Capitalism has failed

Capitalism has failed

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has succeeded. gg belle

>success is bad!

Capitalism has worked just fine. Stop giving her attention

Ok I guess I like her now. Makes me want to watch Kurt Cobain smashing guitars

>just stop
yeah its so easy. male brain isnt hard wired to give attention or anything. just shut it off bro

I literally only ever see her when you faggots post her pictures here. People pay her willingly, nobody is forcing you to pay her or anyone at all too.

>Capitalism is the best economic sys-

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The fact that people can earn money for being attractive and pissing around in front of a camera is almost the peak of capitalism in my opinion.
The only way we could surpass this is if prostitution became legal everywhere and blood sports became socially acceptable.

>his brain is too small to control where his attention goes
look behind you! you are now aware of your breathing. KEK got you

>implying THOTs don't exist under socialism

>free will is bad, I want big daddy to hand hold me

True, it is. It allows and encourages innovation and creativity.


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yeah we are in the late game stages of capitalism now.

way to miss the point. men have to fight off the instinct to "protect" and provide when seeing an attractive female.

>innovation and creativity
Allow me to get naked in front of a camera
Wow, I'm a genius just like Einstein

einstein lived in a capitalism. yes

Due to government regulation there is no competition to bring down the price and improve quality. This is not capitalism, this is socialism.

>when you're poor and have nothing to loose
Communism good, capitalism bad.
>when you're rich and have everything to loose
Capitalism good, communism bad.

>Einstein worked hard and got recognized for his intellectual ability
>he could have just been a modern day whore instead

What a tragedy. If only he had been born a bit later, his creative genius wouldn't have gone to shit into some scientific mammo jambo

>if einstein was a different person then things would be different!
this argument actually supports capitalism, believe it or not. why are you obsessed with whores, may i ask?

einstein was just an incel and did math all day.

Thank God someone finally agrees with me! Capitalism has created horrible inequalities and spurred us into a system of Chads and beta orbiters! Why does Chad get to pound Belle Delphine every night while us the robot proletariat have to pay for this meme queen's attention? I say it is time for revolution! Cast off the chains of patreon thottery and redistribute the girlfriends so no man is wanting of a Belle Dephine gf!

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This. We need to kill all men who don't deserve a girlfriend. Or at least make them into girls.

Sounds great except for the starvation aspect.

Discord Spectrum ?

Imagine enjoying being a cogwheel that slaves away for the right to live (money), in a world where we outlawed the right to just up and plant some shit so we can eat.
How fucking beta. Or how fucking pathetic beta and rich, do you have to be, to enjoy this.
What a joke.

Way to miss the entire point of his post retard

Where do i get my suicide belt?

That is class conscious as fuck user


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Imagine supporting a system that killed almost half of a country because they didnt want their system, isnt economically stable as you cant give something worth without currency, and the only modern day supporters are soviet fetishists

You're wrong user. It has succeeded. It's working the way it was supposed to work. But who said it was meant to work for us?

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He was creative and an innovative genius in the realm of physics. Capitalism didn't empower him. Capitalism destroyed his soul as he was forced to do things and develop things he didn't want to.

Capitalism hates human beings and loves to play tricks on the human psyche and human needs.

It will empower a whore who had to think nothing at all to become a whore, and shit on those who live with purpose and don't attach to immediate things.

Western society is failing because capitalism is a joke of a system built to last a few hundred years. We've been ignoring a good half of who we are as a species thanks to it, as a result we're all sick.

Fuck off for today at least, with your rhetorical appreciation for satisfying the animal instincts within us that we have no control over.

We have a whole society built on appealing to our dicks, hearts, minds, etc in the most primal ways.
Yet here we are, drugged out of our minds so we can remain functioning, wondering where we went wrong.
Pathetic losers.

>user doesn't support capitalism therefore he's a communist
You've got 10 whole IQ points. Use them wisely.

nice "nothing" post. all that and not a single credible point.

I want to punch her right in the face. That cheeky little smile annoys the fuck out of me

Go gaslight your mom newfag.

capitalism doesn't exist, it's was coined by marx and it means everything commie don't like

Wrong. Capitalism is a reflection of us. It shows us that what we value. We are the failures because of what we value.

>Belle Delphine making over a million a year for thottery is bad
>the tranny from Chapo traphouse makes a million a year is good
Fuck international thottery. It has undermined all forms of government from Maoist China to the modern west.
Why aren't you nazbol gang?

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Samefag & shill

>capitalism is a joke of a system
Remember the holodomor? When the communists killed those who didnt want communism and wanted a democratic free market? Remember how soviets built concrete boxes and called it good living conditions? Remember the breadlines?
There are only 2 other systems, anarchism or socialism, socialism is synonymous with communism in my eyes, either way someone holds ultimate power over you and everything in the country
And anarchism is just buttfuck stupid,l. "Hurr durr gubment all bad get rid everything" which is fun and all until china invades amd steals their organs
A free market with democracy has been the choice of humans since ancient days, and has worked since then. Ill take the one that actually works thanks.

They're both bad. You don't have to be nazbol to see that. You just have to use your fucking brain.

Does it appear to be a natural things that whores are idols and great people are being laid to waste?

He's right though. If 13-year olds could legally sell nudes, nobody would give two shits about that old hag belledelphin

But because she looks relatively young for a 19-year old, she effectively has a monopoly on this shit due to gubbamint regulation forcing competition out of the market

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try again, dumbass commie.

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>opens up with a strawman
Are you retarded son?
DO I look like a communist to you? I'm just dissecting capitalism. I could have no affiliation whatsoever and what I said still stands.

>still calling me a commie
>thinks it will work if he calls me one enough times
Are you 5 years old? Is this like a spell your mom taught you to make the boogie man go away?

Still? I only made 2 post in this thread, only one was response to you. second try and second loss, seems like you commies are bunch of LOSERS

>he's so flustered his speech is beginning to look like a YouTube video's title

You're a pathetic loser. And I feel sorry for whoever paid you to shill for them. Can't even do this job right huh.

this is why TIME is my favorite thing. when shes 40, and ugly. people wont donate to her anymore. she'll be begging for people to donate. it happens all the fucking time.
just have patience friends.

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eat shit dumbass, what's even your problem? just mad that I'm exposing the marxist dichotomy as wrong and a fantasy?

What if she's next level and knows to invest in the stock market for increasing her wealth and becomes a real estate investor?

Belle is already in her early 30s tho. And there is no guarantee that she will get uglier with time. Many times young pornstars turn to milf porn and become more successful. Look at Nina Hartley

than I will applaud her genius. but she seems like one of those dumb girls that spend all their money on grand mansions and cars and other dumb shit. than the IRS will fuck them in the ass when they dont pay taxes.

Stop giving me (You)s, I'm fucking done with your bullshit you fucking try hard. Have a good evening shilling shit though, I assume you get paid good enough coin to keep doing this regardless of how much I humiliate you.

Cope. She will be a multi millionaire by then.

addios nigger

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Yeah because capitalism wasn't born from government giving promotion and special jobs (like building train-lines) to his friends companies

There's no point critiquing capitalism here. They will defend simply because it is the status quo. They will make unverifiable claims and then oversimplify history until supports them. Then they will label you subhuman for wanting people to be able to earn a living that isn't dependent on how well someone else manages their business.

im slowly starting to see the light

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>defending the status quo
I think most people are defending democracy and the free market which has been the default choice of civilizations forever now

He was also a socialist.

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Just fucking ignore her you stupid cunt,
How can someone be so fucking dumb and constantly post that shit?
If you truly don't like her then stop promoting her.
Also, why do people constantly search for things they can bitch about?

>wah wah why can people give money to someone I don't like

No its just called being a cuck

If you mean in the last 40 years, and still isn't true. Free market depends on the hability of capitalist armies and goverments to export it. Ever heard of Vietnam war?

I never claimed it was flawless, humanity is incapable of perfection. Id rather that than have a militocracy where im forced to work and speaking against the "not state" gets me killed or thrown in a gulag. Everyone will always have a boot on top of them, i choose the one without forced labor.

>People are shit therefore we need socialism
She does this because it works. Why does it work? Because people are so fucking retarded that they actually pay for this shit.
>muh capitalism did this
The people did this.
What are you gonna do now?

It's not Capitalism, it's the fucking Internet.
Now a whore's customer base is every connected beta cuck on the planet, and she doesn't need to personally interact with any of them either.

I don't think it has failed user, I think the whole point of capitalism is to allow stupid people to make stupid choices, but to be responsible for it.

If they want to blow all their money on some e-thot, they are free to do so. It's a stupid thing to do, but they are adults so they get to decide what they do with their money.

Of course if you are smart you would invest your money, save enough so you can don't have to worry about having a job, and do whatever it is you are passionate about.

A good system allows winners to win and losers to lose.

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>have to pay
no ones forcing anyone to pay

First I never acused you of saying that capitalism is perfect, I was demostrating that capitalism isn't the choice of all civilizations since forever, it's more of a recent thing and there are a lot of examples of masive population fighting against them, wich you hasn't answered. Second, you are not forced to work in capitalism, right. But you are forced to eat if you want to stay live, so you are indeed forced to work if you want to live, but capitalism made you think is your free choice to work for them, and not that you don't have any option. And also if you speak and fight against the actual state you are going to get killed or in prision or in guantanamo anyway. The people that is rich today is 90 % only because his grandparents and even the grandaprent of his grandparents were already rich. Yes, one in a milion can get rich, very rich. But for him there are milions who wold never have a decent lives; milions who would be starved to death and milions who would have to work 12 hours a day just to eat. Even milions who are actually slaves, and you know? any government gives a shit about them, even some capitalist governments uses and enslave them. I preffer a government where everybody have food and nobody is rich than one who lets everybody starve and live miserable just a few can have tons of things they don't need. If you want to live is not your decision to work, just how.

Fucking based
I dont want a totalitarian state enforcing "equality" which is really just "this person who continually makes bad decisipns gets treated the same as this person who has worked smart and hard for years"
Its natural selection, those who be successful dont get anything, the government shouldnt help those who arent good at anything. Im not saying it shouldnt help those who genuinely need help, but losers are losers, we dont need a totalitarian state to babysit them

>>People are shit therefore we need socialism
This is actually the case. Socialism accepts that people are shitty and thus we need a system where a single person can't possibly get unwarranted concentration of power and wealth.

Losers like a 2 months child to die because he was born in some shitty village from Africa.

>totalitarian state
When will this meme stop? In communism there really is NO state. It says so in the first fucking paragraph of the wikipedia definition for communism.

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In political and social sciences, communism (from Latin communis, "common, universal")[1][2] is the philosophical, social, political, and economic ideology and movement whose ultimate goal is the establishment of the communist society, which is a socioeconomic order structured upon the common ownership of the means of production and the absence of social classes, money,[3][4] and the state.[5][6]

There are many attempts at communism where a state never existed, but of course the USSR is the most embarrassing and retarded one where a totalitarian state did exist so that's one that gets pushed by anti-communist propaganda of course.

Single best post in the entire fucking thread. It is "Working". The problem is that people are fucking plebtastic astrofuckernaughts.

Same problem occurs under communism, except instead of being acquisitive hedonistic shits, they are acquisitive hedonistic shits with no motivationt to work or innovate under a system which is inherently broken due to the "information" problem as well as "moral hazard".

The solution to this is to have a strong central hand which points people toward great undertakings, while simultaneously wanting to compete with each other in honorable ways (best street, best athletic team, most students sent to best university), but not in shallow materialistic ways. Something that marries the best parts of authoritarianism with the best parts of the productive capacity of being a little competitive shit but without the hedonism.

Maybe we could represent this idea with a bundle of sticks tied together around some sort of weapon. Give it a name that means the same thing?

Bundlism? Together to greater thingism? Hmmmm....a bund of sticks tied to gather was called a "fascine".....Hmmmmm.....any names you guise?

under socialism she would be starving and have to turn tricks to support herself then she would be thrown into the gulag for sexual deviance

Well, yes.
But they do not paywall their quality content, under socialism the state mandates the public distribution of erotic imagery.

No, she would have gone to university and she would be working 6 hours a day doing a serious work, she would have marry another good bolxevik men and they would have children and be good neighboards and help everyone who had struggels because that are the morals communist promotes. URSS was the country who had more percentage of graduated people from all the world

If someone is dumb as a brick he wouldn't have power and or wealth and if by luck not very long.
How does your socialism work?
Do you just take money from the wealthy and give to the not so rich? Do they keep their companies/ way of income?

>Do they keep their companies/ way of income?
of course not, are you retarded?

>If someone is dumb as a brick he wouldn't have power and or wealth and if by luck not very long.
Are you fucking serious

This doesn't happen in a vaccum. The son of a self made millionaire will and should get a better life then some rape kid in Africa, because one worked hard to obtain a better life to himself and his son, the other just raped some women because he thought that would cure him of aids.

Your life results isn't just a result of your effords. It's the result of your parents effords as well. You cannot expect things to be fair because people are actively fighting for their own piece of the world, and there's only so much to go around.

It fucking sucks that some people will never have a chance, and others will have it easy. But they only have it easy because someone, at some point, fought hard to get what they have. And the vice versa too, you are only poor because no one in your family ever worked hard and smart to save money.

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Provide a counter example.
>inb4 Drumpf

>massive population fighting against them
>10% of millenials
Zoomers have pulled a 360 from millenials rejecting both the extreme left and right.
>you are.not forced to work, but you must work for food
And also
>i want a government where nobody starves
7000 people a year starve in the US
6500 of which are elderly and babies who are neglected
480 of the remaining 500 give or take 30 are hikers, campers, adventurers in general who didnt have enough foos
50 out of 350,000,000 people genuinely starve each year give or take. Id say we are feeding everyone. Food banks, food stamps, welfare, these things exist. Almost all "capitalist" starvations come from shitty governments, for example, african warlords who steal every dollar of foreign aid. If the US is the worst form of capitalism ever, and only 50 people genuinely starve, id say thats pretry good, compared to the 40% of Kazakhstan starving under the USSR
You're acting as if a stateless society would stay that way forever, humans are corrupt slimey fucks, so communism can not work at all as long as we are human. Someone would take the empty position of power.
The USSR also starved 40% of Kazakhstan and had forced labor camps.

the idea that those bundle of sticks would always work together for the good of every stick is commie-tier delusion.

She's 19 user. You retarded?

Seriously mate, you should just not live on this world, you are a sad piece of dirt

butthurt seethfag

Jow Forums here
there's nothing wrong with the webm

Okey you admit that your life isn't the result of your own choice, go further, most of the things that happen are just a reflex of more general and important movements in history and politics. The people who is rich today is 90 % because his granparents were rich and even the grandparents of grandparents were already rich, yes it's true that someone in a milion get rich but to do so he needs the rest o the bilion to live miserable lives. Capitalism exist because of the colonization of Africa and Asia if you don't belive so read Van de Vries or Hobsbwamb, even capitalist accept that. It's not a compation if some people start with a Jaguar and others by their naked feet. And you posted the example of a self-made milionare and his son but let's be more realistic and admit that in the majority of the cases is because someone 40 generations ago win some stupid battle and earned land. doesn't luck that fair that just some families retain all the wealth and the others starve, or it does for you? There's enought food, houses and water for everybody we shouldn't have 10 km2 pool and starving kids.

More like thank you leftism and feminism for making women so shit, we men still have the thirst so we just blow the money instead on e-whores.
For the record I dont do this shit and anyone that does do it deserves to be shot.

I had a dream once that she was kidnapped by the protagonist of The House That Jack Built, placed in a small glass box and burned alive inside it. Felt bad because I don't like thinking about girls getting hurt but I can't deny I enjoyed it just a little bit.

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Most people who are starving live in countries where the leaders themselves do not care. When you take away democracy thats what happens. Most true first world countries do house feed and provide drink for those who need, using brazil as an example for capitalism is bad when other countries do take care of their citizens.
Capitalism in itself incentivizes helping the working class. The happier, healthier, and smarter the working class is, the better it is for the employers, so its in the richer peoples interests to help the working class, why do you think bill and melinda gates donate so much money to education?

>10% of millenials
you think that capitalism started in XXI century? are you retarded? have you heard about Bolxevik revolution? Mongolian or China revolution? Vietnam? Angola? In 1948 40% of the population of Txecoslovaquia voted for communist party, just because of this I should stop answering. You compare how much people starve in actual US to how much people starved in XX century in Kazhastan? how much people starve in all Africa and Asia because of capitalism, you don't want to count that, true? In today's capitalism there are hundreds of labor camps and milions of slaves, much better if they are slaves because they were born in a shithole capitalist country than if they are in the gulag because of conspiring against a government that if fails is gonna leave to a civil war and have milions of deahts.

>US is the worst form of capitalism
you are genualy retarded, today's Africa is capitalism on its purest

I really don't like the whole 'there's enough for everyone, you don't need X' because it open the door for so many arguments. We really don't need anything but food and water. And even then, we can get by with 1 meal a day. You really don't need the internet, computers, everything that makes modern life good, but we have those things because they are good. It doesn't matter if something is necessary or that someone else needs it, if something is yours, it's yours.

If someone fourty generations ago fought in a war, to the risk of their lives, and won, to them goes the spoils. It belonged to their great grandfather, to their grandfather, and so on and so forth. It's theirs, they earned it.

My grandma had two houses when she died. They passed down to some of my aunts, and when they die, my cousins, and so forth. It's my family house. My father worked his youth to buy that goddamn thing. He earned it for him, he earned it for us.

There isn't enough to go around mate. Everyone wants the best of the best. It's not enough to be alive anymore, which it was thousand of years ago, now you HAVE to have a good doctor, good food, shelter, etc. The standards of living are only going up, and so people are feeling more and more entitled to more. That's human nature. We cannot fight it, we can only use it for us.

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>Capitalist governments are not part of capitalism

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