That look in your parents face when you told them you would not go to your prom dance

>that look in your parents face when you told them you would not go to your prom dance

oh robots its been 9 years and still makes me want to be an hero
pls hold me

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kek'd, rekt, and check'd

I remember myself trying to lie about it so they couldnt know I was a loser

they knew my brother didn't go either. i found school to be stupid.

Honestly you didn't miss much. Prom was one of the worst fucking things I've ever been to. I would have prefered being called a faggot incel for not going than going to that shit.

i just saw it as the pinaccle culmination of the fakeness and normieness of my public school experience. hated everything about it and prom seemed like voluntarily going into hell one last time.

You werent allowed to go to prom at my school if you missed more than 18 days. I skipped school and faked being sick like 30 days a year lol

Europoor here.
No school features a 'prom' in my whole country, despite consuming (((American))) movies since ages.

How about a graduation students party?

fuck amerilardsharts


>TFW got my first blowy joey at prom

>told them prom is retarded and I would rather spend $50 to go to the dinner dance
>go, get some decent food, have an alright time and get a free tv at the end via a raffle
No regrets.
It was hardly even a thing until the baby boomers came along.

I wasn't allowed to go to prom because I molested a girl



Even worse feeling was when I had to tell my mom that my date ditched me and I spent the whole prom night alone.

I got to hold hands with a qt during prom exercising and the actual event, which is nice since I had zero contact with a girl since then.

Another Europoor here, here we do have something similar to prom and I went to mine, not the worst day of my life, but it's up there. Day fucking wasted on sitting in a corner being miserable, could've stayed home and play some video games

I received that look too OP.

Maybe if they invested some time in making me a confident and happy kid instead of getting drunk watching tv every night I might've ended up going to prom.

>the didnt see their faces because i was harscore raiding and couldnt look away from the monitor

Hey I will not have a girl for prom. Should I just go there alone with my plate armor and sword?

try going but then have your date reject you on the slow dance laughing at you and you end up sitting by yourself on the side

Didn't go to prom but did go to the disco for 12 year olds. I was making wanking gestures with my friends half the time and had an erection the whole time because the girl in our friend group was wearing a dress.

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