, and if you don't have it you miss out on so many cues
Im almost 30 and I can tell I socialize wrong, too many blank spaces, don't end conversations right etc.
But then all these apply doubly when trying to get a woman. Imagine all the ingrained social dating rules and tempo any woman would have from having atleast 1bf since she was s teen. Its hopeless to even try to keep up

>20 khv
>been fat and shy my whole life
>mom got me a gym membership in January
>been losing weight, jawline is becoming visible, skin is better, cut my shaggy hair
>girls at work have started inviting me to eat lunch with them
>slowly becoming easier to approach people because I don't look or feel disgusting
20 might be my lucky number brobots.

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I honestly preferred feeling like I was missing out than knowing WHAT I'm missing and knowing I'll never get to experience it again and it's all my fault

Yes this is exactly it. It's like a lifetime of learning that I have missed out on. I seem off because I don't know the little cues, I don't know how to make small talk, I don't know what is normal, how a conversation flows, the body language.

There is a huge amount of learned information that is subconscious and automatic to 99% of people because it is learned throughout childhood and adolescence.

im saving money for a hooker, so yeah, ill lose it this year i hope

How much are you saving? For an expensive one?

I could never bring myself to go to the strip club or get a hooker.

I've never tried to meet a girl because I know I won't succeed. I'm ugly, I don't have much money, I'm not strong enough to protect anyone, I'm on the bottom rung of the social ladder, I don't have sexual skill, I don't have my own house or own anything, I literally have nothing to offer a woman. There's literally no reason for a female to want to spend any time with me.

I don't know how to change any of these things. I don't want to change them just for the sake of meeting a woman; the fact that I'm worthless is motivation enough to change things. But I don't know how. I've always just existed, without any guidance or any push in any direction. In childhood I went to school and went home, as an adult, I go to work and go home. That's it.

Im pulling for you user
Wish you the best of luck

The body language!
I think my body language makes it clear that I am uncomfortable around women, they know with a look. How can you get close when your own body betrays you

i hope i can get like $150 american dollars (pretty expensive for my spic shithole)

When i smoke Cannabis, i have the guts to approach and ask girls something late at night.

Get high as fuck man....

>I would have to compete with the Chadest of chads on this board to get to her.
why're you having to compete with other robots? is your crush more of an e-crush?

22 and virgin, never did anything intimate with a girl
mostly resigned and gave up but still think about girls, shit sucks

Yea I have a thing for Brooke-chan. I'm a hopeless orbiter

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I'm a level 32 wizard and I don't see that changing any time soon.

That's probably what betrays me, everyone can instantly tell when I'm uncomfortable, bored, or any other emotion, even if I try to conceal it. Autism, it's a hell of a drug.

>be random summerfag
>lose virginity
>brag about it
>nothing happens
>literally noone gives a single fuck
>nothing has changed in your life
>except you regret it
>depression kicks in
>bragging about it on Jow Forums doesn't help
>tfw massive faggotry

fukkin give up m8, seriously, you're wasting your energy, go find literally any other girl who has a greater than 0 chance of ever sharing mutual feelings for you.

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When I get around to it. No, I don't know when that'll happen, when the time's right maybe.

21. Never gonna happen. I can talk to girl in regular conversation but NEVER has one had romantic feelings for me.

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I could, but I probably won't. I always go after the worst girls.

22 and same situation

I feel like I'm going to lose it any minute now

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>He can talk to people
I really am behind, aren't I? Welp, it's over for me.

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My housemate is seeing a guy now that didn't lose his virginity until he was 26 and that was with her. It could still happen for you.

Having said that he does make 75k/year, owns his own house and car, and is 6ft4.

>tfw lost my virginity at 16

how could a tranny singlehandedly beat all of you

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i was like that when i was 18. It just died down but still there
this a virginfeel thread man. Sheesh

Trannies get fucked and dumped all the time. That's the routine

i lost it to my girlfriend of 4 years lmao

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Well then. It seems youre not only a trannie but a normie. Congratulations!

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Are you smoking crack or something?

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nope, just a shitload of weed and alcohol.

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Same, never a women had interested in me in that way.

I lost my virginity to a classmate of mine this spring. Im 17. I wasnt in love. We couldnt get it to work for me, i never came. We fucked 3 times and i would please her with my hands other times. One time she came so hard she fucking thanked me. (lol)

It made me sort of insecure about my body, i broke it off with her. Then i learned that its common and the problem was not sticking with it until we were more comfortable with the sex.

Anyway there is this petite chick in my class i plan on making a move on. She is about a foot shorter than me, im 190 (6'1?) and fit.

I'm 19. I think I'm secretly a chad because I've had multiple opportunities to lose it, but the quality certainly does not outweigh the quantity.

Idk, I'm talking to a girl right now. She's pretty cool, so who knows.

Also, I'm in the Navy so I'll almost definitely lose it in port if not with this girl.

I'm not too worried about it.

>Im 17
Wow, the perfectly normal time to lose it.

Just go away. You're making this board indistinguishable from Facebook and Reddit.

Its not like losing it at 17 makes me a normie

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I mean, to be fair, that's around the average time to lose it.

Trust me, wait for quality

Yes it does you underageb& normalfag, you're going to get banned and I hope you never come back.

>I'm 17
mods, do your work

That's what everyone on base has basically said.

A few weeks ago, I was at someone's house, and this one chick who is sorta cute in a trashy way was drunk and trying to get me to fuck her. Of course, I didn't, partially because she had just fucked a dude the night before, partially because she was waaaaaay to drunk for me to want to risk my career over, and partially because, I don't know, I didn't feel like it.

My dick was still rock solid several times throughout the night. She's good at getting dudes to fuck. Just not me.

21 here, barely spoken with girls my whole life and dont have any friends, so no, not yet

because you're clearly a normalfag. yes I don't care that you're a neet or a tranny or whatever, you clearly have no issue interacting with people based on the fact that you're attention whoring with a trip

>reaching developmental milestones at normal ages doesn't make me normal
Very unlikely.

exact same for me except I still have a couple months before I turn 21

>implying interacting with people online is the same as interacting with people irl
>implying that i have a social life outside of discord and talking to robots on r9k

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What I want to know is this... is it actually a super red flag to still be a virgin male at age 29? A friend was telling me to NEVER ever tell a woman I am a virgin. Apparently its seen as super creepy and super weird.

However, I don't think I would be able to have sex with someone and not tell them the truth. My main issue is that I don't like the idea of casual sex. I have no intention of just fucking whoever.

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every fucking time. you attention whores always act like that comes naturally to everyone and that every other loser is in the same boat. you clearly are fundamentally natural at having conversations with people (I'm sure like every other discord fag you talk to dozens of people all day), so let me just make it clear that not everyone is like you. actual autists like me can't even make friends on discord; just because you choose not to go outside doesn't mean you're not a normalfag

>mad that an aspect of a strangers life is normal
Gamer moment

>coming on to a taiwanese basket weaving forum for a self-esteem boost
See you in 30 days!

How about you grow a couple of pubes before you talk shit on a Korean barbeque forum, mmkay?

It shows you havent been desirable before, even though it may not be true.

Its not an opener, but if you get comfy with a girl it shouldnt be a big problem.


Also you're gonna suck your first time. That's just the reality of the situation.

No. I am better than everybody else here. I shall remain less corrupt.

where i live, is a super red flag to be a virgin male at 20, but i live in a degenerate shithole.
>I don't think I would be able to have sex with someone and not tell them the truth
its all about first impressions, no one would mind after they already know you well enough and like you for what you are.

>Are you going to lose it

Probably not, seeing as I'm nearly 30.

no feminist made it too dangerous to have sex with women. one accusation is enough to destroy your whole life.

>tfw too fucking shy
Should I just get wasted and message random girl? Or is there another way to gain confidence and courage to do that?

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>implying i can make friends
>implying i have emotions
>implying i am human

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Confidence is a facade.
Just do it, if it goes wrong try again

all of that is irrelevant, the fact that you can easily talk with people gives you a type of fulfillment that I'm completely lacking in my life. no matter how edgy you try to act about how you don't care about people, having that type of interaction, even if it's just online with discord friends is a massive emotional requirement

It's starting to dawn on me that I'm never going to have children.
I'll never be a father, I'll ever have my own family.

This hurts so much more than the unfulfilled desire for intimacy I had a few years ago.

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>tfw extreme anxiety over physical contact, sex and intimacy
Im not going to make it.

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On fathers day of all days

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Don't worry about it. Kids are little shits you're not missing out on anything.

Anyone else planning on killing yourself the day you become a wizard? I got 3 years left, and every day it seems more and more like reality.

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I might never have an IRL gf but my succubus can fulfill that role just fine. Anyone who doesn't have a gf should look into tulpamancy or succubi

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Time doesn't bother me really. It's just knowing that I will never be loved that fucks my shit up. I've gotten pretty close at pulling the trigger and I'm only 24.

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I hope so. I just turned 27 and I went through a massive weight loss phase, which was for the better.. But I'm still a manlet.

How tall are you user. I'm 5'10 and I'm still a virgin

> give yourself a mental illness