Why are roasties so disingenuous?

Why are roasties so disingenuous?

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usually they get knocked up and then go lesbo AFTER wards

There's no such thing as homosexuality. It's entirely psychotic.

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I thought being lesbian wasn't a choice, user...

Everything is psychotic

everything leftist is psychotic

because lesbians are notoriously abusive, so one is probably forcing it

I wouldn't go that far.
I've heard a story from a semi-chad who was known for keeping secrets safe. Dykes always asked him to fuck them because even though they like other girls they need dick because the dick instinct is hardwired in the female brain unrelated to gay/bi/ or other weird shit. Don't know if it's true though. It made sense when I first heard it.

i went out once with a girl i knew and she brought her friend, who was a militant lesbian. the lesbian friend got drunk and started grabbing my dick when we were dancing, so we went back to her place and banged and then she started emasculating me and telling me that i was bad in bed after i came

Women aren't "gay" or "straight". All women are chad-sexual. They only like most men as cuck providers who they'll occasionally fuck (when they aren't ovulating) to keep them interested.

Then why most of Jow Forums is retarded, depressed rightwing scum

aren't lesbian parents also exponentially more likely to abuse their children?

lesbians can get pregnant, too

that's homosexual parents in general

I would say lesbians get pregnant because they want to have kids, be mothers and raise families. I went through this, helped a lesbian have a kid.

But these are teens so yeah they're just sluts not trying to family create.

That came from a widely discredited study

>I would say lesbians get pregnant because they want to have kids
teens? They want to be teen moms in highschool?

You don't insult the church of LGBTOMGWTFBBQFTW+ and get away with it!

No I mean older, adult lesbians wanting kids. But the OP pic is talking about teens so that's something else different.

So you posted something that had nothing to do with the thread.

Honestly it feels great to cum inside a lesbian who isnt even interested in you. For free

>sharing a 2 year old article
Why does Jow Forums always cite fake news that's years old?

I was saying how some lesbians despite being gay, still have kids without being dishonest about their sexuality. But the ones in OP pic can't account for that since they're plainly just sluts.

>t. abusive lesbian