Why are you white people like this?

Why are you white people like this?

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i think its just americans. ive never seen a fat russia

>confederate states of weedlmao
that guy seems pretty funny

if you have no food you cant starve

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There's fatties in every country. America just has the most of them.

I thought Mexico or some place overtook burgerland.

yeah you're right, forgot about mexico.

I preferred when white people were into cocaine, they were at least a whole lot more active and did various notable things in history due to its effects.

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>did various notable things in history due to its effects.
is this true? examples please

But comrade, we have nothing to lose but our chains! tearing our infrastructure and government down clearly all will go well! Filthy american capitalist pigs dont understanding of this

>minorities will never even come close to being able to understand this feel

>being degenerate
no, they're quite at home

Famous authors like the guy who wrote Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was on it.
Freud and Hitler were both coke addicts.
They prescribed cocaine to soldiers during WW1 and 2 to make them super human.

This man is delusional.

Peak masculinity, just because you're afraid of what he'll do to your woman doesn't stop it from happening.

Mexica is ranked 23rd, US is ranked 12th.

Somehow Egypt is above America

Whites are the second thinnest demographic in the US. (The thinnest are Asian Americans.)

I can't take the notion of white supremacy seriously when I look at shit like this. Sorry, whities.

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Hyper low IQ

here is the correct version

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Retard goys

Also projected population of Africa in 2100 will be around 10 billion. Do you think having a home country would be a good idea when you have 10 billion hut dwellers across the sea? Nah I much prefer leaving my entire existence under the boot of someone with a history of tribal identity as their driving force.