Fembots, were you ever mogged by a close friend with better curves than yours?

Fembots, were you ever mogged by a close friend with better curves than yours?

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No because I've never had irl friends

Come to Odessa Texas and be my solitary outcast GF. I make 140k as a drilling engineer at Halliburton and you can spend it all on fake friends who use you for my money.

Yea. She had big meme tiddies and was 5'2 dream while I was a 5'11 flat lank. Shit sucked but I loved her (no homo lol)

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she may have bigger tits, but right has better proportions and looks over all. also , are you sure that's not her mother?

any pics of her please?

How old are you? Im not anywhere near Texas though

>implying women can get mogged
doesn't matter unlike women men have different tastes. i find the girl on the right the most attractive. standing next to a girl that's conventionally more attractive won't make them feel like shit since they get enough validation trough some other source.

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based and autisticpilled

>no homo lol
be honest now

30 years ghhg old

Have you ever had a GF yet? Why wpuld you be on r9k if you make so much money

Im surrounded by COCK in the oil field. The gender ratio is way off here and the women who ARE here are mostly fatass latinas or stupd white single moms who and babble about being christians

That makes sense but the age gap is too big between us

How much of a gap? I have dates a 19 year old when i was 28. Daddy/little princess is so hot.

odessa user is best user

The thin one on the right is about 100,000 times better looking than that fat pig on the left.

Thank you buddy


I'm 18 but I can't go to Texas but we can talk for now if you want

If you have discord I could add you there

You can add me on discord if you want magicwaves#7575