Got my gf pregnant and now I have to get a job

>got my gf pregnant and now I have to get a job

It's not fair bros, I wanted to stay a NEET and now I'll have to wageslave for probably the next 18 years so she can move in with me and raise it. Fuck this, I'm only 24 I don't want to wageslave. I miss the NEET life already. I had so much shit I wanted to finish reading.

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You splooge, you lose.

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good luck convincing sjws to abort

>he cannot even use condoms

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Why don't you just suck the fetus back into your penis?

Abort it you dumb cuck

>OP successfully managed to impregnate someone


Get her drunk and punch her in the gut a bunch

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Punch your gf in the stomach so she has a miscarriage

>98% chance of fatal internal bleeding and being charged for murder
>2% chance of miscarriage

We were both 15 when my baby momma got pregnant. Say goodbye to being a neet. But look on the bright side, at least she wants you to be together and you don't have to go through all the custody battle bullshit.

Either this is a bait or you're a complete retard, you never go raw if you don't want babies, ever

Just sucker punch her & take the assault charge it's not even alive, user. Zygotes aren't BABIES so it's totally fine to cut its potential off prematurely, but do it quick before it gets more grey area. If she coughs blood you know the job is done.

Is she fat? If she is, drop that bitch.

>i had sex, pity me
you wont get sympathy here, get fucked idiot

hahah you're absolutely FUCKED now
YOu're going to have a loveless relationship that will end up falling apart either while she's pregnant or shortly after birth, and then YOU are going to pay HER child support for your mistake.
That's what you get for having sex you retard! you absolute silly fool! you're screwed! you're screwed~~

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In a certified doctor you tard

you a god damn dumbass lol really fucker what a dumbass fuck hope you enjoy wasting your life raising a kid that doesnt probably wanted to be born.

get fucked faggot. enjoy getting ass raped in prison if you don't pay that child support.

Find a nice set of stairs and push her down them.

Kek that's what you get for spreading mayo on roast beef

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get fucked retard. hahaha god damn I love being single and not having children.

Start a fucking drama about how the kid isn't yours and leave the bitch.

The kid probably isn't yours, she was fucking 3 other guys.

>I'm only 24
Get fucked, that's the perfect age to be a father. When the kid is 10 you'll be 34, so still fairly young and not too tired of everything to play with the kid.

>she was fucking 3 other guys
now that's an insecurity level off the charts

Happy Father's Day, OP.

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not every vagina is roast beef, user. There are very young girls with roast beef and older, more experienced ones with innies. From my experience it's genetic/depends on their level of chubyness (in some cases).

just poison the baby formula

Neets don't fuck you dumbass

dude you're life is so fucking over you don't even realize it yet. the single worst move you can make in life is knocking some bitch up. you guys probably wont stay together and she's gonna make you pay child support. you should honestly renew your passport, leave the country, and try to get permanent residency/citizenship elsewhere. you're treating this like its just some other dumb youthful mistake. its not. you ruined your life.

>Not in Education, Employment or Training
uuuh... nothing about not fucking here, loser.

yeah the government is about to fuck his shit up with child support and penalties.

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lol why even bother living as a man in 2019. fuck this shit

OP here
I unironically may take 's advice now

good man. also you might want to submit the required documents to your local county circuit court to legally change your name. then apply for a new passport with the documentation of the name change. this adds an extra layer of identity obscurity. if for whatever reason you have to come back to the US, work jobs that pay cash and rent from landlords that accept monthly cash payments. yea its a bitch, but your freedom is paramount. good luck.

OP you can also try to get a cash advance of 10-20k and bribe her to get an abortion with that.

based, genuinely great advice
she also won't get an abortion and I can't talk her into one. So this is really appreciated.

easy as pie bro learn to work the system. the first step is she has to not list you as the father or the birth certificate. literally have her tell them she doesn't know. then when she claims welfare the state can't go after you for it. use welfare to live NEET life with baby momma

word. so the important thing to remember is that as long as you keep your social security number off the grid (no bank accounts in your name, no employers where you have to supply your S.S, etc etc), then you cannot be tracked. in time, they may close your case file. can't turn blood from a stone.
*gets close to the mic* WRONG "Women who apply for welfare must sign over to the government any money owed them by their children's fathers. And they are forced to sue the fathers to get that money." you supply names (false or not) until a father is found. you can't just claim "oh i dont know"

>not list you as the father
how would that work

user, have you been in a similar situation or how the fuck do you know all this
you should turn it into a side hustle

one more thing, OP. You've got 10 years validity/52 pages of pages you can stamp with entry/exit stamps on your passport. make them county. research the permanent residency requirements for whatever country you want to live in. Understand that once your passport is revoked, you cannot get it renewed, and if you get stopped for having an expired passport, you will most likely be deported back to the US. Therefore, getting permanent residency is paramount because you can then typically use your permanent residency card as identification indefinitely.
I do but I genuinely do not want to go into details.

You fell for one of the classic blunders

>yfw even jobless chads can get gfs and I cant

Fuck you cunt. Enjiy your no life.

Dude believe me you're better off without one, an occasional one night stand is enough. This is my 18th real relationship and with the exception of 3 they've all been a mistake

I respect that. Thanks for the advice again, user.

watch all of this shit.

>"redpilled" incel streamers
oh, please. This shit is beyond cringe and half of the people in the comments have little to no experience with women. Getting fucked over once doesn't mean you'll always get fucked over, Jesus Christ.

also never come back to the country unless you can confirm the mother is dead.

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how fucking dare you talk shit about TFM. TFM saved my life and the lives of others.

If someone put a gun to my head with the ultimatum that I either watch some retarded subscribe to my patreon redpilled faggot or I die, I would happily take the bullet.

Kill yourself you fucking idiot

he is not a jew faggot. you get all of his content for free. also all of his shit is source and his arguments are logically constructed.

>dude this guy like literally saved my life with his epic redpills, that's why I'm still miserable omg you don't understand like, he spills those epic thruths which basically just prove he failed at life otherwise he wouldn't spread the pill shit successful men don't even have to care about
>defending a fucking e-celeb online for basic thinking anyone past middle school should be capable of

Literally kill yourself.


Well, look the good side.
You will be fucking a preggo, tits get bigger and milky

>Literally kill yourself.

is that all you can say? you sound like the child here.

Quite frankly there's no point in continuing to reply since redpillers (or any kind of pill people) are beyond brain dead.

Look. Nobody who's successful or has a good life thinks in pill logic. They don't need it, because they've got good enough social skills to move up the ladder and don't care about the lay count of their partner or other shit like that. I've you continuously delude yourself with shit like that, you'll be worse off than before.

if*, not I've.

if redpillers are so stupid why can't people debunk TFM? the retards to disagree with TFM are the people who commit logical fallacies.

>if redpillers are so stupid why can't people debunk TFM

Are you retarded? First of all, they can't debunk him because redpillers are completely isolated from reality - not realizing what they're doing is wrong, otherwise they wouldn't even have to go that route. Who the fuck in human existence went the "redpill route" and got successful? Nobody. Your entire life is about charisma, it's not about following rules or "finding le good virgin wife xD" - because that's one of the things you only care about if you're so pathetic your lay count is below 20. Secondly, why the hell are you so far up an e-celebs ass? Do you have no mentionable characteristics/achievements of your own? This is like having a conversation with a 14 year old obsessed with Billie Ellish because "oh my god she's so deep of course you wouldn't understand", then they grow up and realize how fake and edgy that shit is.Please stop embarrassing yourself, and don't make this worse by coming at me with a 60's Games People Play reply like

>aha! so you can't debunk it
>aha! so no valid reply then

If you think me or anyone who's not an utter failure at life is going to waste hours with e-celeb garbage who jerk off to anime girls and spell "truth pills" to their deluded followers while making less than six figures a year just to argue with a socially incompetent retard on r9k out of all places, you're mistaken.

well user, you fucked up. if you actually love her and vice-versa, you should at least try to keep it together. you'll be happier than if you just leave her and then end up having to pay child support. on the other hand, if you don't love eachother I'd follow the advice of the one guy and leave the country

hahaha, as he cried himself to sleep alone

>has sex and a gf
>browses Jow Forums as a neet
sounds like you're just lazy user and need to grow up. you don't belong here normie scum

good luck with the gf who will drop you for a milf titty loving chad after you can't look at her the same way

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>good luck with the gf who will drop you for a milf titty loving chad after you can't look at her the same way

user why should I care about that, I didn't want to get that bitch pregnant. It'd be the best thing to happen as long as I wouldn't have to pay child support lmao

you worthless rodents are so fucking stupid. the GUEST on his show details how he literally fled the US and got citizenship in a different country to avoid getting raped with child support

you 100% didn't watch the videos at all. die in a fire. its very relevant to OPs situation. god i hope you die

then eat a bullet you worthless rodent faggot.

this is an extreme situation you absolute retarded sack of dogshit. i dont give a FUCK who TFM is. its WHO he brought on the show that is important: a man who successfully evaded child support and has citizenship in a foreign country.

shut. the. fuck. up about whatever worthless garbage you're babbling about. im trying to help OP.

Well user, idk what schooling you have but unless youre going to get an abortion ill toss you some advise...

Depending on what schooling you got, get the best job possible, you can still lurk here we'll accept you nigga but for your child you gotta make a decent bit of cash to take care of them and give them a good life. So if the child will be born don't spoil them but don't make their life shitty because you have no money.

fucking saved jesus christ

Great anime, user.

>not just running a scam scheme that'll have a snowball effect and banking in millions

don't listen to this rollover faggot. you have nine months to plan to get outta the country. i recommend SEA. Vietnam Cambodia and China (i think) do not have extradition treaties with the united states. Unless you murder someone, you won't get extradited. SEA girls love white dudes, cost of living is low, and you can teach english. Its a bit rough around the edges but not a bad life at all. getting a TEFL takes about 4 weeks.

don't listen to any of these faggots telling you to just "do the right thing." morals are for weak faggots. the family court system and the child support agency are malevolent and evil organizations. the women always gets what she wants and you always end up being a tax cattle held at financial gunpoint. always. your future baby moms is gonna find some faggot, you'll be alienated from your child, but STILL be FORCED to hand over roughly 25% of your after tax income to some worthless sow.

Do not get complacent and idealistic about this shit. Anyone who advocates to "do the right thing" is a seditious cuck piece of shit and does not have your interests, or your desire for a decent life, at heart

it's not that easy, user. Otherwise everyone would do it. There's still regulations and everything, you shouldn't believe everything you hear in a fucking YouTube video.

>everyone else
yea all the weak willed NPC faggots. freedom is worth any cost. you're low-energy dissent is evidene that you're one of those 'everyone else' people

you live like a normie, you die like a normie
you live by the pussy, you die by the pussy

eat shit op, you're not a robot

user, things don't automatically work because "I'm not an NPC!!!!". Other people think just like that, too. Yet it doesn't (usually) work out. People aren't dumb, you know?

Maybe you should start to socialize more, it's absurd how much Jow Forums slang you throw around when you want to be taken seriously. Kudos to you for trying to help OP out, though. You're a good soul.

strong logic

fucking this op you done fucked up save yerself while you can

original supporting commento

Its not your baby, it's a black man's baby so raise it like a good cuck.

cant you give the baby up for adoption? :v

You're in a better position than most of us. Not only have you got a gf who wants to stick with you, but you'll soon have a child. You're a success! Plus Even the downside of having t get a job is enviable to most of us involuntary NEETs.