Wagies falling into a deep depression over the prospect of another week of backbreaking toil edition

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Actually got a fairly easy day tomorrow, just up to Stoke and back

Only three days of work left lads.
Then I need to plan everything for Leeds.

I have a weird feeling in my muscles and I feel like I need to work out. It is difficult to describe.

Had my daily phone call with half JP qt.
Today we spoke about the house we'd get together, she wants a large kitchen and a room for the dogs. Mentioned going house viewing together when she's back as she's selling the house she inherited (she doesn't need 11 bedrooms or a swimming pool apparently).

This is a wild ride.

timmy was picked up the local mental health people about an hour ago and taken to be sectioned

rip tim byrne

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Tweeted 10 minutes ago.

Why did video games stop being fun for me? It all started around 2012 when I was in community college and kinda just stopped.

I've tried getting back into them, all sorts of genres, own a Switch, PS4 and PC... They just bore me after a few minutes, or I can't even be bothered starting to play.

I was neet for a few years after so I blamed it on depression, but now I work full time and enjoy my job, but still have no interest in games. I really miss being comfy and stuck into a game, but all I do is sit in front of my PC every evening until bed watching random youtube videos and going between here and Reddit.

shame this isn't true, tim needs help and I hope he gets it

he queues his stuff up

Lad, I know you've fallen for her but she sounds like a catfish. I mean come on.

He needs people to stop harassing him you mean.

if people sending you pizzas can induce a mental breakdown then he's clearly not that stable, I don't think he's a risk to anyone desu and obviously people tormenting him is disgusting but I don't think he's healthy

ive experienced the same thing, i feel its a part of growing up. In adulthood ive enjoyed Bloodborne, Dark Souls 3, Nier Automata and maybe some more that cant think of right now, try them out if you havent yet.

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They just became corporate cash pieces. That's around the time it happened, no longer made by passionate developers but hired coding monkeys.

Break out the Gamecube and you'll find those video game are still as fun as ever.

yeah like the dentist, dpd delivery men, random strangers going into sainsburys, his neighbours, people doing their jobs, people walking up public paths, they're all after our timmy

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>masculine aging process
Mate you do know women go gray and recede right? It has nothing to do with what you're saying, my theory is that I find flaws in women attractive because it makes them more relatable and also 'realistic' rather than being this sublime image of perfection.

Are you allowed a mixed race gf if you work for GCHQ lad?


Play some chess with me, its a thinking mans sport

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Chad Andrew up to no good again!

He's now setting his camera down taking pictures in the middle of the road.

Slightly dangerous, don't you think?

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>tfw no sad jap snow gf

Gonna go see Metallica on Tuesday, probably going with my brother or sister

Still worried that the seats my be obstructed or side-view
Would be gutted if I turn up at 5:15pm for Ghost and Bhakasa just to be starting at the side staging all show

Why do you almost never talk about your brother.

First the exhibitionist arc, now the standing in the road arc

These are the end times.

Saw some Barbour coats for sale today and thought of Tim

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If it is it's a professional hit and I'm in big trouble. She's coming back to the UK for a week on Thursday. I've taken the last week of June off for it.

Japanese is fine.

He hasn't live with me for over a year, we rarely interact, when we do it's just texts, like yesterday I told him I changed the Netflix password but it turns out he's the one that logged in

>Japanese is fine
But paki isn't?

>Gonna go see Metallica on Tuesday, probably going with my brother or sister

You know you can look up online to see where the seats will be?

As far as the job is concerned they're fine but Orientals are the only exception to race mixing for me.

I need to slap my balls against some ebony arse right now.

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It will be a sad state of affairs if she is an Iranian catfishing you for missile design secrets.

I think it's almost certain that he'll get sectioned at some point in the next few months, especially if people keep on harassing him

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Ree with seven Es

Tim hasn't addressed the pizza in his videos.

you did very well for someone who doesnt know how to play :) might be a prodigy

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LOTS of negresses in Milton Keynes

How do we know it's Andrew with the jap qt

>tfw become the kind of loser your parents warn you not to be

Yes but I don't know where exactly the stage will be and how it will look

I'm just too lazy to think more than two steps ahead
Ivr played chess maybe a handful of times in my life, I know the rules at least tho

saw my cousin today. she's got massive tits she has lads

>inherited 11 bedroom house with swimming pool
>selling it

Just something you know when you pay attention to britfeel every Day

Looks like it's time to move to the city of roundabouts

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Jesus god in heaven lad, i'd slay that queen

mighty fine tan ten ten

They are very civilised, miles more than London

timothy james byrne should go for the guiness world record for fastest talker

only thing he can say that fast is unitedstatesofamerica sorry

Glad to see there are men of taste in this general.

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i don't think he's faster than this guy

Keep it up Crona babe don't let the haters get to you xx

>too old to join the army now

>too old to get nonced now

internet is back on, yay. bit nervous to get into a proper game though so might fanny around still with redstone. playing with tnt for a bit. trying defense stuff. want to use pistons to create a tnt firing machine.
wonder if you could do like a dispenser that drops tnt in front of a piston that fires the tnt off and makes it go past a redstone torch to ignite the tnt

Weeks and days are meaningless when you work a 10 days pattern

Get a degree and join as an officer, lad.
Also I don't see why 20 is too old. My brother is 19 and he's currently joining the navy. By the time he'll have everything sorted out he'll be 20 too.

Don't come here lad, massive shithole.

my chess opponent bailed on me after 3 moves now im sad

Not illegal to fuck her lad, go for it

Not him but in all fairness it costs a lot of money to run a big house so unless she's inherited cash as well as the house selling it is the most sensible thing to do if she can't run it on her income.


Tim Byrne.

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hope all you lads are watching the top gear

geocachers are strange people desu

Nope, i'm killing giant headless apes with my mortal blade

It costs too much for her to have cleaned so she's going to downsize to a 1 or two bedroom.
She says the ones she's seen have kitchens too small and that if we have kids we're going to want 4 bedrooms.

I've considered the possibility that it's a catfish, but I don't think it is. Usually they're the ones asking for money and she's talking about 1k ice cream from selfridges like it's a treat.

Why do you say that lid? The ones I've met seemed normal enough.

the ones ive met seem to shit on people who have any hobbies other than geocaching

fair enough
just make sure to catch up on iplayer

some cunt from tinder yoinked my 40 quid battery pack

stream here



I don't have a tv license but sure, I'll watch it

It's the same place I went last week

It glitched out, sorry lad

good lad
it'll be the talk of the britfeel watercooler in the morning

what ever happened to deepfakes? thought they would have become more of a thing by now

Depends what the other hobbies are really. If it's absolutely any other hobby apart from geocaching then yeah okay, they're small minded and strange but if they're shitting someone whose hobbies are 40K and trainspotting they might have a point.

she does sound like a bit of a psycho though tbf mate. talking about buying a house together and having kids, have you even met? done the deed?


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they still exist, but they aren't totally convincing yet so nobody's using them for Evil!

(and if they are, we can't tell xd)

The fuck is this shite laddo?

Lord Lucan lives in Broughton Castle

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He's right though, Stoke is a shithole. Paki taxi companies, no restaurants, the only possibly interesting thing is Denise Coates started Bet365 there.

1st Earl of britfeel

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The council uses an obscene amount, must have seen about 25 go in over the space of 20 minutes

cherry confirmed for shittest e-cig flavour besides tobacco

>accidentely log out of messenger friday night
>get message from friend Saturday morning
>only realise im logged off on Sunday evening
>I reply apologising for late reply because i accidentely logged out
>he's seen the message but is taking his sweet time to write back

People suck

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Shippy's a good lad right.

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collection of wojak images from the archives with the filename format wj *

If she gets the all clear from hospital she'll be back in the UK this weekend and then I'll meet her.
She's joked about no hugging until the 10th date, no kissing until the 20th, 50 before sex. I laughed and said no sex until we're married and she made this really cute noise then said we can't wait that long because it's too hard to resist.
She's adorable.

very devilish but it's the same slop either way

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>my second name rhymes with paki
>kids at school would say racist shit to me all the time
>not even asian or remotely asian looking
>I'm white british with Irish ancestry
>was never sure if it was bullying or not

Not even actual pakis got bullied for being asian at my school

Sounds dodgy to me mate. You've seen pictures of each other I take it?

pot noodle ingredients are more 'transparent' than that horse meat shit slop on that plate.

is this a self portrait of shut in chad?

>he's never been evicted from rented accommodation

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I bought a 1000 piece Jigsaw today. A world map with flags

How's homelessness treating you

Yeah of course, she's quite pretty.
In fact I'll video chat with her tomorrow just to be 100% certain.