Would you let a qt jerk you and another user off at once?

Would you let a qt jerk you and another user off at once?

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Yea of course, why not? Why would I refuse?

No. It's not worth it. Maybe if she was blowing me...

As long as I'd never have to interact with them again. Unless it was for round 2

fuck no. last time a girl tried to give me a handy it felt like she was going to rip my dick right out of my body. never again.

Only if we can touch tips.

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I wouldn't like to be involved in any kind of MMF threesome. It just feels weird.

I mean, I guess though I doubt Id climax. Girls are just pretty terrible at handjobs and it takes more than just random friction

only if he has a bigger dick and she makes fun of my small pp.

what if i ploughed your butt while she watches?

Sorry but that's gay.

You're a fag.

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you wanted to touch tips. that's gay too.

Not gay if balls don't touch.

Fucking another man is sinful and predatory.

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Touching our ejaculatory areas? Pretty gay.
If we're going to be gay, we'll do it my way.

Another person that i maybe yes, another user no.

Another person that i maybe yes, another user? fuck no

That's some next level denial

Whachu mean homie.

Just because I want to touch tips doesn't mean I want to fuck someone in the ass.

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Of course. MMF threesomes are one of my bigger fetishes.

This is the ideal outcome.

You need to get your hole thoroughly fucked

This. Getting bullied would make me cum quickly, especially with a big dick right there in her other hand.


I'm only friends with kind people.

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something that I will do. I said it first.

Why not another user? What's wrong with that?

that's the epitome of faggotry, because you're literally naked near a naked dude, and you both are horny.
that makes you both gay, even if some girl is around.

Beggars can't be choosers, user. Do you want a hot girl to jerk you off or don't you?