A thread

I'll start off with this. I don't know how to label this thread as

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A picture number 2

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A third one, rather originally.

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4forth one, oreg

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wish fulfillment for people who want to believe that not trying is special.

it's clear that this poster just doesn't understand other people. which is fine, but, y'know. not that interesting.

is this supposed to be... discouraging, or something? even if this is true, what leads us to believe that it somehow matters in spite of, y'know, everything else not mattering?

man OP created a cool, unique thread. why does someone always have to complain

i don't know where you see me complaining, if i'm honest. what exactly is the point of the thread if not to reply?

No need to get into a argument, friends.

Now, a fifth picture

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Imagine how 10 year old you would feel if he could see who he would become.

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now 7th picture shall i post

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pretty much what I expected to be desu. I don't know where people get all these high asperations from as kids

Its pretty sad that 70% of threads are made by mentally ill discord trannies, weebs, porn addicts, britfeel thread, traps etc and you rarely see threads like these

Yeah, these are really the quality threads/responses. Instead we get things like "why dont you date a [insert ethnicity] girl, user" "why haven't you sucked cock yet, user?"

i appriciate that

it's not so much wish fulfillment as much as it is cope for people who have tried and are simply incapable of achieving anything, despite trying (probably due to faulty genetics or early environmental issues). it's not totally irrational cope either, it might make sense for someone to adopt this view if they really are just incompetent (which is true for most of us on this board). it's a much healthier mindset than constantly striving to be better, failing, and then hating yourself.

If I had this convo with my younger self.... I can't even pretend that I tried.

well why haven't youc sucked cock yet?

I wish I could get into Buddhism at least, but I don't have an once of faith and I'm a lazy fuck. The outer world has nothing to offer me and I'm too lazy to built an inner one

How about 8th, a good old greentext

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What sort of faith do you need for Buddhism?

I think samsara, nirvana and reincarnation, at least. But I'm not sure

buddhism is based though, best out of all religions, but I guess you really can't consider it as religion

9eth picture thy shall recive from OPeth

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a classic picture

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