Anybody else hate homeless people? I feel like taking a bat and smashing a hobo's face in

Anybody else hate homeless people? I feel like taking a bat and smashing a hobo's face in.

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congratulations, you are mentally ill

>Someone has it so fucking bad that they don't even have a place to live
>"Hurr I wanna smash 'em with a fucking bat!!"
Get help, OP

I hope you get your eyes eaten op

OH yea all the time just out of nowhere.
Get checked for sociopathy.

I hate them 99% are drug addicts and thief's homeless shelters just enable them I use to be PD and worked in a hospital so 2 jobs where I dealt with them all the timeI have zero sympathy for them

You are a faggot they chose that life and people like you giving them money for "food" fucking pathetic

Nah you're just fucking mental user. Probably a sheltered kid who's never had to work in a day in his life yet still feels superior to those down on their luck.

I don't hate or even dislike homeless people, I actually quite like some of them, but I will be honest I do sometimes fantasise about poisoning them.
Like, getting bottles of vodka and refilling them with 100% pure ethanol about two thirds up then leaving them around near bins and stuff to be found

I don't think I'll ever work up the nerve to do it, and you could probably be caught fairly easily anyway, but I think about it a lot..
I have a lot of anger and resentment, and I want to hurt someone yet at the same time I don't.
I feel bad when I hear someone in pain, I don't want anyone to get hurt but I'm also really angry

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Why does it bother you? Go live your life.
>They choose that life
Not every homeless person decided that they wanted to be homeless, not every homeless person decided that they wanted to do heroin, some are just regular people with shitty luck that ended up on the streets. If your daddy wasn't paying for everything, you'd probably be there next to them.

i feel good watching gore when i know is almost always people like this that end up in them

>Give them a home
>dont hate them because they have a home

Are you retarded I don't live at home lmao look at my reply to OPno they 99% did pick this life style

What's wrong in your life, user? What are you resentful over?
I wouldn't think that you "haven't got the nerve" to do it but rather that you're reasonably resisting the impulse to do something that sounds nice in your head but is ultimately self-destructive as well as harmful to others.

>enable drug and alcohol abuse

You solved it buddy

I have a mixed opinion about this. I live in Santa Cruz California, where the homeless population is out of control. While a lot of them can't help being in that situation due to the insane cost of living here, most of them are drug addicts, thieves, prostitutes, and people who have chosen to move here just to be homeless. While I wouldn't go out hunting them down, sometimes they do make me very angry, so I get where you are coming from. We as people just need to filter out the druggies and shitbags from the people who just have had a difficult time, and who want to change. Separate those to, and exterminate the shitbags, problem solved.

So you're just a psycho? You sound very mad and defensive, user, do you wanna talk about something? Who hurt you? Was it a homeless person?

I don't think I could explain my specific set of circumstances very well in one short post, but you know where we are I think you can figure out the general idea.
Loser, virgin, bad parents, bad "friends", surrounded by predatory people, the usual

I hope you're right, and it's just and edgy fantasy for me that I'll never act upon. It's always the same one I come back to though, because I'd be able to hurt people without putting myself at physical risk, and I actually quite like the irony that the people I'd be hurting don't deserve it, like I'm passing the unfairness along

>homeless bad
>neet good

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>be outside
>homeless looking guy tells me i should have joined the navy
I don't mind them one bit.

Both of you stfu and just kill yourself before I get my sword and stab/slice up both of you faggots.

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Fucking retard, what do you think happens to NEETS when they run out of NEETbux? Normie detected SAGE

>Anybody else hate homeless people?

Nope, not a bigot like you

God I hate people like you.

>down on their luck
Lmao employment is at an all time low. They're lazy drug addicts and mentally ill leeches

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homeless people generate more benefits to society than faggot discord tranny avatar LARPers on Jow Forums
end your life

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>wanting to smash homeless but not trannies
though you were based. Guess you're still a faggot

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How? By shitting up the streets? By smoking crack on the Bart? By shooting up heroine at Starbucks? By destroying property? By committing crime daily? By spreading diseases we haven't seen since the dark ages?

Shut the fuck up, future bum.

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I hate trannies but homeless people are the biggest faggots.

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Homeless people are based as fuck though OP, you retard


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You do know im kashii user, right? im just using my old pics rn.

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Do it you pussy. their drunken strength is equivalent to 10 retards.

I pity them but thats about it

You shit up my threads, take HRT, destroy the board, spread faggotry online, and you're a carrier of AIDs

Homeless man here, bring it the fuck on you manchild faggot

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i've been homeless before. it's because i have schizophrenia and no family to rely on. never once done drugs or asked for handouts, didn't choose to live that way, just got sick and didn't have anyone to help. this happens all the time. they're an easy target for hate and nobody will miss them when they're gone; maybe you hate them because you relate to them. hmmm...

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Gay blame lay way

Not as much as I hate faggots like you.