What do you guys think of my guy's face in dark souls 3?

What do you guys think of my guy's face in dark souls 3?

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His lazy eye makes him look retarded.

Jesus Schwarzenegger/10

Looks good
Give him the slave knight set with no hood and different leggings

Goddamn your right he does look like he is half Arnold half Jesus

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I prefer to make me own look a bit less plain

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I actually started him off with the warrior set because the viking set goes well with his looks

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And here is Jesus Schwarzenegger hold the torch of fuck off

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>playing as a girl in games is gay

Sorry if the image sucks posting from phone but this is my first character build i made since i got this game on sale

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What you talking about? OP's character looks actually well done, the fuck you implying?

I decided to name my guy "Ragnarthok" because fuck it why not?

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The people that say that are the people designing and then looking at

And here is what he looks eith his helm off

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And here is one with his helm on

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Are you implying that OP's guy looks like a girl or something? I don't understand i have autism so explain more please...

Time to scrap multiple characters across half a dozen games with +500 hours collectively

People that say that playing a female character in games is gay are the same people that spend time designing their characters to be chiseled fuck-machines.

So your saying op's guy is gay because he isn't a twink link trans girl

Got it

I just made him to look like this because i like to play as a warrior based guy and somehow that is bad because I chose to not play as a woman because of your opinion?

Also here is the pic of him before i slapped a beard on him for good measure.

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It's a fucking shitpost, I just didn't abandon the thread afterwards because of that autist.

Just vame from /v/ because someone is actually mad about you taking the time to make that guy and the time to come up with a name for the guy. The fact you triggered someone to do that and draw my attention from /v/ to here means you did a good fucking job on that character creation and the name Ragnarthok is based as fuck.

Redirect to the thread user? Thanks

Here he had to use a phone image to make a thread since he can't post with images from his pc since the spam filters on /v/ is cancer

>thread got pruned hard because mods hate twinks that play as girls in game fags

Fucking based and congrats to op for making a based fucking character that triggered a /v/irgin

Fucking hell even satan approves OP's character and name what the fuck!? The fuck is going on!?

Ragnarthok is obviously the most based looking character that trannies that play as girls reeeee in disgust as they realize that OP's character is more based looking and badass looking than their self insert fantasy tranny thoughts will ever be.

Meant than instead of that at the first part but whatever op did good job at pissing someone off

Kek this gave me a chuckle, thanks OP/God for putting these threads together.

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Holy fuck this day was a fucking special day

Is this now a humor thread or what?

The faces are fucking startlingly similar it is scaring me...



It's Aragon from Lord of the Rings

But why are you wasting time on that anyways? The most time you will see the back of the character and not the face itself

The fact that it pissed off a trannyfag like this fag here is proof enough that OP was not gay and is based today

Plus Ragnarthok is a pretty badass dark souls name to come up with in this game

I think the guy was mad because because he sucked at making a decent male character so he just gave up and always made female characters in games and then saw a thread where someone made a male character that was absolutely based as fuck and it made him utterly assbleedinglyblasted mad that his two inch dick shriveled up even more from the fact that he got defeated by none other than OP himself.

That is a horrible way to go is to be defeated by a opponent by the name OP.

Nice diablo 3 cosplay!

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Fuck they do look alike except the one in op's pic looks like he gone through hell and just wants to die but can't so he gave up on dying and just gone full jesus Schwarzenegger on the realm of dark souls

He looks strangely like the bus driver from the bus I took home today.

God i wish he would fuck my ass

Got him a new armor set and a bastard sword to go with it to compliment with his attributes.

What does Jow Forums think?

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Sorry for the poor quality i would screenshot them but i am on xbox and having to log into my phone and screenshot save them from my profile and then download them onto my phone then upload them here would be too much hassle so please forgive me but here is more pictures of Ragnarthok the Jesus Schwarzenegger

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Game of Thrones/10

Here is a better full view of his new armor set i got him.

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Ragnarthok is a stupid name and anyone that thinks that is a goodname is a stupid newfag that is an underage zoomer OP you stupid fuck you failed

Here is another one with him one hand holding it

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So basically male demon hunter took up the Barbarian class

And one with him two hand holding it

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Admire that BASTARD child sword

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Close up on his face

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This almost looks like a scene from berzerk or some old manga in a way...

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And here is him with his helm and round shield back on.

So again what does everyone think of my starting character set up so far especially the name Ragnarthok?

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He's gonna die from the first boss

Ragnarthok bitchslapped away a /v/irgin away without having to raise a blade i doubt he is gonna have a problem with the first boss m8

A name that is best suited for a man that knows his absolutely shit and knows how to piss down on his foes and mark his dominance

Better cosplay look than guts

Why what's wrong with guts cosplay looks? Why is op's cosplay better than guts by other people's sayings on here?

i think you really need to learn how to take a fucking screenshot
other than that, looks pretty badass

I forgive him for phoneposting because he made a badass looking face, manly name and definitely a kickass looking outfit.


>virgins cosplay as guts

>chads cosplay what OP posted in this thread

Gotta admit, I'm jealous op you did a good job on the work here and the bastard sword goes well with your guy as well too, definitely fits his style.

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>dark souls 3
i think your a faggot

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File should be renamed to dark souls 2 instead

>when you accidentally download dark souls mod onto your Skyrim game.

>File should be renamed to dark souls 2 instead

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Oh look it's the guy that got mad about op making a male character that better looking than his failed tranny character

Looking at that i can see why the name Ragnarthok fits now

fucking kek, is that russell brand

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You see this, this is how you make a proper character build and a proper male and learn to master the bastard sword and go fuck some shit up and you too can become Ragnarthok the Jesus Schwarzenegger!

Better than i expected actually good job op

Brave Knight, what do u think of mine?

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Can't think of a worse reference for an utterly silent protagonist, Russell Brand is the most obnoxious being on the face of the Earth.

FromSoft use to have a thing for new game plus files you could copy over your last character and unlock some cool shit. The previous game wasn't locked with exclusive or dlc content. Why didn't you just load over the old save game? There is a new moonlight blade to find.

This is my guy from dark souls 3, isn't be handsome?

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I bet that Ragnarthok is the type that would rather not fuck hoes and instead spend time killing shit instead since he is that based as fuck.

Gender is convoluted in the souls series just take a look at Gwendolyn

woah you actually made a character that looks human

Especially in dark souls 3 as well

Someone please link this over to /v/...



I want Ragnarthok to make me his fucktoy goddamn he has that handsome face going fuck

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That's fucking gay as shit man considering Ragnarthok doesn't fuck sluts like you

Why did this triggered discordfags so much?

Because they hate people that make decent characters



Jesus looks pissed