Would you purchase a sex slave if there was 100% no consequences for you, and she would be as obedient as you wanted?

Would you purchase a sex slave if there was 100% no consequences for you, and she would be as obedient as you wanted?

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That's like a wife, but with a one time downpayment, that can't divorce rape you
It's just good economics

Of course, and I would treat her well.

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No, I think slavery and human trafficking are bad. And also I'd like for the girl I have sex with to fuck me because she wants to, not because she has to via me purchasing her. Someone CHOOSING me is the fantasy.

definitely my man

No she/he would age

only if she loved me for real

discard once they reach beyond the threshold you no longer want to have sex with

I'd treat her kindly, support and take care of her, and give her her own room where she can have privacy.
I'd offer her freedom once I thought she'd come to understand the situation and wouldn't just run, potentially into a worse situation.

>No, I think slavery and human trafficking are bad.
Virtue signaling on an anonymous board.

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Yes and she'd have anything she'd need/want(aside from becoming free ofc).

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The dealership would probably accept trade-ins, all though they would depreciate heavily once they left the lot.

But would you fuck her though? She WOULD be your sex slave.

No, I wouldn't feel comfortable doing that in that situation.

I don't want one, I want to be one

Only id she genuinely wanted to, and I thought she was mentally sound enough to make that decision.

No, far too expensive

No ofc not, a fleshlight would be cheaper in the long-term; you wouldn't have to pay for food and other necessities.

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>would you x if no consequences?
You can reduce your question to
>do you want sex?
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if she was 100% obedient, she wouldn't be a slave now would she?

I'm not sure what you mean by this? In any case it's just a hypothetical

like. who wouldnt?

If she can Cook anything I want? Hell yeah I don't even need Hardcore Sex, just comfy teddies and Birria.

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I don't know if I'd want a sex slave since there's that weird power dynamic.
I want someone who's obedient and loyal because they're genuinely into me not just because they're obligated to be legally.

Japanese cartoons are wild.

Whos the artist? Is there more?

But the power dynamic is good.

What kind of person would say no? Tell me about yourself please.

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