Thats it. i give up...

thats it. i give up. ive tried repressing thew want for a trans gf but after looking at their threads i can see they want happiness too, and are cute personality wise and like the same things i for (anime , image boars, kinks)

i want a trans gf (american) from the midwest (preferably)

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That desire will quickly go away when you actually talk to a tranny. They're very terrible people, inside and out. Their only personality is what they can fit in their asshole and they're bitter about the fact they can't ever be the opposite sex and they'll make it YOUR problem, you cis-het piece of shit.

They're basically women without the pussy, so what's the fucking point? Go get a butter-face chubby girlfriend if you're THIS desperate, my God.

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>women without the pussy
Not only is that the most dumbass shallow assumption you could make, thats still better than normal females. Keep seething.

hardship and sorrow breeds personality and humility, two thing roasties will never experience or have

Tranny is a woman who CANNOT give me a family, remind me how they're useful AT ALL other than for a kink, which is rooted in lust, which is a SIN because it results in an unfulfilling life. The tranny will take you down to their level, because the only satisfaction they can have is not people propping up their delusions, but having people as deluded as you are, where you think women are actually more than pussy, and where friends are more than resources.

Humility from their own actions, because they're ashamed of having a penis and no axe-wound surgery will fix that. I think personality is a giant meme, as people adapt to their surroundings. Your friends are going to be people who surround you in the same area, that applies to women too.
HOWEVER: Trannies seclude themselves because they are deluded, and people recognize that they are flawed the instant they meet them. They then surround themselves with other faggots, with which they will only fuck them because they were groomed by them through Discord or some real-life "Pride" club or group. They will not be with you because you support their fantasies, in fact, they hate you on a deeper level for not giving them help. What they will do though, is drag you down with them. You are going to be just as depressed and insufferable as they are, and that's really what LGBT is doing when they brainwash teenage boys into being faggots, which I suspect OP is. These people have rotten personalities, and sometimes they have rotten axe-wounds.

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>sample image

You never haf a t-gf before but want one, then you'll be in for a rough ride in a while.
I have gender dysphoria and used to hang out with lots trannies (my "besties") and their friends / lovers, and i used to pass and crossdress back then and had relationships with chasers like you before realizing it all was just a sick deluded meme, but let me tell you, imagine the worst traits of beta manchildhood mixed with a mentally disseased thot and / or effeminate promiscuous faggot, and that's a tranny girlfriend, there's a reason for the dysphoria, because it's a symptom of a deeper trouble, no the end itself, the mental illness don't stop post-op, that's why the suicide rates.

Go get as much transex gfs as you could, 80% of them will be awful human beings, narcissistic and/or sociopathic, the rest will be just sad and broken(like I was) but all of them deluded into worshiping the transexuality meme as the non plus ultra panacea out of emotional / ideological investment. (google J B Calhoun's behavioral sink theory, it explains it all, the final social stage is pure autism, just after the trannies, whores and feminazis)

Don't believe me, go and do it, feel attracted to it like a moth to a flame, and crash and burn along too.

You're not going to find a lot user. I'm in the midwest as well and there are virtually none out here.
I was able to date one for several years. It was the only time in my life I was happy and I have severe doubts that I'll ever find it again.
I wish you luck on your search.

No, trannies aren't better than cis women but not for reasons Jow Forums says. Basically the issue is that due to the fact that at their core they have a mental disorder, all trannies have multiple symptoms of cluster B personality disorders. I assume your view of trannies being these cool girls who will be your best friend and share interests in all your anime is because you've never actually interacted with a tranny. But as someone who as known multiple trannies, let me tell you, the cool, relatable "guy hobbies" that they have are greatly overshadowed by their shitty personalities. Not to mention, trannies are very vain in terms of look/partner's dick size, so despite what you may believe from internet memes, trannies are not more willing to settle for ugly guys than cis women.
tl;dr your romanticized ideal of trannies couldn't be further from the truth

to be fair, cis women are probably as mentally ill as trans women at this point. i've talked to a fair bit of cis women who are fucking insane schizos, ones who make my tranny friends look like well-adjusted people. we're not all insane freaks, and it's not that hard to understand us if you have even half of a brain. also they can give you children, IVF is a thing, ya know. these incels are just mad that they can't get roasties OR trannies. sad!

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Ivf requires insane wealth, plus you'd have to debate with the tranny who's gametes are going into the baby to make it...

To Kappu....
But I may be open to dating trans women.... I have had the possibility in the past... I'm sure they are just as bad as regular women. If incels became a tranny however their options would skyrocket.

this. a lot of cuteboy incels tend to be a lot better off if they take hrt and embrace the tranny meme. onlly the cute fem ones though, if they're not fem enough for it they'll just turn out gross.

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you seem like a nice lad. desu trans women are going to be as emotional as a cis woman, the big difference is that unless they're full borderline and off the rails, they'll empathise with you. they might ask you to help them with their emotional baggage, but they wont insult your masculinity just to "bring you down to their level" or some shit. guys that try to broadbrush all trannies as unhinged lunatics who will try to hurt you evidently only have experience with pinkpillers or total borderline freaks who have no impulse control.

True, I'm too tall, but in this day and age I don't blame anyone for wanting to become a woman. I suppose you wouldn't like that though because more competition, well dating is so easy that I'm sure you don't have much competition today but still maybe in the future if enough transition.... In regards to the ivf question, who's gametes do you use, or do you have the procedure done twice?
Surrogate women cost 100k+ though I think so good luck.... Just genuinely curious no troll....
Ps . Pussy is overrated.

how tall are you, user? to be honest, i wouldn't consider more tranners as competition, i already have a gf so it doesn't really matter to me. me and my girl are planning to have 2 kids, one with my sperm, one with hers. IVF isn't as expensive as 100k, i should know considering i myself was conceived through it. it's more around the ballpark of 30k.

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> me and my girl are planning to have 2 kids, one with my sperm, one with hers.
>one with hers.

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it's current year user, girls can have testicles now

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Congratulations, yeah that's good not to view others as competition, that leads to toxic behaviours... 6ft 4, I know someone around 6 ft who transitioned and was criticised for being so tall. I think the expensive part of IVF is the surrogate womb, but since you already have a gf that doesn't really matter. 30k is cheap enough, I lost 100k through gambling in the past ... Congratulations user.

but i don't have a uterus

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6ft is pretty much the cut off point for most tranners, unless they're incredibly fem and could pass off as a giantess. it's okay though user, i'm sure you'll find a qt trans gf one day.

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Oh, wait when did that happen, are futas real now?
Not that I'm complaining

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>tfw wanted to be a tranny but was too tall and ugly for it
Now I'm stuck as an old repressor that wants to die

i'm sorry to hear that user, i thought i wasn't going to pass that well because i'm 5'11" but i ended up just looking like a cute tall girl which was pretty nice,

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Might not be as cheap for me to reproduce... Need a good friend for that... I remember seeing you in the other threads you smoke and vape a lot don't you? Do you ever feel that the nicotine makes you too lazy?
I'm getting that atm...

i typically only smoke one weed joint a day, but i vape nicotine a fair bit. if anything, the nicotine makes me energized. it's a secondary stimulant, after all. keeps me functioning during late nights of shitposting. weed, on the other hand, does make me feel quite relaxed, and i guess lazy to an extent, but that's only because i'm quite a lazy person by default. i'm a neet so i don't really have to do much.

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5 11. That took a lot of bravery congrats.

No 5'11 tranny passes don't delude yourself

I'm not sure then, maybe my brain is just fucked. I'm blaming it on the nicotine but I get light headed and faint. I feel like my days are numbered... I'm an old dying man but only 21... Maybe mental illness is what you call that, either that or profoundly physically sick I feel like falling over. I'm going out now with a friend... Nice talking... Landing a gf as NEET is inspirational. Giving me some hope. Haha. I'm also currently NEET, but will return to wagecuk in a few months. Manager pissed me off so I left... Now they are asking me to come back Ha! Take care user.

i'd always been pretty effeminate in my youth, i also have gynecomastia as well so like i literally had tits too. the majority of men i've met tower over me still, so its not like height is that much of an issue for me. i'm glad i started hrt early too, i'm 18 now and started it around 10 months ago. i pass pretty well now and get maam'd most places i go.
nicotine rushes do make you feel quite lightheaded, it's a comfy feeling. afterwards it should give you a boost, though. it was nice talking to you user, i hope you find a cute girl to call your own someday. have a nice time with your friend!

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You get maam'd because people don't want an incident lmao

is that why i get cat-called and hit on so much too, user?

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They're making fun of you dude, they're not genuine.

Literal hons still get tranny chasers lmao lonely men are thirsty as fuck
Fuck off larper