Tfw no bf to watch anime with

>tfw no bf to watch anime with
That's my life dream

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>tfw no bf to watch anime with

lmao u homo

Boo hoo I guess?

What are you, some kinda trans-critter of some sort? A manlet?

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Can't be homo if I'm a girl

>Can't be homo if I'm a girl

Can't be a girl if you are male

Fuck women. I need to get that off my chest, i hate them.

Can't be a male if I have a vagina

shut the fuck up whore

Back to the topic, I'm starting to watch shield hero and I wish that i had someone else to watch with. I have lots of anime that I've yet to watch, but it's boring when you don't have anyone else to share the type with.

Hype* not type
Darn typos

>Can't be a male if I have a vagina

Even if you're a girl you likely have shit taste in anime

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Can you leave my thread? Do you not have anything better to do with your day? You're very pathetic.

Try me.

I want to imagine some arcanine getting an anime-watching GF to find she only watches women-targeted anime and he's constantly cucked by 2D guys

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>Try me.

What are your favourite classics?

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>Do you not have anything better to do with your day?
yes, because it definitely took me all day to write that post, not like it just took me 20 seconds
>You're very pathetic
well that's par for the course on Jow Forums, go beg for orbiters on reddit if you don't like it here

What is wrong with that? 2D is different than 3D. You can't cheat with a 2D. Most anime are male targeted anyways, so I'm not doing anything different than he is by watching female targeted animes.

Why don't you post discord & search thru Anons, baka. Clearly top tier males await you.

Stop larping.
Tits with timestamp or
seriously do you think you're clever with your thread?

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Depends on what you mean by classic, I don't know how far you want to go but my old favourites would be berserk and its also one of my favorite mangas to date. Not anime but yeah, I've watched some of the old anime like ghost in shell and recently i have been watching the secret of the blue water/other anno works and they're also good in their own way.

Maybe if we had met a decade ago.

Not OP but I think she will not reply for a while probably googling for anime classics at this moment.
She probably reply with something generic such as Cowboy Bebop

>good anime
Pls kill yourself, yea the manga was good but the anime is complete trash (second season).

I bet this is a LARPer or tranny.

Cowboy bebop would have been a much better choice than what "she" actually ended up using.
Oh this is turning out great.
GTFO Thot.

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It really baffles me how anons on here like to push females away off this board, when other posts claim that they themselves would do anything for female attention. Don't ask where we went later, because you're not welcoming us here.

Yea I know Berserk is a shit anime.
The manga is fine though

2D is good but I'm just imagining some guy who thinks his GF would watch his waifu shows with him and then on their date night she puts on My Twelve Sexy Brothers or Buff Fireman Love Life or Ravished by Vampires season 2 : MORE BLOOD

Y'know, Jow Forums level anime, not anime that is on netflix

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Nice safe faggot
just do some damage control and end this thread

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I havent watched the anime, the anime I actually didn't like compared to the manga, that's why I said it was my favorite 'manga'. I read more manga than watch anime.

Im not OP you retard. Pls commit seppuku you fucking autist
Im these

Well it's hard to tell, since OP is pretending to be someone else anyways, you just were some colleteral damage user

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Yeah I would never watch that on a first date. We'd probably watch something more normie type perhaps. Why, are you jealous of 2D males?

If you have a vagina and not a penis I'll watch anime with you. Literally my only standard. If you don't have the worst taste imaginable.

Why do you have such low standards? Not judging you, just curious. Also I am OP.

I want to watch the latest animes but then I just feel like such a loser watching them in my dark ass apartment all by my bitch ass self. I wish there were actually more than a 0% chance of ever meeting a woman who is fucking human.

Not even a "sry user"?
Fuck you cunt

user don't step so low desu. There's still hope, get yourself a real woman not a larping trannie

Anons like you are the ones that are making this board a piece of concentrated cancer. Why can't we all have peaceful discussions without anons like you coming in and ruining the thread with your emotional baggage and woman hate? Are you being funded to post this cancer? I don't know, but your life sucks I bet.

That's pretty insulting. You know there are real women also browsing this board? Not all of them are trannies.

>Cowboy Bebop

That's one of the best shows ever though so it wouldn't even be wrong

>asks a robot why he has low standards for women
Are you retarded OP?
Alot of robots here (not me) just want a gf to cuddle with. They don't care about standards because they understand that they have no other chance in getting a gf

Woman hate? I love women my man, I can just hate larping fags on here.
And while my life is pretty shit, it's still better than about 90% of this board so meh, I'm good senpai.

have sex

>waaaaah we want a GF
>proceeds to post 'fuck you roastie get out of my board' and 'i bet you're a tranny' and refuses to acknowledge there are xx females browsing this board
You're the one that's causing all of your problems, when you post things like this it would scare most women off.

is it low standards to pour your heart out and love someone you have something in common with?
all i want is someone to share things with.

Yea I know but it's one of the most generic answer someone can give to that question that was being asked.
Because you can get that answer from googling "best anime classics" and you would get a list such as cowboy bebop, Eva, akira etc


Was meant to reply to Original

Cause i'm older than most people on here, I've been single for like nearly a decade, I'm not ugly but I have nothing to offer, I live at home and I'm a neet atm. I'm sure I have more standards than just have a vagoo that's a bit hyperbole, like I imagine don't weigh something like 500lbs and kill me or don't have a big bald shaven head count as standards to some degree, but they're not really ones that come up. At this point the company, companionship and sex matter most, more than looks or them being a bit fat or whatever, doesn't really bother me if I think about it and I had someone to spend time with watching things together and fucking in between.
Not that my standards were ever super high I didn't think even 15 years ago

>dont be fat
>get out of your house
you're welcome

Can't whiteknight if I'm a girl. But like I said, you're not making a good impression for females here.

Yes there are women hate treads because fuck off from our board srsly.
But there are alot of threads about "im lonely" ">tfw no gf" "i just want a gf to cuddle with" and so on.
Jow Forums is supposed to be our man cave where we outcasts can be sad and shitpost and also because women have been shit to us so why should we like them?

listen to this smart user, OP

"I'm a girl" just stop my man.
Also who says I want a gf, who says I'm not into cute man-ass, hmmm?

Yes but where can I find guys that would watch anime with me? By anime I don't mean naruto or one piece or whatever generic shonen that Normies seem to like.

Well not all women are horrible that's for one. Being a women does not mean that she's inherently the cause of your problems. Maybe she's here to sympathy with or wants to be your friend. Have you thought about?

Im glad that you acknowledge your bad points, now if you want a GF, you should improve you bad points, first step get a job. Nothing gets served in a silver platter, and certainly not in dating.

Okay OP I'll be nice here for once and pretend you're a girl. SO, to find a guy with similar interests in such a rather niche thing, go to cons! I'm serious, I've met some cute girls and even dated one I met at one. I often cosplay though so that's a plus for my charisma I guess. Other places: gaming bars (wear some lowkey anime themed shirt or top or whatever)
anime-culture meet-ups
In short: Just fucking go outside.

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i just want a gf who wont break my heart and will watch anime with me and play vidya with me

Please be my gf if you like Anno stuff your taste seems interesting and better than whatever fujoshi show's popular

Nah, sorry m8. I have no interest in earning companionship that's dependent on outside factors. If they don't want me for me and my existence alone, then I'm not interested in the hassle it takes. I don't care what anyone else does as a job or where they stay or anything else that is external to their body and existence, if they're not the same I don't have time for them, existence is enough trouble as it is without more nonsense.

i have a nice job, a car, my own place, it doesn't magically bring a gf, there's like 12 steps and even if you follow those 12 steps they'd just make fun of and embarass me, i tried before
women just see me as a creepy loser

anime conventions, tinder or forums and sites people interested in anime might frequent
> I don't mean naruto or one piece or whatever
thats a bit harder since a large portion of people deep in anime culture tend to also be autistic loners, you could try all of the above or find a semi-autistic bf and introduce him to the shit you like

Nah, I'm all about 2D guys. I'm just interested if "guy to watch anime" with means watch Berserk together (all over the place) or watch Starmyu or Touken Ranbu Hanamaru together (relateable but lol why)

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Hey I don't think all women bad but im just saying why other might be here on r9k.
Also alot of women are shit just like alot of people.
People in general are shit I really despice them. I just want to ripe out their throat because I can't take their mindless disgustions. It's all the same everyday aswell, they are literal npc's

>People in general are shit I really despice them. I just want to ripe out their throat because I can't take their mindless disgustions.
Can you even become edgier? My god user, I really don't want to see your Deviantart OCs.
Nothing personel kid

>outside factors
Serious question, are you retarded? What I have listed are more practical than an outside factors. Having a job is practical, you can spend money on your girlfriend, save up for your kids in the future/buy cute dresses for your girlfriend/buy the food she wants to try/get your own house etc.

>i tried before women just see me as a creepy loser
maybe is just you thinking that, maybe you are a creepy loser, then you should look to change that

Please be my friend I'm a girl, don't worry
I want someone to talk with about touken ranbu and cute boy biceps and nipples.

I'm interested in none of that. I want someone to exist with, nothing more. Not sure how this is hard for you to understand faggot. I would date a homeless girl if I liked her, I would happily exist homelessly with her if that's how things ended up, all the other shit is meaningless and no amount of generic normie arguing from you is going to change my mind on it m8. If anything else beyond the persons body, existence and actions matter to you as to whether you date them or not or like them or not, I'm not interested in you period, you're not a human I really want anything to do with.

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Dude I can't do shit and I just want to kill myself everyday so I can get out of this hell.
And yea I can't become good at anything unless it's computers I use arch btw.
I failed 5 courses this year.
I just want to die because Im so useless and because I don't want to feel this pain and stupidity this world has to offer.
And because I failed those 5 courses which is mostly language based I can't get my uni education in CS or CE.
This was last year of HS (im 18)

>waaaaah I don't have a girlfriend im so lonely no girl wants to talk with me
>proceeds to set himself to unbelievable standards

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Different user same situation here:
Or maybe millennial women are just fucking insufferable because 99% of them are looking for some journalist's dick to suck so they can feel smart?

Oh my god I wanted to be mean today, calling out larpers on their bullshit but now I gotta be nice.
Listen here user
You don't want to die, you want the suffering to stop. But it doesn't have to stop with your death, it can and will stop in life, trust me. I was suicidal up until I was 17. I was obese, a shut-in faggot with daddy issues, not gonna lie.
You wanna hear what helped me loose the weight, become swole as fuck, start cosplaying flamboyent characters without fear of judgement? Talking to people, real people, not the internet. My words dont mean anything because I dont mean anything to you and that's normal. Internet/discord friends are not friends. Please seek real ones. Maybe get help from a specialist with your mental problems.
If not for yourself, user, do it for you family, because although you think no one loves you, a lot of people do. Trust me.
I like to see people succeed and you can and should be one of them. You're young, you have everything to live for, fight for it my man. It will take a looooong time. SO what you fail some courses? repeat the year or if you even fall out of school, pick up a simple job and work yourself up. There is always a way user. Don't wallow in your misery, cuck your misery out of existence. The only thing stopping you is you.


>cosplaying flamboyent characters without fear of judgement
Not everyone has some repressed homo they can unleash by subjecting themselves to peer pressure.

Idgaf, suck my nuts and call me daddy, fag

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Nice that you actually put time in writing this but I dont care.
I just want either to die or live a NEET life alone in a small apartment but we both know I can't get that NEER lifestyle so I just want to die.
I got money saved up so I will try to find a cheap ass apartment get as much welfare as possible and try to live the NEET life if it fails I just bite the bullet.

Alright user, I'll be your friend on one condition. You HAVE read Jojolion, and know who the main villain is. Otherwise no wonder you're lonely, bad bad tastes.

>having a job will let you give money to your gf, and give money to your gf, oh and also give things and money to your gf
lol so this is really all what women think about

Deep down you know you DON't want that and that's normal. I was the same and still kind of am to some degree. I just don't want you to be another suicide number on some yearly overview, user.
There's good you can and will achieve in your life. And if there really is nothing holding you back from doing an Hero, at least do it AFTER your parents died. Have that little bit of decency.
But best case scenario would be you not doing that at all.

Please be my gf, we can watch the animes of your choosing

good taste user, wanna bang?
Not OP and not a girl, but my offer still stands.
Haha get it, Stands? hehe

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You OP or somebody else? I'm sorry user, sure we can be friends but I don't actually like Touken Ranbu. Dialovers, Dance with Devils, Yandere Heaven, and BL games are my preferred trash.
If you are OP, though, I think if you made a thread about wanting to watch reverse harem mobile game anime with your bf (even if it's not on the first date) it would have turned out way funnier and less shitty.

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Fuck off I ain't waiting 20-30 more years
My Mom and Dad are both ~55

Well, I tried. At least don't let THEM find you though. Just do it in some fuck-off woods in the middle of nowhere on a vacation. Going missing is better than finding the mangled corpse of your son, I can imagine.
For real, don't do it.

Add me, I'll even trade nip pics anonbvt#3229

Oh I won't do that. I want to die a comfy way not a painful way that is what I'm trying to escape

>Implying every poster on Jow Forums thinks the same way and makes the same posts

go dilate you stupid faggot

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