Does anybody know a philosopher that talks about something like this as i want to learn more about this perspective and...

does anybody know a philosopher that talks about something like this as i want to learn more about this perspective and find answers on how to handle it through him.

>Everything passes ergo everything is pointless. why have a better life if time passes faster and eventually suffer, why live and do anything if nothing lasts.

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Emil Cioran

>why live and do anything if nothing lasts
Why are you doing anything for pleasure when the pleasure is temporary? Everything is temporary. Try to enjoy it even more because of this fact and not less.

nihilism is a joke
heh, glad that's not original

Oh wow, such a convinsing arguement! who needs men's writing that is driven by years of thinking and studying, when you have user here.
Thanks dude, where is your petreon? you literally saved me from myself, have been suicidal for months because of this idea and you just cured me!
I'm sorry for wasting your precious time but could you type that again in more common terms? my brain doesn't comperhend such complexity very well, perhapse something i missed between those subtle lines, truly a genius.

Judging from this post I can safely say with 100% certainty that you are just as much of an insufferable faggot as that guy, if not more so.

Trips confirm
All nihilists are faggots

damn, why am i insufferable? would like to not be

Yes. Read Nietzsche.

>why am i insufferable
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Nihilism. Antinatalism. Stoicism.

If I say "that Greek dude who lived in a barrel and jacked off in public", am I right or wrong?

these faggots throw shit on nihilism because they have 3iq and cant comprehend anything beyond their puny existence

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nihilism is self-defeating, user.

Hey OP, used to think like that too, however, look for Albert Camus, Sartre, and i think Schopenhauer fits here too, Camu's "Outsider" and general thinking about Myth of Sisyphus helped me overcome existential terror. So yeah, instead of looking for Nihilism you might wanna try Existentialism and Stoicism. The whole life and laws of universe is wierd and absurd as hell, however, it's something that we need to deal with

not when you embrace its nature and accept it. the peace and happiness one so desperately seeks is found within oneself

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But then there's no more nihilism

>complains about "insufferable"
thanks for stating the obvious, i wouldn't be an r9k user if i was a nice person, you can meet PC asslikcing people on plebbit, go there

why the fuck do you think i want to read more about it you retard, i literally want answers to these questions so that i don't kill myself

Just get a mix between Stoicism, Pessimism, and Nihilism:

Cioran, Carlo Michelstaedter, Thomas Ligotti, Schopenhaur, Nietzsche, Pio Baroja, Miguel de Unamuno, Zapffe, Gurdjieff, etc.

> total abdication of responsibility
> abdication of moral reality, moral burden

What is the damn motivation for that philosophy that you just produced there?

Look, here's an idea. The cosmos inside is greater than the cosmos outside. Unless you measure in something as trivial as space or time.

And what is inside, is this fundamental reality of suffering. I can not doubt the existence of pain. I have thought about that a lot, but I can't see anything else than that,

And more so, I can't act any way other than that.

And well what says more about what you believe, how you act or what you say you believe? The existentialists would say how you act.

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nihilism is not something you live in, nihilism is something you go through and either lose yourself in existential fear and depression or come out as one who left behind the boundaries of the physical brain. if done right, nothing can bother you anymore.

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>using "ergo" when you could have just typed "so"


You would have to be more specific, but you are not wrong

How intelligent, i admire your clever response as you completely owned my argument please, here is this (you) kindly take it, and fuck off
first word i thought about, it sounds better too

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ive been lurking for 6 years

and yet you still lack critical self-awareness

Well, ergo makes you sound pretentious same as the rest of your pseudo profound two dollar view on life
Nihillism is a cowards way out, wasting time focussing on the vastness of time and the universe when you should just be getting your shit together for the here and now

yes, yes, keep trying. keep working. keep bettering yourself. keep fulfilling yourself, by doing your best each day. do everything you wanted to do in your life. keep chasing the light at the end of the tunnel. when the time comes both me and you will meet the same fate and everything we ever did will be forgotten. it only takes thinking ahead of whats directly in front of you to realize this, but you must also have the brains for it. you probably believe in the delusion of free will too, which you think you use to advance in this game of life, just as every other primate wandering this earth, calling itself human. keep searching for what does not exist.

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nihilism is not buddhism. also it's defined by rejecting purpose so you can't ascribe a purpose to it. you get bothered by shit like any human, but maybe you deal with it better because you know why it bothers you

His name was Diogenes. He created the original Cynicism, which evolved into Stoicism.

Well, I'm having a lot of fun going through life my way, so when we meet at the end of this meaningless passing of time I'll be glad I didn't spend my short life moping around and being miserable about the meaninglessness of it all.
I'll gladly tell you the stories of my life when we sit in the bar that I hope exists in the darkness of the afterlife. I'm curious what stories you will have at the end of this meaningless struggle

Yeah, thanks professor. I was actually trying to make a joke about there being lots of greeks masturbating in public and living in barrels

>why not?
gets em every time

once one has died he cannot experience anymore. once we are dead, you wont be glad of anything and i wont regret anything. and hoping an afterlife exists is foolish, accept the fragility of your existence and its inevitable end.

You didn't argue anything you braindead retard, in fact you still haven't argued anything in any of your posts up 'til this point. You're just flinging shit at people you think are beneath you because they don't subscribe to your half-assed garbage "philosophy" of "hurr nothing matteres and if u disagree ur dum and rong cuz i sed so". There'd be no point in recommending any reading to you because you're clearly already set in your ways and you'd only read selectively with the intention of internalizing everything you can find that agrees with your preconceived notions about life and disregarding everything else.

Yeah No shit, so for fuck sake, why do you spend you obviously limited time before the eternal darkness moping around about the universe

>using words correctly is bad
>your thought, which you wrote as an example to get actual philosophical points similar to it, is pseudo profound and worth 2 dollars
Who would have thought

>nihilism is cowards way out
I'm fucking asking for sophisticated thought on the manner because i don't like it and
>i want to find answers on how to handle it

Why the fuck is your comprehension skills abysmal? fuck these moral fags

there is no right or wrong way to spend my time, so i will mop around the universe until the day i finally die if i so please

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>dosnt "like" nihilism
>>fuck these moral fags

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Well, I surely can't stop you so, just do what you got to do. Just try not to act intellectually superior towards people who haven't somehow realised that time is infinite and the universe kind of as well.
We all know that pretty much everything is meaningless, that doesn't mean we all want to be dwelling on it

its ones reaction to that realization that separates intellectually superiors from the rest

Holy shit, my post got deleted and it wasn't even anti-tranny. Did we finally get mods on this board?

instead of actually reading the post, they just see the first hint of nihilism and write about how you are a coward

Yeah losing all will to live is definitely intellectually superior than forgetting about it and trying to be happy in life

no wonder; this was never the place to come to for actual intellectual discussion. the moment they read nihilism, these drunk on illusions and optimism apes start reeeing

>why do things if things are not permanent and perfect and forever
Idk OP, maybe because we're not idiots getting stuck in mundane concerns for lasting power of our existence. It's a matter of perspective, but ultimately you reasonably admit to having senses as the half animal you are.

Stop acting like a slave, find the answers through your own experiences

>every reader ever is a slave
>books should be burned
>students learning from others? sounds like slavery to me
>lmao, just start at the stone-age and discover everything yourself

i can't even fucking do this anymore i will just hide this shit

Dont fall into this pit
Nihilism and Pessimism are a joke.
Aim for greater accomplishments and learn to love the suffering as you use it as a learning tool.
Become the Ubermensch.

Why are you even here then?
Create your own board and make your own rules you slave

Thank you anons, i hope we get more people like you in this place.

What if he said it less like a faggot? Your first instinct should be to rely on yourself instead of others. Once that's done, then move onto others.

that's why i asked though

>Stop acting like a slave, find the answers through your own experiences

>ignorance is the coward's way of life

>Well, "though" makes you sound pretentious

God dude you're such a faggot, no wonder why no one here takes you seriously.

keep crying, originalities

whatever helps you cope I guess. Originally

there is nothing to cope with, life is pointless

That's a cope, dolt.


enrich yourself with the NEET virtue !
NEETicism is better than asceticism !
NEET is the Way .
NEET knows the Middle Path .
NEET is the evolution of eudaimonia in the post-modern future .
true beings of promise will thrive through NEETitude ! !


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whatever helps you get (you)s, i guess

true wisdom


sounds like emil cioran's on the heights of despair

Why avoid suffering?
you have decided that suffering is bad and evil without any rational though.

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You are but a single grain of dust in the ocean that is the cosmos.
Your existence is worthless,
Pain is your god.

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shhhh dont be stupid