Is this the pinnacle of film?

Is this the pinnacle of film?

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no, this is

Nah, I thought Clockwork kinda sucked compared to films like One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest with Jack Nicholson. Watch it if you haven't, I really recommend it. You may change your mind about the "pinnacle of film".

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Taxi driver is better

Good stories, but they break the logic of the real world.
Is it too noticeable for me to enjoy.

It's close, but pic related is.

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being better than marvel and modern normie cinema is not much of a feat user but i'll give clockwork orange that

It is one of those films i've seen posted quite often and praised as a master piece, a must-watch, only to find out that i fucking despise it.
Sure tastes vary, but i've stopped watching proclaimed "classics". Maybe i'm missing out on some good movies, but the shit suggestions force me to this step.

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OFOTCN is very realistic, how do you mean? Considering it takes place in a 1960s mental institution.

But he was in the Shinning. And that doesnt make sense to me.

I genuinely dont think that any film that will release in my lifetime will come oven close to taxi driver

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Is this the /tv/ equivalent to ITAOTS?

Enjoy a life of mediocrity.

Is that an album /mu/ likes? I have no idea, I exclusively use /tv/, Jow Forums and /tg/.

/tv/ has fallen out of love with BR2049, they don't love it, but don't hate it, lonely and horny goose posting has become a meme though.

Look man, idk what you're thinking but those are some of the best pieces of film ever created that you just named. I'm not sure how you're unable to overlook a minor, forgivable, filming flaw and that it's that unenjoyable for you, but you're fucked I guess.

i would compare it more to the money store

I will if that saves me from literally falling asleep to the shining or the godfather.

>falling asleep to the shining or the godfather.
Never mind, enjoy a life of being a pleb piece of shit.

I will come back to it.

I thought that shit was hilarious.

I loved how Matthew(Sport) put on a fake New York accent, and actually had a foreign pussy-sounding accent. Fuck him. Bickle is the real deal.