Escapism and CYOA

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choose one type of fruit, whenever you want to eat that type of fruit it will always be fresh.
you are a given a pillow that always brings restful sleep.
maxed vitamin D stat, you never need sunlight and immune to sunburn.
$5/day, cannot be shared, given away or stolen.
a self-refilling 20fl oz thermos of any one liquid - cannot be sold, shared or stolen/lost.
you will always have great posture. feels good to stand/sit.
un-fug half the havoc of a terrible habit that has taken a physical toll on you. (ex. if you smoked cigarettes for 5 years, its as if you only smoked for 2.5yrs)
reverse hair loss completely.

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easiley purple. My back is completely fugged

original choices

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Green; 5$ is one decent meal every day, which in the long term is a big financial relief

This one's a favorite of mine, but it's a 3-parter.

I'll post the others as fast as I can

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And here we have part two

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And here we have part three (my connection is shit, sorry)

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If you don't choose magic eraser you're and absolute dumbass.
>memorise some lottery or anything that wil earn you a shit ton of money
>invest it all in bitcoin
>become super rich
>in the meantime speedrun school by knowing all of the classes you'd take.
>do a ton of awesome shit because you're rich and will never have to work

>no path
I become shai hulud

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orange guzzoline

Orange, time to become an oil prince.

One of my favorite CYOAs

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>cannot be sold

Countryside Castle
Army of Heaven

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This was really cool user
No path

Orange. I would fill it with liquid florine, which reacts with just about anything. Because it "cant be lost" that implies it wouldn't react with florine. I would use it to destroy the world. Nobody could stop be, because they wouldn't be able to steal it from me to contain it.

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>Guardian of the Earth
>No path
Orbit the earth in outer space landing every decade or so and then leaving yet again, never turning back into a human
Would be revered as a God by many people and dragons alike for my immense knowledge. coming down every decade or so for a year and go around at high altitudes still in dragon form, never landing or turning back into human, learning what has happened and then go back up into outer space


another CYOA


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>I'm obese as fuck

Gray. I'm fit now, but my knees took a serious toll from the decade of childhood obesity, and it makes it hard to do squats, which sucks.

"cannot be sold, stolen, lost" etc is referring to the thermos, not the contents

Green, easy. That's almost two thousand a year for nothing.

I posted this one last thread, but it's still good

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I thought it was self explanatory
"cannot be sold, stolen, lost" is referring to both.

thankyou for posting this origionally

A w/w solution of 0.085% dextroamphetamine, 0.02125% levoamphetamine, 0.009% dextromethamphetamine, 0.05% diacetylmorphine, and 99.99525% coffee.

are there any visual novels or cyoa type games to play with similar settings?
I like how immersive this roleplay.
Is there anything more comparable?

tell me about your village user

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>any one (1) liquid

Blue. I need sleep please.

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Solution: homegenous mixture of a solute(s) and a solvent
Solutes: racemic amphetamine(water soluble), dextromethamphetamine(water soluble), diacetylmorphine ( soluble in water [60 mg/l at 25 degrees c] at temperatures of coffee [2 times or more the temp of water slightly above room temp])

Also, 20 fl oz ~ 591 ml, so 30 mg would dissolve no problem anyways.

No use in being rich if I'm still unhappy and alone. I'd rather take the late bloomer. Nothing option seems like a waste, the eternity part of saved scares me, and dreamland might get lonely after a while.

I will always sleep it. I could just dream forever until I die a few days later but it would be the best days in my life

Blue, my sleep schedule is shit

if i get good posture does that mean ill always have perfect form? gains city brah, but also perfect sleep would be great for gains too

green button
celestial bureaucrat

I like this one a lot, hope you guys originally enjoy it too...

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pink. I'm balding as fuck.

thats retarded, assuming god is real and heaven is real, the way it is described in the bible you'd never need anything, and will have everything, and you get lessons on how to make your own universe from god himself, any other option seems retarded

>maxed vitamin D stat, you never need sunlight and immune to sunburn.
what? i never go outside and i'm fine

so if you choose the heaven option then god is a cool guy and teaches you his powers?
fucking cool

>maximum filesize 2mb

well, there goes all the CYOA's i was going to dump.

eh, Blue or Orange, I likely just try and hit both and which ever registers I live with

>pick orange
>melted gold or oil
> Just pour so much you crash the value of them to nothing, while making yourself rich
>Obtain everything you need to survive the apocalypse in luxury
>Continue to pour
>Collapse global economy

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how long can you stay in dragon form?

how strong is the dragonborn in comparison to the others?
it could easily be the best depending on how powerful it is

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define infinite durability
could like a tier 0 multiverse snapping god still not hurt you?

>Dragonborn (no cooldown)
>No Path
Going for the reclusive approach here. Still retain all my powers, but with infinitely less risk.
>High Class Penthouse
>Gates of Heaven
Sanctuary, all day every day.

I would do some of the longer CYOA but don't want to post a text wall.


Extended Partnership

>hot spring
>living room
>computer room

Keepin the thread alive, slightly ominous cyoa

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makes no sense how the beheamth wouldn't be able to go in water

>Grey behemoth
>Hermit time
>No path

Come on faggots gonna lern today

a lot of this stuff contradicts it'self wtf

That was incredibly peaceful user. Many thanks

>taimat will kill you if you disobey
what if i gain to much power for her to kill me?

magic eraser
ill try not to be a doomer this time

Self-refilling 20fl oz thermos of light crude oil.

no path
is that good?

Rural Japan
Mountains Rivers Rock Formations
The Wilderness
Fur Mantle
End of Reality or endless expanse
Healing spring or tower
Lonely Monster
Decayed City Ruins

>tell me about your village user

As if God would allow us to create anything at all. There is probably no need or drive to make anything in heaven. It just is eternal.

Green. 5 x 365 is 1825. Save that for twenty years you have 36500

coin time paused
brook hotspring events predictable weather or wildlife
Living room 300 inch tv streaming comfortable
Kitchen 1 2 5
Bathroom 2 3 5
game room 1 2 3
computer room 4 3 1
gym 2 4 5
god why did i read this i want anything from this thread to happen to me most if it is heaven

The Hunters
This is literally the most OP dragon combo.

didnt read
your post, only the image
purple because I like purple

magic eraser and fix the mistake of not fucking that qt back in elementary

how do i become grigori?

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better than all on that list really

>No Path

This is assuming Astrals can travel at FTL speeds of course.

All of you fucking expired time machine coupons are really underestimating the power of red. Do you know how fucking rare it is to have an exactly fresh banana? Every fucking time it's either not quite ripe and it tastes bland and planty, or it's ripened too much to the point where it gets that unpleasant gooey taste that for some reason makes your gums hurt. Bananas are fucking amazing when you hit that perfect freshness. The problem about all of the other choices is that it leaves you too much opportunity to indulge too hard and leave you in a worse state. It would be really fucking hard to get health problems from bananas, and you would get all sorts of vitamins you need.

I love my Trumoo chocolate milk.

You too? I had a girl on the bus tell me she loved me and I said to her "you're only saying that because you want my Hershey Bar". She had no reason to know that I had a Hershey Bar in my lunchbox, I was just wary at the time of people using me for my snacks.

Demons are cooler!

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The girls in this selection are better but I don't want to go to hell..

Am I weird for picking Industrial Decay in a volcanic mountain range with an arctic climate? I think that would be extremely comfy, for some reason.

nah that can work

>late bloomer
I don't think you guys know how much "people like you more" means to me.That's all i really want in life. Just for people to like me.

This was a tough choice between Blue and Pink.But hair loss can be mitigated with hair transplants, so ultimately I have to go with BLUE.

Restful sleep is just so important. Everything else really doesnt matter to me. You cant buy restful sleep, its restful or its not, and you are more productive the next day, and its super healthy.

Blue all the way