Looking for a fembot friend to chat with on discord

I'm a 24 y.o guy from Sweden, I'm going to start hiking this summer, other interests are history, politics, science, starting a business.

I'm Traz#3479 on discord if you wanna talk there!

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quick question though, are you a fascist or no? there is a right answer.


I would but then you are 99% a tranny

Nope, why do you think that? zz

i don't, but y'know, it's always important to be sure, heh.

22 yo guy from america here, fembots talk to me instead of OP

Tell me about yourself then, are you a tranny too?

Girl to talk to here.
I don't know what to say I'm looking for friends prefferably from the US

Hey a fellow wiking. How you doing?

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How old are you? Are you comfortable doing outside activities?

Be more specific man, also tell what brings you to r9k

18 and yes

Are you from the USA though

Yes west coast.

Rip, looking for a fellow 24+ Boomer GF. You're too young for me, honestly I'd just pump, maybe date you for a couple months, and proceed to dump.

I hope you live in a Western state that's nice with nature, if it weren't for the people I'd go there for Uni just for how nice it is.

Yes I do live in a place with nice nature
That's rude

19 here, not from the us, but i wouldnt mind an internet friend whom i could confide on

No, I dont have a problem with them but I'm not attracted to them. Are you a tranny?

Wanna go snowboarding with me?

30m here hmu if schizoid male models are your thing

Lmao grandpa go back to watching tv

>Yes I do live in a place with nice nature
Nice, enjoy it femamon
Take care