Why the fuck anime posters turn me on so much,they are so cute with their stuttering and feminine behavior...

Why the fuck anime posters turn me on so much,they are so cute with their stuttering and feminine behavior,they are what women should have been.I just want to adopt a neet anime poster where do i find one

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S-south east Michigan p-please

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So fucking cute post discord

In anywhere that smells like shit

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S-so cute and cringy a- at the same time, h-how do you do it? U.U

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Oh you're s-so forward haha b-but I can't just give that away in front of e_everyone...

D-dont bully me

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Fuck, this thread is already dead? I thought we were gonna have fun UnU

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>Oh you're s-so forward haha b-but I can't just give that away in front of e_everyone...
Aaaand i'm hard,just post it you little slut

>don't bully me

Of course I'm gonna do it

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I-I'm still here! I'll have fun with you user!

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Nice.You can start by sucking my dick under my desk for hours as i watch hentai :)

Yay ! A new friend!

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are you all gays or women

Post boypussy now!

Mmmm I l-love how dominant you are but I c-can't just post on Jow Forums like that in s-scared
That sounds n-nice as long as you can P-protect me from these bullies
Hi friend!

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Wh-why are you s-so mean user-kun?

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no lol i cant tell

Why are you guys such fucking faggots i wanna beat you with a blunt instrument

I-im whatever will please you user!

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Why not? Trash deserves being treated like trash

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My little cum dumpster

Beat m-my ass as hard as you c-can user senpai

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I don't care just post it already [email protected] mail it here u dumb sissy

I-im not t-trash!
OH b-boy would you h-hold me close and f-fill me up??

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You're disgusting you're actually getting off to the thought of me beating you? Fuck off and kill yourself you subhuman garbage

Let's be honest, you are in Jow Forums for some reason

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N-not even him but you sound so mean and forceful please beat my b-boipussy with your hard c-cock!
Mmmm maybe y-you're right...

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I wanna crush your faggoty skull you pathetic failure of a man real men dont act like faggots i hope your parents dont know what a disappointment you are

I want to disappoint an anime poster (male) with my small penis

It doesn't m-matter what my dad thinks as long as my daddy treats me right

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Ok, I will hang my self, because s-suffocation is m-my deepest fetish, so they will be the most horny last seconds of l-life

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Yes i'd love to punish such a fucking slut with my cock and whip your ass until you start sobbing and begging me to stop only for me to hit you harder and choke you then cum inside your boyhole and throw you on the floor after i'm done using you

You guys are genuinely pathetic i dont even wanna call you men you're not women or men just a pathetic faggot

>Mmmm maybe y-you're right...

The fuck I am, faggot

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Don't pick on my toys you fucking nigger

post your discord OP. I think you got a few anime posters who want to add you.

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I dont wanna fuck them i wanna beat and kill them

Same so leave it to me

>tfw recently realized I'm a cuck in addition to being a faggot
It feels really strange to admit. I just want a boyfriend who loves me, I'm paranoid of cheating and so it almost feels like it would be a relief to allow it.

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Lets beat the queers together

OH g-god would you let me clean your balls with my tongue until you're ready to empty them again? G-gosh I want this
Daddy is always right...
Kill me by suffocating my throat with cock and cum? P-please!

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Cuteposters are retards, who gets aroused by this cartoon villian-dom material.

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Id just rape you one time before i beat you to death id make you look defromed from the beatings
I genuinely hate you and all the faggots ITT

Idk I don't think anyone in this thread is serious desu senpai it's all shitposting

Im serious i hate faggots and wish they'd die

Yeah I feel that. I'm honestly the main cute poster of this thread and I just like getting the (you)s

I confirm x2

Anyone who takes this seriously it's just as retarded like people who would say all of this seriously

Indeed, merely acting retarded. Stick to that excuse you awkward weirdo.

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Oh yeah, did you know that people that are [insert any negative adj] oftenly say that other people are [insert any negative adj] to hide their own [insert any negative adj]? It's basically what is happening right now

>Self insert as anime reaction images
>Will always be a disgusting hon
Haha kms

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so is Jow Forums the new old-/b/ or the new /jp/?

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>tfw no subby anime poster in Missouri to make my bitch

>No detroiter (white) to be my daddy
I-it only hurts a little!

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That's pretty much the worst city to look for a white daddy.

Modern /b/ but everyone wants to be dead

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Reminder that anime posting is only for comfy

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Anime posting is signalling that you want to be pinned down and fucked like an anime girl.

Come to Norway. If you're as caring as you seem, I'd gladly submit to you.

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