Swiped thousands of girls over the years and spent hundreds of $$$ for boosts

>Swiped thousands of girls over the years and spent hundreds of $$$ for boosts
>Would offer everything to find a woman to take care of and love unconditionally
>I figured, even on a 0.001% chance of success, I could make it work.

In the long run, not a single woman was interested.

My stats are the following:
>28 years old
>5'6 barefoot
>Jow Forums is my home
>Top 10% income bracket and car/house
>Got an MBA and ambition to be the very best in my profession
>No mental or physical problems. Plain as can be.

The standard response I get from normies is them pointing strawmen out. user you didn't do this, or user you didn't do that. Quite frankly I heard them all by my ripe age and tried all the angles.

It just stings me even more when the Romanian hooker that blows me innocently inquires why i'm cheating on my girlfriend.

I just wanted to vent bros. I feel like I can't live up to Western standards. I'm not a toxic outsider of society that has an axe to grind, i'm just a simple guy looking for a woman to love and to play Sonny & Cher LP plates with while we drink wine to a setting sun somewhere in Marrakech or Budapest. Shouldn't be too hard, yet here I am.

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why are you looking on tinder? why would you even want to find a long term relationship girl from tinder?

Found your flaw, buddy

I feel you OP
Ive got a masters degree, drive a sports car, could deadlift 500 years ago.
Im lucky to get 1 match a week on tinder if I use all my swipes. Then will they respond? Usually not. 1/700 chance of a match, lets say 1/3 message back, never gotten past 3 replies. What a waste of effort.
How do these inferior men do it? Its enraging

Every time my brother brings people over and there are women there, they hit on me. Hotties too. I use this as my measure because I never go outside, but I have my reasons for that. Online I get no hits. On POF I get a message back once in a while, but it rarely goes anywhere. 0 matches on Tinder. So I have to ask: what's it like for fembots dating online? One of my brother's friends remarked she had 700 matches after a short period of time. She was a 5.

Welcome to the peek of the sexual revolution

I know that feel

Maybe its your shity incel personalities and hatred of women that is getting in the way. Just a thought.
You aren't owned sex you dirty little incels.

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OP never even said he hates women you tranny. Can a dude just be sad in peace?

Yeah women arent matching online because of my personality.

You need to force the issue, can't do that online.

How do those inferior men do it? not online.

Your hatred of women is visible through your posts and i assume it would be visible through your interactions with women.
Your just some incels complaining why the world won't bend backwards to give your misogynistic asses some gf's.

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Does OP have discord? I'm 28 and in a similar position.

This has to be a troll, surely

Nigga gotta try offline as well. Tinder got me talking with this girl now, but takes a while. Bitches get a lot of matches you gotta stick out. I usually just give my number after a decent conversation. I end it on that. For offline I have success simply introducing myself and giving my number. Fuck getting her number. Giving yours is less pressure.

But do they actually text you when you give your number? Also are you a chad?

Ngl I don't browse r9k much, I've had girlfriends and come by sometimes to try to dissuade an user from killing himself/counter signal self defeating incels that push stupid shit. Sometimes tho a dude's just sad and needs some positive advice or comfort. Granted I'm not an anime avataring tranny so maybe you view things differently

>being so embroiled in you misogynistic world view that you are owned sex/gf that you call criticism trolling
Transphobia also turns biological women off, darling.

You pathetic incels are so disillusioned that your are beyond saving, do society a favor and just become an hero before you go killing others because of your hatred.
Get it through your thick incel skull that you aren't owned sex or another humans affection.

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i dont think im owed anything, and i dont hate women, i just get sad that i dont have someone there, i'm really lonely.
i guess you're right, the only way out is to just end it. i don't want to hurt anyone though, but like op i guess i'll never be capable of making a woman happy. i'm just a low tier male that women look at with hatred or pity, at best.

My brother watches Mgtow and openly views women as inferior to me, yet every night he goes out he has no problem getting laid. He laughs at my inceldom. But the guy is swimming in options with top tier women. Vets, doctors, 7-8/10 whatever. He's got a Chad face. It's all about the looks and not being a complete retard.. This guy is a complete misogynist and gets messages from women looking to fuck him all the time, trust me it must all be about the looks. He ain't rich either. You wouldn't believe how many women care about the looks and by how much.

>Transphobia also turns biological women off, darling.
No one likes you. You are tolerated to your face at best, but no one actually lies to themselves when you aren't around. Sorry, join the 40% of it's too tough. Or realise you're a man and start trying to be one of quality instead of the mockery you are presently

As I thought the troll shut down and no replies.

If the conversation is good yeah some do. Others don't. You are focusing on Chad meme to much. Im decent looking and well dressed.

You're not worth that incel-san.
>It's all about the looks
Continue coping with your whatever-LETS, also your brother might be special in that he can hide very well his misogyny but that is rare and even he might miss a few because of his hatred.
>No one likes you.
Says the hateful, transphobic and misogynistic incel. lmao
Also if you look at it on a purely number basis straight white males take the cake in suicide numbers(and men in general).

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Maybe it's because you're boring? I don't know. I think that your obsession with finding a woman is ironically keeping you from finding a woman.

If this were the early 2000s you would have likely had little issues finding a relationship, but as it is now the standards for men are absolutely insane. Most normalfag advice is just goalpost-moving. The true problem is societal and there is no individual way to fix it. All these hookup apps are a total waste of time, just try to look for women IRL. Don't get your hopes up though.

Maybe he hides it, he tells me when he gets drunk he 'spergs out' about chads and incels.... Most men on these boards hate women because they've been rejected by them their whole lives.... It's more a chicken and the egg situation you know..

Literally, by definition, no.
>Also if you look at it on a purely number basis straight white males take the cake in suicide numbers(and men in general).
this desperate level of cope. Post another cute anime girl though, I'm it'll get rid of your penis and make you an actual woman

He may hide it to continue on... He's very unemotional and could be a great actor. But he's told some girls interested in kissing him to 'fuck off' and they still pursue him... I remember another time he kissed a girl and then told his friend he couldn't believe he'd kissed such an ugly girl afterwards right infront of her so the guy punched him to get him to stop talking, but he continued anyways, but she didn't hear it... He's male model tier though and very manipulative....

>would offer everything
>but I would never go outside and actually meet women or improve myself

This guy also gets gifts from women and refuses to go back to their homes if asked sometimes. He turns down so many women it's unbelievable in this day and age, especially to an incel like me.

You didn't mention how your face looks. Tinder is all about looks, if you're ugly you need to try another strategy.

>It's more a chicken and the egg situation you know
No its not, they just need to get it into their retarded heads that they aren't owned sex/gfs, that's where that hatred comes from and if they hold onto it, it will ruin their chances in further encounters.
But they are too stupid and blinded by hate to understand that, incels act like pathetic entitled man-children.
This amount of transphobia/misogyny/hatred. Yikes!
Who hurt you darling?
>He's very unemotional and could be a great actor.
Good on him for being a manipulative dick, but at the end of the day women will take a manipulative dick over a pathetic incel.

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Best post of the thread


It's not just like they take him over incels, he gets many options. Lots. More than normies.. But you are right with your last comment, the reason incels don't get women is because... Women view incels as pathetic and hate incel men for that fact. It is the women who hate the incel...

idk man, you sound bland as fuck.

Nobody starts off hating women, if you'd been rejected from 100s of men and hadn't gotten one once... Despite trying, you would feel resentment towards them... As u said women view incels as pathetic and losers and women hate men in general today due to social engineering... It's pushed in their face everyday through the news some story of a bad man. Stories of bad women are hidden... Divorce rate is at 50% so even married men get fucked over half the time. It's not just as incel problem the problem affects all men. Even half the married ones. Birth rates and single people is at all time high... Record number of females on antidepressants... This society fucks everyone up...