How do you afford to buy $30 anime dvds, manga, figurines, etc? Aren't most of you NEETs?

How do you afford to buy $30 anime dvds, manga, figurines, etc? Aren't most of you NEETs?

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Having neither hobbies nor addictions, I have plenty of spare cash, even if I live on autismbux.

Trading shares

>$615 Donations

The fuck are they donating to, a crack habbit?

My parents give me everything that I need. I don't even go out anymore. Anime 24/7.

>excellent with money
>600 quid on donations
>250 on dining out

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Imagine being born into a poor family to where you need to work to make money

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>dining out 250$
>groceries 400$
>donations 615$
>house cleaner 30$
>transportation was 30$
>rent 825$
The absolute state of normalfags

>donating $615 per month
I'm not trying to be Jesus, thank you.

I don't understand that image. Please explain.


Okay, mother fucker

This, no car-related expenses, no bar/restaurant outings, no rent, very frugal on food.

This desu, plus I'm an absolute cheapskate in every expense except animu

sucking dicks is a easy way to get money


Where does this person live where internet costs only $20 per month? Does he have 2 kbps/2 kbps or something?

I'm gay.


Hahaha that is my money you filthy monkeys.

>believing any of those numbers

>health insurance

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Anime and manga are free. I don't buy merch.

I live in Finland and it's 20€ for 100mbps download/30mbps upload.

what kind of potato internet is that?
1 hour per anime episode?

What the fuck. Who spends 270 a month on health insurance but has a 100k job? Maybe if you have a full family. My company gives me full everything for 50. And who spends 250 dining out a month? Thats a fucking waste of money. If you are spending 400 a month on groceries, why do you need to spend 250 a month eating out? 400 a month is more than enough to eat plenty.

And 615 bucks on donations? Really what? What 25 year old spends an amount comparable to rent on monthly donations?

I suspect I could get similar rates if I could be bothered to change my contract every year.

Start by not making 615$ in donations, not dining out, not hiring a house cleaner, not paying health insurance, and not paying rent.

>literally giving your money away

Yeah I don't have empathy for humanity so that isn't going to happen.

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>donations: 615
That's how much I make on a good month. How do I become a mail order bride (male)?

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>Aren't most of you NEETs?
user, someone have to pay the internet and electricity bill. You're the one who have unrealistic ideas about average /a/ posters.

>dining out at 250$
make your own food, amerilard

From the article about dining
>Klee does splurge on a few meals out each month, mostly with his girlfriend. Depending on where they go, it can cost anywhere from $20 to $80 per meal.


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Do the trap exercise, and if that doesn't work, take FFS. Don't do HRT, it will ruin your body.

I'm still overpaying since I don't live in a very populated area, I would pay like 5€ per month if I were to live in the capital.
there are only 4.6 people per square mile where I live

>600 dollars on donations
>0 dollars on hobbies or anything of the sort
how to be a basic bitch: the article

So hes wining and dining his girlfriend 2-3 times a week. They should change that category to "girlfriend budget".

I actually own a restaurant on del rey beach, I come here to talk about cartoons titties and larp
not even kidding

>guy spends half what I do on rent
>somehow managed to spend more than me overall
literally how

To twitch streamers to say his name, 15 times per month

Lets compare finances shall we
>270 insurance
>mine is provided by my employer
>250 dining out
Okay that is reasonable I spend about 200/mo
>195 utilities
Sounds about right
>130 transportation
Does this mean car insurance? If so okay.
>40 cell
What the fuck? I spend 100/mo
>30 house cleaner
Lol wut
>20 internet
Yeah that is a plain fucking lie I spend 100
>825 rent
I have a mortgage and that is only 800/mo for a 4br
>615 donations
Lol wut
>400 groceries
I spend about 300/mo

>$80 per meal
Even if I made some good money I'd still feel this is a waste. Probably anything more than $30 per meal and even with that I wouldn't be doing it often. I don't know how this is being "excellent with money". Being excellent with money also doesn't fit with him giving away fucking $600 of his money per month.

>Donations $615
I hope they're tax deductable donations

$30 for a house cleaner? I can get someone to clean my house for $30? I'm kinda interested.

>House cleaner
top kek

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This article is bait.

>dining out when you can make your own food cheaper
>donating money when it ruins society
>spending FOURTY DOLLARS a month on a cell phone
>letting some dirty spic in your home for thirty bucks a month
excellent with money my ass

This is a joke right? The names are all switched around right?

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>Does this mean car insurance? If so okay.
No, it's
>Klee pays $81.50 for a monthly CharlieCard, which lets him use subway and bus lines around Boston. “I live pretty close to where I work, so I take the T,” he says.

>He also spends between $40 to $50 on Lyft rides each month.

>What the fuck? I spend 100/mo

>Klee is still on his family’s phone plan. His part of the bill comes to $40 per month.

>I spend 100/mo
WTF? I pay

>Rent: $825

What kind of fucking boomer made this? Try $1500.
Also where's the booze and cigarette money?

you'd be surprised how much $$ goes down the drain when you go barhopping trying to 'score' a ONS with 3dpds or eating out with normalfags to 'socialize'
loyalty to True Waifu means that $$ part is easy

literally google "house cleaning " you dip

Alcohol may be included in groceries. Smoking is a bigger waste of money than the donations.

Because I make 100K too, except I don't pay rent (I own my place), health insurance (work covers it for me), or donations. I live in an extremely high tax country and I buy everything I want (whether buyfagging, tech shit, expensive booze or whatever) and I still manage to put away around 2.5-3K in net savings a month.

>100k a year
>2775 x 12 = 33300 a year

what country is this again?

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>615 donations
fuck off
don't feed e-beggers and memestreamers

I imagine the rest of the money is saved up or something. Would have been nice if they said what he did with the rest though.

Hookers and blow.

You know you can save money right user?

Absolute fucking joke

>all these poorfags who dont donate and get them sweet ass tax deductions and charity benefits

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I spend 45 on spectrum, which is a very common internet provider for decent speeds. 100+ is only common if you have a single provider jacking up prices.

And honestly, I would love to spend 30 bucks a month on a house cleaner. Thats less than a meal at a nice restaurant and would save me 10 hours of cleaning shit myself a month.

And 300 a month in groceries makes sense if you are dumping 200 a month eating out. I spend 400 a month on groceries and less than 50 a month eating out, as in I eat out maybe twice a month at most. I could spend even less on groceries if I wanted to. I make too much food.

And 100 bucks for your cell? What the fuck are you doing? It shouldn't cost more than 50.

100k is probably gross, which puts net at around 70k (let's assume this guy is from California, in line with his 600$ a month in donations). Spending half your disposable income and saving the other half is pretty solid.

He loses about 30% of that to taxes. Then he saves the remainder I assume, though logically he probably goes on vacations and buys random shit. The budget probably just omitted discretionary spending.

>815 a month in rent in boston
Thats pretty good.

i live with my parents

I make 5 - 6k a month and my bills take a good third of it

>donations $615
>mfw I earn $715 monthly in my eastern europan paradise working my ass like slave

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Tax deductible.

>25 year old
Oh I see now. This is the budget of your average commiefornian

>paying for public transit instead of having free movement with your own car.

If you make 100k and take public transit you are a fucking pathetic

My cell plan allows me to upgrade my phone every year. Plus I make plenty to afford it.

I pay like 700 russian rubles (about 11 burger pesos) per month for 100 Mbps and I think it's kinda expensive. For 20 bucks I will get in addition cable TV with about 200 channels.
What's wrong with Internet in your Burgerland if you think that's cheap, aren't you most advanced country in the world?

>$615 on donations
>Internet for $20 (literally impossible unless you're getting snail-like speeds)
>$30 for a house cleaner
>>>$825 for rent
What fucking fantasy world is there where you have a job that lets you make $100,000 but spend that little, unless you're living out of a crack den in the ghetto

Capitalism bro.

>tfw you make 30k/yr but your bills are only $200/mo because you live with your oneechan and she spoils you

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I imagine he lives in the city (apparently Boston) and traffic in cities can be a mess.

It's weird how he spends over 600 dollars on (potentially) good causes, and then he exploits some asshole to work for 5 dollars per hour to clean his apartment.

Most likely hes trying to save to buy a house ASAP. Its not uncommon. That being said, hes pretty janky otherwise.

>Great with money
>Donates 615 dollars a year

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The liberal dream.

That tweet is tongue-in-cheek, right?

Isn't capitalism all about competition? More capitalism, more competition, lower prices?

That is per month user.

Internet companies in the US get around anti-monopoly laws and so can do whatever the fuck they want. They jack up prices and also prevent anyone new coming in that might be able to make things cheaper (either through competition or through the laying of new lines/fiber). They might as well be mob families splitting up the country between themselves with a thin veil of pseudo-competition to prevent the government from going after them.

How the fuck does that work?

Curious myself. When I shared a place with 4 other people we split a house cleaner down the middle because we all worked full time and fuck cleaning. But it was like 150 a month for her to come every other week. Not 30. How the fuck is it 30? I can only guess he lives in a small studio.

>Lives in Boston
>Pays $825 a month in rent

>typical 25 year old
>Making $100,000/year
I'm pretty sure the typical 25 year old makes $22,000/year at their starter retail job.


>Internet: $20
Out of all the bullshit on this totally off-topic image, this is the least believable part.

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Does she spoil you sexually?

>tfw when about to make $~85k a year
>can't afford a decent house because of where I live

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user, no woman is going to want to date someone who is supported by his sister.

That's the propaganda, yes.
Under many circumstances, capitalism tends towards monopolies, and then the prices go up.
ISPs are definitely an industry that tends towards monopolies.

He's obviously dating his sister, faggot.

where do you think you are?

There is nowhere in the US where 85k a year won't get you at least an okay apartment. Even san francisco and New York. I live in LA and have a decent studio for 1300 a month, which is disgusting but it sure as shit is affordable at 85k.

>good with money
>makes way more money than most people his age in the first place
>spends it on pointless stuff like house cleaning

You are not living in a villa so big that you need a house cleaner if the rent is only 825 bucks.