There will come a day when you will die and you will remain unconscious forever. Think about that

There will come a day when you will die and you will remain unconscious forever. Think about that.

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I can't wait

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it's kind of horrible
once it's over, it's over
I don't know what's worse, not having done anything with my life, certainly not carrying my genes on, or just the thought that I will lose myself completely into the black, just like every other living thing on earth

It'll be sad if I didn't do something interesting with my life

Not exactly if the likes of the Big Bounce and Eternal Return turn out to be true.

>lose myself completely into the black
no, it wouldn't even be black. you wouldn't see anything. you wouldn't exist. it'll be like when you weren't born... and it'll be like that forever... everything you've ever known, gone. just like that. just nothing. no black, no white, nothing... HOW THE FUCK DOES NOT EXISTING FEEL LIKE!? GOD FUCKING DAMMIT THIS IS MESSING WITH MY BRAIN!!!

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That's not exactly a good thing either. That would imply that everything I'm doing has already happened before an infinite amount of times and will keep happening for an eternity.
The best fate would've been to just have never been born... and speaking of which, think about that too for a second. All those times your father jacked off as a kid, one of those times... I-it could've been you!!!

You would actually go to hell and be tortured for eternity like the rest of avatarfags

good thing they're not true then

There's no conclusive proof yet of the fate of the universe.

I wish I could believe in something like heaven or hell, but I don't. they don't exist. there's already too much proof that nothing happens after you die. anyone who still believes in religion is hiding from the facts out of plain fear, but deep inside, you know its all bullshit.

you dummy, you can only be aware of being conscious, which is why you'll never die

Death is an escape from the hellish existence we call life. Without it, we would all go insane eventually.

2plus2 make4

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>you will remain unconscious forever
I can't fucking wait

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You can't die when you know about the one

Only thought that always relaxes me

Doesn't mean you can make up what you want to happen. There's no conclusive proof because it's never happened before, but with the current evidence we have the universe is just going to keep expanding until it's dispersed that nothing interesting can happen.

There's 0 proof heaven doest exist and 0 proof it does. Who the fuck knows.
I do think consciousness is really weird and the most "magical" unexplained think in existence, so who knows maybe there's a world after you no longer have a body, it's not impossible. Other beings might have found a way to create an afterlife where your consciousness can exist in, maybe its where everyone is in the universe and the reason no one visits earth

If there's zero proof either way then it isn't real. I thought you knew that

Before we were born we experienced no consciousness and when we die it will return to the same.

In time, nothing that humanity has ever done will have an impact, or will be observable. Earth will be destroyed by the dying Sun's heat. Millions of creatures on this planet will go extinct and evolve until then, and no one will give a damn about what you have accomplished in your life.
Most of the time your great-grandchildren won't ever see you alive, that's how much muh family muh genes and muh legacy matters. All subjective.

>you will remain unconscious forever.
Yea yea hurry up I don't want to live anymore

I wish that day wer today.

You Lain posters make me laugh. Thanks.

thank you for reminding me op, you just made my day

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