Why not move to rural america and find a trailer park girl?

Why not move to rural america and find a trailer park girl?

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>gets robbed and murdered by the local heroin addicts

Yeah I want a West Virginia gf but many are fat.

That's where I came from. Got a girl out of it though, not so bad. Bit weird though, but who cares.

how hard is it to join a trailer park? i feel like it's a tight knit community and if someone came in there looking for a mate they'd be suspicious and no one would like me

If you're coming there just to hook up... well it's actually not rare. White trash, trailer park, there's a lot of sluts around. If you were actually moving in though then you'd be an outsider but if you're friendly and contribute to the community you'd be welcomed, and then you wouldn't be able to avoid getting a partner because you'd just have one shoved on you pretty much. As long as you're not an ass ugly freak that is.

i assume hook up means casual sex. no i meant to look for a potential partner. so not a slut, but marriage material. living there seems necessary to see who's what

If you're from the outside and successful, you'll basically be seen as prince charming rescuing a girl, so everyone will love you even if they don't say it. At least her family will.

darn, that sort of seems like itd make finding the good ones harder. the community im from really despises flaunting wealth even if youre doing good with it, is that not the case here?

>flaunting wealth
just dont be an asshole and chill with us and drink beer and youll be fine dummy

now lets go fishing

That's not what I said. If you show up in a lambo flashing wads everyone will hate you.

I don't know still feels unfair to the girl that ends up with me. Is she a skank? Kinda weird the reason i came down and because I want a gf and easy hill billy life.

... I just want a kino, simple, innocent life.

life is unfair

you're giving a girl everything, a family, kids, security, love, comfort, etc. thats a good deed

my fault, i spoke the way my culture believes. if they were to know i was successful, then they must have evidence. regardless of how well meaning that evidence is (like donating millions to fracking cleanup or filtering lead from the town drinking water) id reactionaly see it as flaunting. was wondering if that would be shared

My fathers extended family is trash like that, but my father evolved, we are not going back to that shit.

Trailer park girls just want Chad

what are trailer parks like? i assumed it was analogous to section 8 but much flatter

>Why not move to rural america and find a trailer park girl?
So, I'd have my pick from hordes of skanks and druggies?
No thanks.

there must be some normal ones, or is the environment that intolerable?

>there must be some normal ones
of course there are, hes just shitposting

t. floridian

>there must be some normal ones
Yeah, if you think your chances of finding the 0.1% are good.
And that 0.1% hasn't found a guy better than you already.

Because these women are usually fat and/or single moms with crack addiction. Absolute trash taste. Rural america is no better than big cities

yea, that's true. and they'd understand eachother more given the shared background

i just know those hick people think you're like a wizard if you know anything about a computer. i remember i was hanging out with this meth dealer and he used to introduce me to everyone saying i'm a wizard on the computer, said i can fix anything. i really can't. i just helped him order drugs off the darkweb

i am a programmer though

Pretty much. Nearest trailer park got flipped by a tornado three weeks ago.

darn, that's disappointing.

>marry trailer park girl
>get donor eggs from Ivy League girl (every fertility clinic has them)
>use those to impregnate her

Find a flaw.

parenting from the trailer park girl seems like a weak link, but the twin studies seem to indicate genes are more important. cool beans