Have pic related

>have pic related
>never kissed anyone
>never have had sex
>clean mouth everyday
have i been played or something?

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There are many ways to get aids.

>have i been played or something?

YES, user RUN

it's the syph anony

you probably ate from someone in food service who didn't wear gloves
you do know they scratch their ass, right?

i think you have other problems user

>you do know they scratch their ass, right?

That's just a normal blister, not a cold sore. You don't have herpes.

>clean mouth everyday
This one is a lie, that happens from poor hygiene


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that's a canker sore, it will resolve itself in a week or two.

It's a fucking cold sore you have nothing to worry about

They're human beings lmao. Significant amount of them probably wash their hands after that, but if they hate their job, why would they?

that's just a canker sore you retard

>They're human beings

it will go away by itself, don't worry about it, i hate these couple of times

that's normal and common, goes away after a while.

Certain ingredients in some toothpastes can make you more likely to develop canker sores, especially if you aren't rinsing with water after brushing.

isnt overbite when front teeth are behind bottom teeth? in OP's picture you can see only his lips like that

no, it's the opposite. he is right

That isn't sexually transmitted. It's just an ulcer / canker sore. Everybody gets them. Probably damaged the tissue when you were eating. It'll heal in a few days.

Not OP, but how do I fix that

this is just a normal mouth ulcer you idiot. it's caused by acidity imbalance in your saliva.

>our mouths are acidic

this isn't your fantasy monster, fucking retard

youre fine retard