Name thread

>tfw Anthony

I am okay with it desu

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Sounds like a brain aneurysm and I know 11 Ernests personally.

why the fuck is it Daniel
the universe's greatest mystery

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I'm not even Irish

I'm okay with this too.

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i too feel the pain of being a daniel. i feel like its a normal name but not a good one

Reminder to everyone one of the gayest names is Benjamin like super gay

Are you a nignog? I knew this tall black gay ass dude named Morgan

Lots of fags are named Anthony

> Fucking namelet, his name has less than 10 letters.

Juat end it already.


Eh I live with it

>Kelly and I'm a guy reeeeeee

>tfw boomer Richard name
haha Dick

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I agree user Benjamin is beta and super queer I knew 1 and he was actually gay

I'm pretty much as white as they come, sorry.

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>Alexander(often called Alex because ppl are too lazy and my actual name is Alexandru but had to give the english alternative)

Sounds like you should go on Grindr and get fucking TOPPED with a name like that

At least when you transition you can be called alexis

Not good not bad, it's just meh. Average... It's not as if I'm saying it's wrong though.

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Well just normal name in Poland. Nothing special but I kinda like this name.

TFW you have a kike name

At least you accepted and come to terms with being a fag

Cameron or Tommy, depending on if you met me before or after high school.

I usually tell people I don't have a preference, they can call me Susan if it makes them comfortable. Generally though, I like my older friends to call me Tommy.

Yeah, and now just send me pic of your hairy butthole.

>tfw Ploner

just why

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Daniel is a chad-tier name
t. another Daniel

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Originalio of course

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Dan seems like more masculine version unlike boyish Daniel.

My name is Rupert. Nice to meet you all

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everyone calls me Dan, only relatives call me Daniel

>Maxim tho
Not bad I guess

Fuck my parents

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are you russian?

>My name is Rupert. Nice to meet you all

Dacyka blya

Sammy is a good name and Eu is the best girl

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>tfw daniel
>tfw comments not origenelli

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It's a convenient name since I moved countries recently and it's still spelled and pronounced the same here.

Caleb: most based name around

more like the most faggot name around

Your parents are absolute psychopaths. They didn't want to kill you but they wanted to make sure no one could ever take you serious again.

Eh its alright i guess its not cool or anything


I'm not even black.

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Jackass haha.

I like it, it doesn't stand out like some names in this thread

Romanian fellow
Also name:
>Cezar/Caesar (or however the fuck you translate it)
Welp, wish I was the Roman Emperor.p

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I'm okay with it

From spain
Named Diego
My parents are so original

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Rarely show up in these threads makes me think the rest are to busy being normie

Spelling is different because I'm from a slavic country. I guess it's ok.

Atleast you got thicc thighs and legblades

was I fucked from the start?

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what does that even mean?

>person could be named Morgan Morgan and you wouldn't know if he/she would be black or white

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eriko is the name, back

lmao say what again brett

Let us all point and laugh at PLONER over there. HAHAHAHA how does it feel PLONER


Lloyd is fucking badass.

>tfw fucking hippie Beatlesfag parents named you Ringo

if I ever get a kid I'm going to name him Piero

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Thanks this made my day better :)

I knew a gangbanger named Tracy, he sold me weed he grew lol

I'm a Chris so I mean I'm kinda fucked but not awfully.


very plain name

Ok I guess

like allfather lloyd from dark souls

i don't know

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Very common name. I know at least 3 others. Not the worst though, all things considered.


T. unoriginal spanish name fag.

Everytime I hear my name I cringe

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William here.
>tfw everyone decided to name their kid William
>tfw get confused as fuck in the store with moms going: "Williaaaaam!"
>tfw have responded on multiple occasions

I hate how ridiculously common it is, but at least I share it with this guy.
My last name even begins with Jo-.

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best jojo

I'm okay with it.

shiggy diggy

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could be worse but my god it could be much better

I'm ok with it, sounds like Spanish Chad

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very happy with it

its ok i guess

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I'm kind of idifferent about it. At least I'm not a Keith

i think is alright, never really tought about it

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Hey ploner how you doin

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>tfw got cucked by God himself

I'm at a complete loss for words. If that is actually your name, your parents are complete bastards. Where are you from? How much have you been bullied for it? Have your parents given you an explanation for it? C'mon Ploner, I need fuckin answers.


Fucking hate it, but it could be worse.

Cringey, I don't say my own name even.


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People still call me Ariel (little mermaid) even though I'm a guy

I don't like it


rise up

I knew a Gabriel in grade school. We used to draw these little 3 panel comics together and howl laughing but in high school he became a major addict.


feels rad to be a chad

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Could be worse


Could be better, but I'm fine with it

I know a Uriel in high school. Chubby Hispanic dude, had him in this really shitty English class too but he made it more bearable.

I don't originally think so, bud.

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